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Sustainable living, thereby improving the world (kl) in the Edition free spirit by Peter Krause as a writer for Coinstatt the biography of Rolf Drossard appeared. The book is about the life of one who has realized a dream, the most silent dream: someday the world a bit better than leave to, as you found them. Rolf Drossard, born 1956 in Krefeld, is among those who engaged as entrepreneurs for the construction of bio – and eco-movement and for the world of the future by their deeds and their lives have given topicality as the topic of the responsibility of the people. Readers will learn what has shaped the future entrepreneurs and financial advisor for a CV and meet a man who has taken to the fullest and implemented in their own works, what historical developments have offered him. Klaus Odenthal, founding Director of Versiko AG writes about the book: the reading was really fun me and I felt transported in old times – nostalgic and with horror. But life is now.” 240 pages, hardcover, 26.80 euros ISBN 978-3-86931-506-5 Klaus Lertha.


HORSE & SOUL developed new coaching seminar for entrepreneurs and founders of Kassel, 29.4.2010 – new seminar with horses as a living mirror and natural catalyst provides entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and start-ups a four-dimensional feedback into their entrepreneurial depth, personal and social competencies such as risk tolerance, cooperation, and emotional intelligence. “HORSE & SOUL has developed a new coaching seminar for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the startup phase: vision x potential = entrepreneur spirit” wert(e)volles brings growth – to strengthen the entrepreneurial self-image, confidently employ the own potentials and revive the personal vision. The one-day seminar with horses as a living mirror and natural catalyst calls the natural leader – qualities and is a four-dimensional feedback to their entrepreneurial depth, personality and social skills participants such as risk-taking, cooperation, and emotional intelligence. The seminar is therefore particularly valuable for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, entrepreneur, graduates and people in professional change situations. For more information, see to entrepreneurs spirit.html.

Education Simultaneous Translation

Professional implementation of translation is impossible without the complex personality of the translator, which includes a number of abilities, skills and knowledge of linguistic and extralinguistic nature. In This article focuses on a variety of oral translation and interpretation as interpretation and the skills that are necessary for its implementation. Many experienced interpreters are called Simultaneous translation of the most difficult type of interpreting. This is due to the fact that at the variety of translation activities at the person realizing it, is involved simultaneously several translation skills and skills. It is simultaneously an interpreter should be listening to the original text and the generation of translated text. Please note that this is happening at a pace of speech, who asked the man who speaks the language of the text original. This rate is due to the nature of the speech situation or the personal characteristics of the speaker. Manage this rate interpreter often have no opportunity.

However, he has a need for their interpretation translate pronounce within strict time constraints. Agree that it is not easy. Professional development of students engaged in simultaneous interpretation translation departments of many universities and schools in the world: the University of Ottawa (Canada); Linguistic University. M. Tores, Moscow (Russia), Graduate School of Interpreters in Geneva (Switzerland), etc. The training program simultaneous interpretation in these universities, as a rule, lasts two academic years. In a shorter time to master this challenging discipline impossible. Moreover, after prolonged training needed reinforcement of knowledge in practice, only after which the translator be able to competently carry out simultaneous translation at the grassroots level.

Postgraduate Education

Artem 32 years, and behind him considerable experience in Ukrainian hospitals. We asked him to mention the most important moments during the passage of the program and give some advice to future program participants 'doctors in the Czech Republic' on 'Gulf Stream' and 'Go study group sro'. I would like to share my impressions of the passage of the process of testing, ie, recognition of qualifications of foreign doctors in the Czech Republic, and describe how it is in reality and the difficulties I faced. Of course, the first important and decisive factor was to obtain a visa. I asked for a student visa to study in Czech language courses. It is easier for me to interview process. Despite the fact that all documents were in order, wait a visa had to be very long: instead of 3 months, I waited for almost 5 visa.

After my visit to the Czech Republic the company 'Go study group sro' asked me to stay in the dormitory with the students. Since I am already an adult man used to live alone, I was more convenient to rent a flat: this option is, of course, more expensive, but for those who, as a student, lived in a dormitory – comfortable. Find an apartment was not a problem: staff helped me translate the lease and agreement with the owner. At the moment I graduated from the Czech language course, which began in November 2010. I have already submitted an application for the surrender of approbation to the Ministry of Examination Health and the Czech Republic is currently going through specialized training for the exam at the Institute for Postgraduate Education, preparing for the first two written tests.

Educational Games

Everyone was once a child who was interested in everything new and unusual. Perhaps each had toys that could have been a new and unusual to collect, such as cubes or designers. Such games have contributed to that emphasizes spatial imagination, gave the initial idea of the geometry and physics, simulated creative activities. These children's educational games were always held in high esteem among parents. And manufacturers are developing Games are not standing still. With the development of new technologies and materials and there are more children's educational games.

There was a lot of unusual designers that enjoy playing children. For example, the magnetic Designer Bornimago. This magnetic designer presents a collection of magnetic sticks and steel balls from which to gather the most fantastic designs. Play this magnetic designer can children from 3 years old, but he will be interesting to older children and even adults. Magnetic Designer Bornimago was recognized as the best toy in the category "Design of the creative toys' in 2004 in China. It is believed that the invention of magnetic designer in Switzerland. He is now available under the brand name Geomag. Due to the fact that the magnetic designer was very popular and popular toy it began to produce many manufacturers.

In addition Bornimago most famous of them Swiss Geomag, Italian Supermag, Canadian and Chinese Magnext Magnetic and Magnastix. There are other manufacturers, but their production in Russia is practically unknown. Of course, the products of European and North American producers of impeccable quality, but for Russian consumer prices is one of the key factors influencing the purchasing decision. A low-cost designers from Europe can not boast. Every manufacturer is trying in every possible way to diversify your Magnetic Designer. Now in set design includes colored panels and wheels, which allows you to create interesting models. In general, children's educational games are different, but the designer has a special magnetic place, recognized by many parents around the world.

Tsarist Education

Long since, the people are educated in special educational institutions. In Tsarist times were also mentions of his education at home. In Russia, people giving education at home, known as tutors. Then the children of wealthy families were very well educated, knew very much. Those times are gone, but the benefits of private lessons remain. Today everyone knows that during the individual sessions person is not distracted by extraneous matter and occupied only the subject. Thus, individual sessions are more productive, allow less time to learn more of the material. individual techniques allow for the Features of thinking and memory abilities of the individual.

In today's world, people get their education in a group where the teacher can not focus on all students at once, because we are all different. Help in this the case may be individual lessons on a particular subject. It is these services are provided by tutors in small groups and individually. The main advantage of private lessons – taking into account the ability of individual rights; advantages of mini groups – an opportunity to communicate with the same students like you, and in mini-groups remains an individual approach and there is an opportunity cost savings of a single student (a teacher runs less time than if it dealt with each student individually, and therefore requires less pay.). The uniqueness of tutoring as an educational service, as well as the demand for this service makes tutoring well-paid work. Tutor gets more than the average school teacher, however, and he gives much better results.