Pastoral Council

Sometimes it is inevitable for everything that might happen within a pastoral service in the parish. I want to tell what happened to me, to make it clear that no one can use negative attitudes within a pastoral service; because it’s like expelling members who are doing a selfless service. My pastoral service in the parish consisted of two functions and am going to narrate them in order because an event led to the next. As he narrated above, I was as director of the choir of the charismatic prayer group of our parish and as a member of the Pastoral Council. In the Pastoral Council were seven people with the pastor at the head. Seven people whom, three were four men and ladies.

One of the ladies was Secretary of records for each meeting and your name is Gabriela, and is the reason that I went away definitely parish, but not of the Church. This lady already had spoken to me before, but I didn’t want to believe nothing of what you told me, because at the beginning not I realized her behavior and I was slowly discovering. I have always said that we should not look at the person making service in the parish, but see the service is doing, to be able to assess his work; but this time I think there is the exception, because while it is true that not him unable to remove the hard work and dedication to his pastoral service, we can not fail to mention negative in this person. A first detail that I discovered, and which I had already heard, is that liked the Mrs Gabriela make you feel like the victim. At Council meeting, with the present parish priest, liked repeated times, say much they abused her and that he was going to leave the Office. The first time I heard it seemed normal, but this was recurring, and seems like he liked to tell him he should not do that, because the parish needed it much, and not to do if these people, since they were a few envious and that Jesus also suffered the same.


On Saturday 26 August, afternoon Guadalajara is in honoured with the parade of the international Mariachi Festival to such an event was present, Governor Emilio Gonzalez Marquez showing his straight bearing and Justo, ironically already had left two contingents from the Park dwell them; the other, from peacekeeping and calzada independence. They were the Secretariat of public security (SSP) anti-riot agents. Take care of your order and block the passage to the demonstrators who are against the Guadalajara Macrobus especially to the construction of the second line. As it was to be expected, part of the culture that exists as soon as public safety is concerned, the term Conatus of anger at lock, leading between the assistants women, children and the elderly, leaving a balance of several wounded and detainees, first and foremost this our Governor enjoyed folk wonders that were displayed during the parade. What happened only last Saturday proves so emaciated and hypocritical in our State Government policy.

As it is possible that our Governor He could be sitting and so smiling knowing that commanded the SSP agents against the protester (which indeed manifest itself is its constitutional right) instead of being able to arrange through the already not even political, but rational and peaceful, responds to the call from Jalisco with riot. In reality, I hope and reassured me to know the actual circumstances within days by which it was decided to carry out such an Act, likewise at least an apology to the attacked, has to remember (Mr. Governor) that without them (society) to which you are to serve, had not witnessed the parade of the international fair of Mariachi in first row, this is not to say sure against demonstrations, nor the Government, nor that you can witness a parade, but if I am against injustice and abuse of power, which damage to third parties, only by personal or partisan interests.


In his hands he had tight something that couldn’t recognize. They seemed like thermometers.- but, that would make Sophie with a few few thermometers in your hand?-. Sophie showed him his closed fists that hugged the four pregnancy kits. -That you are not able to guess what this is? had told him with a special smile. Pete saw the eyes of Sophie had a special glow. Was so long that I didn’t see that shine that both the He had characterized in his childhood and adolescence! -No – replied Pete – I have no idea. What is it? Thermometers – they seem.

Slowly, Sophie opened fists and laid bare the 4 positive kits that Pete was immediately recognized. -Sophie, said you no me…say that-… -If – Sophie replied. -The highly improbable has become an absolute reality. I’m pregnant-.

Pete hugged her more tenderly if that was possible, than usual. He kissed her repeatedly. Sophie responded to his caresses as he had not ever made. At that moment he knew that she was in love with Pete, and that his blindness had not allowed him to realize, until that moment, that by magic, had achieved that she should take conscience of that love. -Miracles happen daily – he said Sophie-only that human beings do not know see them because we consider it normal, but every birth is a miracle and this pregnancy is nothing more than one of them. They threw over the carpet and made love until exhaustion. Pete did not return to the Office that day neither nor responded to calls that repeatedly had made him his Secretary. -If you thought Sophie my life is now complete-. But the life that never stops, never stops moving the pieces of the puzzle to your own liking.

Cologne Substance

It is what happens when after a crime pulls the gun into the River. Not everything is there. For something are ballistic reports and, from there, to pull the skein of Ariadne’s thread. The same dog different collar. Why not reeling is the bowels of memory in search of lucky supermarket in order to save your ass your seraph? Is it not whereas them not noted where comes the delicious meat? The seed of discord, the done germinal, the seed of all this film isn’t anything other than positive for clembuterol in infinitesimal doses. Zas, zas. Camouflaged here, camouflaged by beyond.

Outside beards. Positive. Lisa and plainly. Pedro Manonelles, Secretary general of the Federation of sports medicine said that the positive for clembuterol depends not the amount of the substance found, but whether or not compound, is in proportion be. Indeed, the same Cologne lab found in a sample of the Hurdler Josephine Onya less amount of clenbuterol than the one found on Alberto Contador. And nobody took up arms.

Two years of sanction. Much refers the presumption of innocence of the cyclist, as if this is found under the halogen light of one of these hovels where a policeman with mustache and plump bawling in your face until out you the statement that you come in WINS. On the one hand are laws universal and other internal regulations. At the moment an athlete signing the report prior to the completion of the doping test, explicitly supports that any substance which can be found in the control is exclusively your responsibility. On the other hand, it speaks of the fact of the amount found in relation to the little or no performance that it would produce in the athlete. According to the definition of the IOC, doping is the a craftsman (substance or method) using potentially dangerous to the health of athletes and/or capable of improving the results, or the presence in the body of the athlete of a substance or the test of the application of a method contained on a list attached to the Olympic movement anti-doping code.