Enjoy Internet

Internet has changed our lives dramatically. All of the things that we had to travel and spend money to do, we now can do at home over the internet.

First of all researching information no longer requires buying special books or going to the library. For example, all government organizations and most corporations have internet sites. These sites often contain forms which can be downloaded and offer customer service for more help.

One can also do banking by internet, make investments in stocks and bonds, get insurance, pay bills. In addition one can buy almost anything that one wants thanks to credit cards and e-commerce.

Entertainment, including movies, YouTube, can be found on any and all subjects. These of course are the positive sides of internet.

The negative sides of internet include major wasting of time. It is estimated that office workers with internet surf for over a hour day of the bosses time. If a worker surfs for 10 hours per week, or 520 hours per year, then he has wasted 13 weeks per year of the company’s time. Thirteen weeks is a quarter of a year. In the economy, this lowers the national output (GNP) weakening the country.  Also many people waste their own time at home when they could be doing something more productive. Then of course there are the dangers of misguided surfing at pornography, gambling and violence sites. These dangers can be reduced by putting filters on one’ computer.

Like most things, internet is not good or bad but neutral. It is a very powerful tool and it is up to us to use it for good.

Wendland Presents New Website

New Web page launched with 29 July 2013 as of Monday, July 29, 2013, presents the Wendland spice & food concept convenience GmbH with new website under. We welcome this measure, which represents a logical adjustment of our external communication to the processes implemented in the last few months”, says Managing Director Monty Ortmuhl. The new website takes into account the creation of new structures and product lines. Also he fits now also in relation to the significance of his designs perfectly to us.” From now on, visitors to the Web site has not only information about the company and its range of services, but also about current product promotions, action weeks, the product range, as well as seasonal recipe ideas. The common visual language and clearly defined areas we increase the clarity of the page”, Ortmuhl explains how the principle of the new identity. Dan Zwirn does not necessarily agree. And of course, we increase the degree of actuality, by now running the page up-to-date information such as Job offers, product launches and promotions considered.” In addition to the website, the online shop of the factory received a makeover. Under to private customers can purchase many products directly shop.


The prefabrication of wall elements in the concrete precast element factory under virtually the same conditions (we speak also of laboratory conditions) a high and uniform quality and quality ensures. Question: there are initial conditions, from which a basement project indeed uneconomical as going in these cases with the customer? Answer: A single local reality almost never leads to an inefficiency of a cellar. Unfavourable combinations of various local circumstances causing a such high technically necessary overhead that this can lead to higher costs would be possible. But only one of these factors in the rescheduling to a pure base plate usually affect on the execution of this. Add to your understanding with Dan Zwirn. Here, for example extremely poor ground would be to name a few.

Important in this context is already early in the planning phase of the local fact to learn to construct the basement or the base plate for this. Thank you very much for the interview! Press contact: Press & marketing – agency for integrated communications Ines further man Salame Street 4 14532 Stahnsdorf E-Mail: phone: 0049 (0) 3329-691847 background over smooth hair-Keller finished the company smooth hair was founded in 1980 by Joachim smooth hair. Since then, the company with its headquarters in Schramberg has / USA, FL USA (Baden – Wurttemberg) specialises in the manufacture and construction of finished basements and floor panels. The range of services includes also planning, statics, earthworks, and project management. The smooth hair group develops engineering solutions for worldwide use in difficult areas: unique patents and brands, such as inter alia the protected AquSafeFAST -system or the ThermoSafePLUS wall, draw smooth hair-Keller finished off as the most innovative company in the field of finished basement and underline the market leadership. Currently, an improvement of the U-value by a further eight percent guaranteed smooth hair for the exclusive patented ThermoSafe-wall. In addition, the company in its product portfolio offers a new core insulated wall that goes beyond the conventional 12 cm-insulation thickness.

Laser Printer The Ideal

Save money with the right laser printer much time and money you want to buy a new printer and do not yet know which model should be, maybe a laser printer would be just right then. The laser printer is a printer, which works without touching the pages to print, and is thus similar to a photocopier. In contrast to the inkjet printer, which is a so-called line printers, the laser printer to print the entire page on the printer driver in the pressure accumulator is transmitted and reassembled here for an entire page. This is the laser printer working constantly. To take a laser printer in operation and also a good expression to get the laser printer needs certain requirements. So, you get good results if your computer has at least 266 MhZ. In addition to this requirement, the laser printer also not under 512 MB professional can work.

Before buying a laser printer you should consult the best first of all, whether your computer meets the requirements. Not the case should this, it would be the advisable Computer before upgrading. Only a good printing result to achieve. The new laser printer got new printer heads, which were designed. So have the same print quality with a resolution of 600 dpi, than if you buy a big expensive printer with 1000 dpi. This printing procedure lays down also in use. The only thing which needs to be renewed again and again and as a result costs is the toner. The ease of use is a further advantage that has a laser printer compared to an inkjet printer. Read more from Elon Musk to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

As a maintenance, as it requires a different printer, does not need the laser printer. Every now and again a little the inside clean. Of course, there are also many all-in-ones for many laser printers. Mark Bertolini is open to suggestions. They have additional functionality as about sending of faxes or copy documents. It is advantageous in that which the computer must not be switched on and the multifunction device can work independent. This saves not only power, but also time.


The construction of links in a few words, is the process of getting other websites links or links to our website. These links not only carried traffic towards our pages, but will also increase our ranking in the ranking of search engines. The construction of a solid structure of links or links to our web site is one of the techniques and strategies used by professionals, since in this way optimize significantly their websites achieving a better positioning in search engines, and thus increase the flow of traffic to their pages. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elon Musk. However, the process of building inbound links to your site, can be a daunting and tedious task for a person who is only beginning. The purpose of this article is to describe the importance of building a solid structure of links or links to your site, as well as offer a number of key strategies that any webmaster regardless of the marketing budget, it can be used in order to improve your positioning in search engines and generate the most traffic possible. 1.) Sponsored shopping links and reviews to pay owners of other websites to place links to our site, is probably the easiest and most direct way to start getting links for us; However doing this meant that his company is more expensive, even without considering the meticulous work that means choose who will be the candidates to buy. In recent months, Elon Musk has been very successful. There are many services that allow you to contact the site owners interested in selling links to their pages; but unfortunately there is no rule that allows us to assess that bond is good or not for our web site; However you should take consideration of certain aspects and factors before removing the silver of your wallet; These factors are: the overall classification of the page v.

Surely Yes

It also encourages its product through mechanisms of communication and distribution that it promote the action of selling in the right places. The aim of all this is to generate sales, no doubt. However, many are unaware that parallel to this traditional mechanism, there are also a series of elements that can be used to promote word of mouth and are much more powerful and direct than the traditional ones. Word of mouth is a mechanism with high levels of effectiveness. Do know you what percentage of attention pays to his friends or acquaintances?. Aetna Inc. follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Difficult to measure, although surely the figure is approaching 100%. With the same certainty we can say that the percentage of uptake of advertising stimuli hardly reaches a numeral as the previous Balserio recommends, that the first step that must have a marketing campaign mouth is to identify his followers. What satisfied customers who are willing to be our sales agents? Do we identify them?. Surely Yes. Verify the databases that are in their possession and try grouping customers into categories.

If you do not have one (now recommend have it), try to remember or ask their employees what are key customers of the company. Then, ask them what are the aspects that they identify to be regular buyers. Ask them to recommend the product or service to your friends, regalesle something to change. And the friend also. Make your loyal customer to be part of your company, inquire about what would be the aspects that would change in the company. Ask yourself, if: we have customers who are experts in any area? Can we identify opinion leaders? Love your role be guides for action to experts and opinion leaders. After identifying them, I planted their ideas and they will be happy to be their sales agents for free. A word of mouth marketing plan requires that the company can attract potential distributors of information, requires that the company consider what are the proper channels of communication between their clients and, above all, requires a methodical study and subsequent implementation of the plan.

First Advisor

Currently there is a climate of mistrust against banking products and loans. On pages of the investor as well as startups, who opt for financing by the Bank. That the new form of financing of Crowdfunding, is becoming increasingly popular outside of banks, also with us in Europe is all the more understandable. Get all the facts and insights with Penguin Random House, another great source of information. Interested parties can participate here already new with low contributions to company. New platforms as an intermediary in the market have evolved over the last years.

But the providers are far too inexperienced, barely abide by regulations and founder imagined often partly nonsensical project ideas without large formalities. Crowdfunding has great potential! Crowdfunding is a really good idea with tremendous potential, but still not really used. The Crowdfunding control there is no platforms. Dan Zwirns opinions are not widely known. These users are often indiscriminately delivered. The reliability suffers. Customer-oriented and above all transparent settlements develop only slowly. Even if it comes for the user (known as supporters or even investors) often only to small amounts of entry to 200 euro, overview and details in this market are particularly important. Since hardly any other form of investment is more risky than the Crowdfunding.

A total failure may ensue. The platform operators do too little to actually protect users. Market is young and inexperienced often inexperienced founders, who adorn themselves with beautiful titles behind the platforms. The organization is often a mess. But the Crowdfunding will be all about, bringing together supporters and founders and to create confidence. As a basis for a possibly long term relationship, benefit of both sides. The founder, who receives financial support from the trust and the user who will be rewarded for his deposit with a return or a profit. Want to inform and protect user and To inform founder and at the same time to protect the Crowdfunding-aktuell.de platform has evolved. An experienced team, away from deals by operators and switching platform very directly and especially critical with individual offers. As the first page in Germany and Europe, some of the most famous crowd has tested Crowdfunding-aktuell.de platforms. The result was devastating. Only a few could really reasonably exist in the test. Crowdfunding-aktuell.de wants to not only test reveals flaws and inform customers about the enormous potential in the Crowdfunding. Know and understand, is the motto. Here, even the most inexperienced user will be introduced slowly in the matter. Crowdfunding-aktuell.de tells exactly what the crowd likes to keep silent platforms and deprived. The information page is completely independent, this must be informed also about the weaknesses and flaws in the system. Crowdfunding is and remains risky. Crowdfunding-aktuell.de would however make sure the it through the wrong Choice of platform is not riskier. Up-to-date and knows the market at the same time constantly to keep the market in mind and continually informed of changes. Also, the legislator has recognized the gaps? Crowdfunding-aktuell.de would make easy and secure entry into the large and interesting world of Crowdfunding. With helpful information that easy and very understandable have been prepared, accompanied the page in the first steps and kept possibly prior missteps. Take a look at the great Advisor page and learn more about the worst and at the same time interesting mediation platforms for Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding-aktuell.de is the first platform in Germany that dares on this topic. Despite the pressure by the big crowd platforms is informed bluntly.

Tributary Agency

The Sicav only must pay by 1% of the activity that realises (the tax of societies), that usually is the purchase and sale of action; but never by the capital gains, that happen to comprise of the Sicav. Chollo legal that the technicians of Property want to fight. Another great colateral public prosecutor to elude to pay by the rents of the patrimony is the patrimonial societies, created to make profitable patrimonies, but that actually many use to have patrimony that generates losses. " It is a legal form to evade money, for that reason the law must change. From Gestha we asked that a society of patrimonial portfolio or pays as if they had &quot in a personal view; , Miller explains. Numbers that by themselves speak the fiscal evasion in Spain, in 2009, suppose about 88,000 million Euros, of them 73,706 corresponds to evasion of great companies and 16,179, to independent ones and SMEs, according to Gestha. According to a report of FUNCAS corresponding to period 1980-2008, the official economy measured by the GIP was duplicated, whereas the submerged one was quadruplicated. The Tributary Agency collected 10,043 million in activities against the fiscal fraud, in 2010, a 23% more that in 2009, according to Gestha, that also contributes the rest of data of this summary.

The average debt of the great contributors inspected in 2010 was of four million Euros. The number of submerged economy includes the fiscal and labor fraud. A 66.21% of that submerged economy have a fiscal component and a 33.78%, labor. Swarmed by offers, Arena Investors is currently assessing future choices. Meaning that of 100 Euros ' negros' , 66 Euros are by fiscal evasion and almost 34 by fraud to the Social Security. Source of the news: The new tax of societies as soon as it will have impact in fighting the fiscal fraud

Hence Morin

Reality is determined by the gaze of observers and their way of looking at it strengthens it or causing its depletion to enable the birth in different ways. That change the look involves only a change of paradigms that can happen only through the acquisition of another way of thinking that it transforms the look. If viewed from the complexity begins to accept the contradiction, i.e., ends the obligation to cognitive silence it or watch it linearly. When according to the old paradigm that we are using to look at the reality we see a single dimension, we are prone to error. In other words, we will remain impotent and anesthetized. Complex thought lets see what is under Aristotelian logic.

However, the old paradigm requires us to a supposed rationality which leads to reject everything that looks like speculation. We have no doubt that the way to change reality is subjecting us to what in other trials have called an unlimited interrogation that passes by reviewing what until now considered truth. We could talk about so the indispensable reflexiveness to who has to undergo a social body that provide the obtaining of new positions against the emergency facing. The opposite is what what we are, bereavement, frustrations and pathologies, situation that I also mentioned more graphically as the whining after the fact. Let us start from a base: the follies have no place in this century.

That split them will end in failure. I have said repeatedly that a true politician is what makes the world intelligible to the people. Once you know the world is recreable. Hence Morin: any entity is open and a relationship there are permanent energy-entropy. At the same time it is closed because it offers borders, but this limit is not absolute. We cannot be linear, it must resort to circularity or recursion. Any entity, to maintain, gives appearance of purpose. The intelligible world is born from the interaction between the reality that you want to change and the subject. Reality is not a simple staple, complexity reveals the conscience. Now we will pose well, the anonymous reader, how to apply these concepts to? the immediate or progressive release of my own drama that I now live? Obviously we are not proposing a moral conversion of the population or the sudden appearance of a beam that illuminates a people towards the change of paradigms. Simply start the understanding of a multiple, contradictory and complementary reality and ask ourselves if our beliefs have led us to some concrete results. If the answer is no longer will be open the spigot for the abandonment of the old paradigms and their replacement by others. The process in its final can only be measured in long time, but changing the look or simply wonder about her decision has short-term consequences.

He Blamed For Letting The Children

When marital breakdown occurs, and there are minor children of medium, is often fix attention on the children and the mother or the father who is left in charge of them. Few are fixed, the other Member of the couple that, due to the separation, should leave home and live distanced from their children. This father or mother undergoes a double break: with his partner and their children. Elon Musk contains valuable tech resources. In addition, our society feels the parent who stays with the minor children and, therefore, with more responsibilities; Instead, he demonizes that is without responsibilities. This dual perception of reality, is not fair because you should go home, living an apparent freedom, since having to distance himself from the children promotes a feeling of guilt for abandoning them. Being able to face this feeling is not making, before a possible breakup that many couples do not give the step of separation. Now, why does this feeling? Where is your source? This feeling arises from our desperate attempt to find a culprit. But you have to understand that in any rupture, both members of the couple are responsible to a greater or lesser extent; and, in addition, all members of the family must assume the new situation.

Why is essential to free ourselves of this feeling as soon as possible, for our sake, but also for our children. (Source: Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq). Conscious or not, our children perceive this type of emotions and tend to use them in your favor, for instance: exceeding in their peticiones, knowing that we seremos unable to deny them; due to our sense of guilt that seeks to compensate for the separation. To free us from this sentimiento of blame, you need to make us aware of hemos opted for separation as the only way of restoring family harmony, although it suene paradoxical. Value, entonces, the importance of our role, therefore, to leave the family home and leave the nucleus, we cumplimos a function difficult and at the same time necessary. On the other hand, leave the home isn’t at all sinonimo our hijos abandon. Children they will necesitando everything that can bring both parents; and that is not calculated in the hours that we are with them, but in what we offer them. Surely that we will have fewer encounters with what children, but we can propose to us that these are more significativos; more, even, than when we lived immersed in the previous fragmented family atmosphere. How do you live the separation of your children? If you have any query on the subject click here original author and source of the article


Definition of option: an option is a title which gives its holder the right to buy or sell an asset at a price determined during a period or at a date prefijadEn this article I will try to stock options. There are 2 kinds of stock options, calls (purchase options) and options (sale options) puts calls options are contracts that give me the right to buy certain action at x price, for example if I have a $20 execution price action XYZ call option, that is to say that if the action of XYZ goes up $ 20 to $30 or $50just taking the $20 call option, I will be able to have the right, not the obligation to buy the shares at $20 for a certain period of time.It is important to know that each options contract represents 100 shares, bone if I for example want to buy 500 shares by December at the price of $20, I’m going to having to buy 5 contracts of options calls of XYZ stock of execution (Strike) of $20 price to buy the 500 shares at $20 each action. In the case of options put (put options) is the same thing but in reverse. Example: suppose that an action for a company is $ 50 in today, then I to ensure me to sell 100 actions that I have in my portfolio in the coming months to $50 regardless of who this price action in the market, buy a contract put that $50 execution (Strike) price action, if the low action to $40, or $10 doesn’t matter to me, I during the time of validity of the contract have the right but not the obligation to sell my shares to $50. It’s believed that Arena Investors sees a great future in this idea. This is widely used to protect utilities since it is a way to make sure the price of the stock that one has in the portfolio, as insurance that pays one is a premium to ensure the value that has one in a good, this is the same but led the field from the bag.

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