Leadership Characteristics

Everyone should have a sleep. Having a dream is having beliefs of power, is have something much more, in the depths of our spirit, we can each of us create a better world, a more pleasant place to live and enjoy because we are capable of transforming the results in particular successes, each being is unique, that being that you are; you have the ability to learn, learn of evolutionary form, each error or each retrieved result, albeit not very satisfactory. Now it begins to define your dream, read the entire article. Everyone at some point in our life line have had a vision about the quality of life we really deserve. Many have already reached it, others are reaching it and some already do not try to achieve the quality of life that thought they deserve. For these latest people, that vision of a better life, it has become to the frustration and routines of apparently normal everyday life, to the point that already do nothing to change or improve the routine that has become nothing nice, is painful and frustrating.

These people have lost sleep. I think now that your life can take a different direction, toward that vision that you had lost, that life that you thought you deserve, reaching each goal that you propose; until you dream. Why not? life is made of achievements and challenges, you can start to make you dream, but first you must define one, you must believe in him, you can learn to transform your beliefs of power. Steps to define your dream: search is what you love to do. It is not what you do now, or perhaps Yes. It is something that you would though do not get paid, or perhaps you will pay so you could do it. Search in your profession, in your person, in your activities, determines that you what if love actually do.


The day that the Damin shepherd decided to challenge the orders of his superior, their problems began. Of a side, his companion of ministry felt that he had a contendor and he ahead, to his turn, thought that he was taking exaggerated steps to print changes a the congregation. – I trusted you and watches, you are in my against said to the shepherd director afternoon to him that they could speak in the office. – Simply I believe that the different things can be defended Damian. – Yes, but not of that way – its superior talked back and it again inclined to tacitly read the Bible, seating that the conversation had finished. The relation cooled off enough. Soon, they were not possible nor to be seen, except for the days of the cults in which necessarily they had to cross word. They did not spend two months before Damin, in spite of recognizing its tremendous error, was requesting the transfer to another congregation Pablo remembered time and time again to the apostle when it wrote: All must be put under the public authorities, because there is no authority that God has not arranged, so those that exist they were established by him.

Therefore, all that is against the authority rebels against which God has instituted. Those that thus comes will receive punishment. (Roman 13:1,2. New Version the International) Negative attitudes When we accompanied to a person in the ministry, it is necessary that we evaluate constantly if we are persecuting own goals or we subjected to the goals of the ministry. If our expectations prevail and I interest, without a doubt there will be no blessing. The subjection to the leadership, which without a doubt is the plan of God, allows that we advance. There will be no obstacle in our personal and ministerial development, demonstrating growth.