Military Regimen

To omit and to lie, sins in the information! Edson Silva did not have thus to be, but unhappyly it is tradition in Brazil to appear ' ' denuncismos' ' in electoral years. The situation if aggravates, leaving citizens, voters or not, still more confused, when the dispute are for executive positions, as president of the Republic, governor of state and mayors, rights that, in the case of the first positions, we only retake respectively have 28 and 21 years, after of Military Regimen. the conquest was with popular fight and mobilizations, with courageous participation of parties compromissados with the people. The reactionaries if had omitted and the majority of other sectors, I cite the case of the press, was obliged if to be silent by means of brutal censorship, what libertarian voices tried to express, the metal ring and the cannon had compelled to be silent. Happily, as for the liberty of speech, we live other times and with as much freedom that, unhappyly, some agencies of the press use to surpass the true function to inform correctly, to give ample right to counsel, not to make judgment of values and to leave that the readers take off its conclusions. In this point, to the times I ask myself if worse he is to censure or to manipulate and I enter in the old question: ' ' he is worse to omit or to lie? ' ' He is well-known that some great companies (reviewed, periodicals, radios and TVs) take left in segments as esportivo, religious, social and when one is about the politician, then? Nor if he speaks! I am not against the taking of party in itself. I am against manipulating, to want to impose what the company finds certain, not to take in consideration documentation, knowing that, at time of Election, they do not lack opportunists, ready to ' ' denuncismos' ' , little if mattering with which consequence that will have the country. .


When I’m in classroom, explaining statistics II, I believe that all students have the minimum knowledge of mathematics and basic statistics. Statistical II is a matter of 4th semester in the TSU of Informatics of the Institute where I am Professor, 4th semester is 66,6% of the race; However, in the Group of students are: those who have scientific calculator and know how to manipulate it; those who sit behind a group of talkative cheveres forming and do not take notes, who uses technologies photographing slate; those who sit in first and annotate everything; which has exemplary notes and intervenes in class; the quiet that hardly are perceptible, among others. The first day of class will dictate the rules of the game in the field of statistics II, planning activities to comply with content, testing dates; in are latest Indian in various cuts they will have guides of exercises and tests will be open book, that can bring all the material wanting, but that is individual is paid material. The almost generalized reaction is they are very difficult to test!; My answer is: will be so difficult to the extent that do not know the objectives to assess, not know who have annotated in his notebook, not to do the exercises in the Guide and to not practice. An open book test requires equal or more study proving a traditional, i.e.

without reference material at the time of making it. With a guide to more than 36 statistical exercises by court, most likely that in the test are similar, the same problems or combinations of any of them. Submit a test to open with notes from another book without having done the exercises in the Guide, is pass the test (90 min) time reviewing the notebook to see that you can find. In summary, you finish with one or two complete problems, and perhaps only one good. If you have a study guide, there to do it, you have to consult books, try to make the problems that they bring resolved or proposed. As many of you do consult Internet. Each teacher It has his very particular didactic, since he writes in Slate, begins his explanation to the attention to the student. You job is to use the tools that offers you the teacher, lecturer and instructor, as you want to call it; and build your knowledge, abilities and skills. It depends only on you that you go growing and maturing in the search for knowledge, which turns into the search for solutions for your professional life throughout your life. Search, query, lee, understand, practice builds your knowledge!

Mexico Best

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