My Car Does Not Work When Carrying Vanilla Ice Cream

This story begins when a division of the United States GM Pontiac cars received a curious customer complaint, a complaint by a customer dissatisfied with his car, which ensured that it was not working when carrying one or several ice cream of vanilla, instead, with other flavors, the car functioned without any problems. This is the claim expressed by the client: this is the second time that I send them a letter, and do not blame them for not answering. I can seem crazy, but the truth is that we have a tradition in our family that is taking ice cream after dinner. We repeat this habit every night, just by varying the flavor of ice cream; and I am commissioned to go buy them. Recently I bought a new Pontiac and, since then, the trips to the ice cream shop has become a problem. Whenever I buy vanilla ice cream, when I prepare to return home, the car doesn’t work. If I buy any other flavor, the car runs normally. They will think that I am really crazy and no matter how silly that you can seem my claim, but the fact is that I’m upset with my model 99 Pontiac.

This so curious claim made is awakened doubt in the company, and the director ordered a technician to check if this was true. Both client and technician went to an ice cream shop and as always, stopped working mysteriously found the vanilla ice cream, car. The problem ended up becoming an obsession for the engineer, who ended up doing daily experiments, scoring all the details possible. After two weeks arrived in the first great discovery: when it chose vanilla, the buyer was you served ice cream in less time because that flavor of ice cream was in front of the counter. To examine the vehicle, the engineer made a new discovery: as the time of purchase was small if you choose the flavor of vanilla, as compared to the time of purchase of other flavors, motor did not cool down. Thus, the fuel vapors is not disipaban, which prevented the engine to start instantly. Starting at that episode, the Pontiac changed the fuel supply system and introduced a modification on all their models from the 1999 line. The complainant obtained a new car, as well as arrangement of which did not work with vanilla ice cream. GM distributed an internal statement, demanding that employees take is seriously until the claims more strange, because it can be a great innovation resides behind a vanilla ice cream. He said the release of GM.

Armavir Information

In principle, the whole of human reality takes place in the space of sound. We listen to the other personalities, radio, television, around the world. In this way we get information we need for a pleasant activity. With this most sought-after source of sound in contemporary society has been and remains a regular radio. Immediately the radio, as most open source, allows us to acquire and business information and learn about weather forecasts, and the exchange wells, and a variety of promotional offers on the market segment.

Today there is in principle a large number of radio, most of which are broadcast on certain space. In other words, they are a signal for a particular area or sometimes just the city. Still, for firms that operate in large areas is set to on the radio broadcast advertising in Michurinsk, Barnaul, Armavir, Astrakhan, and in principle as soon as possible a substantial list of cities. Only in this case it really is information that will get a lot of people. This ability gives a small amount of radio stations, among them especially attractive offer can make the radio Hit-FM. The broad geography of signal transmission, a specific song policy.

In addition, the main audience of the radio station – it’s not old people from 20-25 to 35 years old, who love music and are characterized by a stylish punch lifestyle. Audience Radio Hit FM – it’s about half are women, which is particularly important for advertising agencies, as we all know that for most of the women’s specific audio symbols are most important in perception, as well as receiving a certain feeling. Therefore, in what form you want just the radio Michurinsk – the best solution in order to inform consumers about the hypothetical product of your organization. Modern radio – a high quality advertising, much of the audience, the positive feelings. In the case of televised advertising breaks consisting of may cause severe irritation of the audience, for the reason that stopped the demonstration some TV movie or an exciting TV shows that broadcast radio is essentially divided into large number of various segments – a leading communications, music, advertising, consisting of fresh news transmission – provokes the audience only positive feelings. Of course, if music and pieces of information in the interests of radio. Radio Hit FM allows specifically to respond to all these aspects as well as Hit FM – a radio station, which working on some of the audiences and very carefully to the wishes of the appropriate audience.

Document Management

The documents contain information, information. The documents are a source of knowledge. The production of goods and services depends on the knowledge and how it is managed. The information is the means and the enabling environment knowledge. The importance that represents the new paradigm of information management is given because the organizations will be able to survive to the extent they are able to become aware of what they do not know and how to access and grasp the knowledge necessary to remain productive, dynamic, competitive and innovative. Often it is necessary first to carry out an audit of information and knowledge in the organization. Besides reflecting the information flows associated with life processes, can reveal such things as whether the necessary involvement of management, if there is a favorable corporate culture or identify training needs and motivation. No target is attainable if we do not develop and put systems in place capable of achieve and aim to: – The permanent accessibility of information – the availability and updating of information – The automation of workflows with the documentation – the circulation, distribution and decrease storage of documents – Ease information retrieval.

We reiterate that: the documents contain data, information. The documents are a source of knowledge. The production of goods and services depends on the knowledge and how it is managed. The information is the means and the enabling environment knowledge. The importance that represents the new paradigm of information management is given because the organizations will be able to survive to the extent they are able to become aware of what they do not know and how to access and grasp the knowledge necessary to remain productive, dynamic, competitive and innovative. Often it is necessary first to carry out an audit of information and knowledge in the organization. Besides reflecting the information flows associated with life processes, can reveal such things as whether the necessary involvement of management, if there is a favorable corporate culture or identify training needs and motivation.

Technological Advances

The technological advances and the new social conditions impose continuous changes in the way them transports and the necessary controls for its good functioning. However, the difficulties of financing on the part of the public treasure, the lesser economic growth, the civil wars and the natural calamities contribute for the weak development of the transports, and for its successive problems that they come across themselves where we will go to sign up after that: 6,1 Railroad problems of transport. Fraca density of the railroads; Elevados investments in the maintenance and functioning of the system railroad worker; Grande dependence in relation to the neighboring countries (South Africa and Zimbabwe); Descarrilamentos; taken Sabotagem the handle for the neighboring populations; Textura of the ground; Curvas pressed; Problemas of traffic flow; Problemas in the commercial speed; Os itinerary is fixed; (Xitimela Maputo, 1996). 6,2 Road problems of transport. Congestionamento of the traffic; Maior index of pollution due the release of carbon monoxide (CO), that they exceed the vast limit of 8 ppm (small molecular particles); sonorous Poluio in great ratios; Dispendioso when one is about long distances; Salvat library, great Subject S/D 6,3 maritime Problems of transport. very slow.

the overflow of merchandises and passengers Exigem. Fraca load capacity. A scarcity of cabotage ships; Limitaes of space and constant delay of sending and reception of merchandises Salvat Library, great Subject S/D 7. COMPLEMENTARIDADE OF the TRANSPORTS the transports continue to be a way to answer the necessities of displacement of populations and its activities as in the centers problems are generated with high frequency derived from one strong search on the net of transport whose the expansion if finds each time more conditional enters the remaining use of the ground, for the opposite, the areas of low density, generally conotadas as periphery, they present a lesser density of nets, and also of some scarcity of it offers of chances if comparative with the previous ones becoming the attractive territories in this way it saw if that the complementaridade was important since it complements other.

Intellectual Capital Exercises

We see a possible example . NIC/NIIF Documents that will be generated Appearance of Reasonable value, that one that the market grants to him, the life utility of or analyzed or its replacement again TDV. – Test by deterioration of the value, calculating if the attributed value from an accounting point of view, is different from the reasonable value or market. That it happens if there are no reasonable criteria of market? is even applied the value that subjectively we understand that we must give him (value of use) Possible structure of the future Balance . The BAI (Benefit before Taxes) and Cuenta de Explotacin FINANCIAL VISION To establish the resulting financial vision of all the conducted operations, in synthesis to verify the image offered to third parties. Balance situation, precise and previsual to December Account of Operation, precise and previsual to December Comparative last three exercises of both previous documents Special observation of the Volumes of Business observed and its tendency as well as the one of the CMV (Cost Sold Merchandise) Evolution of the Expenses of Personnel, absolute and relativized to Sales OyA (Origin and Application of Bottoms) both enters last exercises and between first and last the present one. Analysis of the FM (Bottom of Maneuver) and the NOF (Operative Needs of Bottoms) Verification of negotiated indebtedness and its coincidence with CIRBE (*) banking.

Evolution of the financial expenses of the three exercises, in absolute form and regarding business. Analysis of the basic ratios of the three seen exercises, and their tendency. Treasury, PMC (period half collection), PMP (average period of payment), RS (rotation of stocks), ROI (Return on investment), Results BAI, etc. Analysis of quality of the assets, and its evolution Covers, reasonable Value Analysis of the Intellectual Capital and comparative report of its evolution Possession of data of direct competitors, and brief analysis of benchmarking Descriptive memory of significant facts Our report to the personnel It is our point of view, within the importance of the Communication, to practice the Descendent one, creating property pride and identification with the company at all the possible levels.


Jigsaw – one of the most popular tools, which is appreciated by professionals and DIY for his versatile. In this article I will tell you the features and talk about the Jigsaw main selection criteria. Jigsaw (Jigsaw electric saw) – Hand tool with an electric drive, which has small dimensions and light weight. Jigsaw is designed for longitudinal, transverse and Shape cutting of various sheet materials. Jigsaw can perform the following tasks: straight cuts virtually any material (wood, sheet metal, plastic, laminate, drywall, ceramic tile, etc.), the curvilinear cut any material to make round holes of various diameters and rectangular openings. Benefits of Jigsaw for most repairs, carpentry and other similar work at home do not need to drink a large capacity, this work perfectly cope electrofret, Jigsaw can make high-quality curly cut material, working with different kinds of materials; indispensable tool for carving; professionals say Jigsaw versatility and ease of use. Jigsaw are professional and household: The household models have less power, working resource and, often, a smaller set of additional features. Jigsaw everyday you can usually cut wooden parts of a thickness of 70 mm, steel – up to 2-4 mm.

Requirements for household tool is not so high as to professional, so many well-known brands make this instrument is not in Germany and Czechoslovakia, as in China or Poland. Recommended total time of use of household is about Jigsaws twenty hours per month. Of course, domestic models have a lower cost than professional. For the professional tool imposed higher requirements, because it must withstand a heavy load, have performance and to be as convenient for work.


From the formality of documents generated by international agencies or the summits of Heads of Government to the drama that the environmentalists activists printed, there is agreement about the need to lower or abolish the current emission levels of carbon dioxide emissions. There is also agreement about which these emissions are generated by human activity. They are anthropogenic in nature as it is. Disagreements have begun, in terms of the causal patterns and intensities of attenuate or eliminate those emissions. These disagreements are increasing intensity as it could not be otherwise subject to the everlasting struggle for power, which in turn are necessarily biased ideologies or worldviews, of his opposing In this context, approaches to decrease emissions, are multiple. From our own limitations, together with the monographic and informative nature of this crucial problem, we will perceive that they are located on the one hand the wills who believe that this has a technological solution versus those who believe that this single is solved with a cultural change. There are those who believe that this should be resolved gradually and there are those who believe that there should be drastic and urgent efforts, and without straining the enunciation there are those who believe that this can be addressed with the mechanisms of the market, and there are those who believe that they are essential active public sustained policies. If in an attempt of understanding crossed the three choices (which reiterate not us) It seems that they are the only ones) and we characterized the three as a sort of range, or spectrum, we can perceive that there are at least theoretically mixed positions. But posts to take positions, we are inclined by the pole of cultural change, by the pole of the word, and have reservations about the ends of polarity market – active policies.Even our preference for the pole of cultural change, does not make us walk the path of the technophobia.We believe in incorporating criticism, selective and located the technological contributions.

Franois Chesnais

The things were destined to give wrong more early or later, and this finally happened (grifo ours). We go in it now withhold in others two similarities that we think to exist between the two alchemies, which is, the creation of value and its respective counterpart (the other side of the currency), valley to say, the form necessarily passenger. 2. THE VALUE CREATION The following part (grifada) of the text before mentioned (2), indicates that since that the metal had the gold characteristics, this really had to be gold: Eventually, the blocks they produced were shiny, dense and soft. The gods agreed that since the metal had the characteristics of gold, it must indeed be gold. To ours to see, also was carried through with the objective of ' ' transformar' ' , generally ' ' valorizar' ' , that set of constituent elements of the implementation of the financial mundializao, occurrence after 1979/1980. In other terms, ' ' alchemy of the centralization financeira' ' , appeared years 1979/1980 after, it is for analogy with ' ' alquimia' ' occured in the average age, also a way to transform things common, generally of little value, in things of ' ' muito' ' value, as ahead we will go to demonstrate. We initiate our boarding supporting that in ' ' finana' ' everything is made with the objective, only exclusive e, to increase the price of the bursteis actions.

Objective, therefore, fellow creature to the one of ' ' alquimia' ' occured in the average age. Here, Franois Chesnais (1) is essential: The scandals in the Stock market and the numerous bankruptcies of companies are directly on to the nature and the internal contradictions of the new burstil capitalism. What it is in question is, first, the conception of considered company a financial asset. Therefore, it is treated to increase its value in the Stock market by all means: it repurchases of the actions, fusing-acquisitions, sales of the units less income-producing.

Classification Of Welds

Butt joint is a weld of two elements located in the same plane and adjacent to one another end surface. It is most common in welded structures, because has several advantages over other types of connections. Symbols of butt joints: ci – C48. Lap-joint is a weld, which combines elements are arranged in parallel and overlap. Symbols: HI-H9. Mechanical connection – a compound in which the side surfaces of the elements adjacent to each other. Symbols in the standard yet.

Gusset lateral surface of one element is adjacent a corner scrap and welded onto the end face of another element. Typically, the angle between the elements of the line. Symbols T-joints: T1-T8. Depending on the types of welded joints distinguish butt and fillet welds. Seams of the first type operates in welding butt joints, the joints of the second kind – when welding angle, tee and nahlestoch-like compounds. The shape of the cross-section welds subdivided into standard, convex and concave.

On the number of layers of welded joints can be single-layered and layered. Layer – is part of the weld metal, which consists of one or more rollers located on the one level, the cross-sectional weld. Roller – a metal joint, weld, or remelted in a single pass. In accordance with gost 2601 – 84 basic parameters form a butt joint: e – width of joint, q – the convexity of the seam, m – weld concavity, h – depth of penetration (penetration), for fillet welds – the value of leg A '(Figure 1.11). Part of the weld, the most distant from his face, called the root of the weld.

Hugo Chavez

In that context was the Argentine President who proposed the country as headquarters and appointed to the Patagonian town of Bariloche for this purpose. Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana said on the subject that the installation of American bases in Colombia do not help to diminish tensions and indicated that Argentina has a concern with the presence of extra-regional forces in South America. For us, we have part of our territory occupied by foreign powers in the Falkland Islands, this creates greater sensitivity, said Taiana. Meanwhile, the Minister of Defense, Nilda Garre, said on the eve that the installation of us bases in the region generates concern in the region, and believed these initiatives should not be presented to the rest of the neighbouring countries as a fait accompli. He stressed the achievement of President Cristina of the presence of Uribe in Bariloche, and recalled that the Colombian President refused to discuss the issue in Ecuador. Furthermore Garre noted that they share this concern Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil, which expressed their objections. President alvaro Uribe an actor determinant in their participation in the Summit, as well as it is, President Hugo Chavez de Venezuela, who has returned to again attack the Colombian Government, to speak of war in any aggression that is of obvious what that Summit will also present the need for discussion on excessive spending of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and its links with governments like Iran militaryRussia and China.

The daily clarin reported. com, that President Uribe is prepared without fear to clear all doubts against the agreement with the Government of Barack Obama but to condition to also listen to the views of his colleagues on the way as its neighbor (Chavez), comes filling his country of weapons and links with countries whose Governments are questioned. Venezuela and Ecuador are coming the winds of war which talks about Mr presidente Chavez and the worst thing is that Colombia is the main victim, he added.

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