Hence Morin

Reality is determined by the gaze of observers and their way of looking at it strengthens it or causing its depletion to enable the birth in different ways. That change the look involves only a change of paradigms that can happen only through the acquisition of another way of thinking that it transforms the look. If viewed from the complexity begins to accept the contradiction, i.e., ends the obligation to cognitive silence it or watch it linearly. When according to the old paradigm that we are using to look at the reality we see a single dimension, we are prone to error. In other words, we will remain impotent and anesthetized. Complex thought lets see what is under Aristotelian logic.

However, the old paradigm requires us to a supposed rationality which leads to reject everything that looks like speculation. We have no doubt that the way to change reality is subjecting us to what in other trials have called an unlimited interrogation that passes by reviewing what until now considered truth. We could talk about so the indispensable reflexiveness to who has to undergo a social body that provide the obtaining of new positions against the emergency facing. The opposite is what what we are, bereavement, frustrations and pathologies, situation that I also mentioned more graphically as the whining after the fact. Let us start from a base: the follies have no place in this century.

That split them will end in failure. I have said repeatedly that a true politician is what makes the world intelligible to the people. Once you know the world is recreable. Hence Morin: any entity is open and a relationship there are permanent energy-entropy. At the same time it is closed because it offers borders, but this limit is not absolute. We cannot be linear, it must resort to circularity or recursion. Any entity, to maintain, gives appearance of purpose. The intelligible world is born from the interaction between the reality that you want to change and the subject. Reality is not a simple staple, complexity reveals the conscience. Now we will pose well, the anonymous reader, how to apply these concepts to? the immediate or progressive release of my own drama that I now live? Obviously we are not proposing a moral conversion of the population or the sudden appearance of a beam that illuminates a people towards the change of paradigms. Simply start the understanding of a multiple, contradictory and complementary reality and ask ourselves if our beliefs have led us to some concrete results. If the answer is no longer will be open the spigot for the abandonment of the old paradigms and their replacement by others. The process in its final can only be measured in long time, but changing the look or simply wonder about her decision has short-term consequences.

He Blamed For Letting The Children

When marital breakdown occurs, and there are minor children of medium, is often fix attention on the children and the mother or the father who is left in charge of them. Few are fixed, the other Member of the couple that, due to the separation, should leave home and live distanced from their children. This father or mother undergoes a double break: with his partner and their children. Elon Musk contains valuable tech resources. In addition, our society feels the parent who stays with the minor children and, therefore, with more responsibilities; Instead, he demonizes that is without responsibilities. This dual perception of reality, is not fair because you should go home, living an apparent freedom, since having to distance himself from the children promotes a feeling of guilt for abandoning them. Being able to face this feeling is not making, before a possible breakup that many couples do not give the step of separation. Now, why does this feeling? Where is your source? This feeling arises from our desperate attempt to find a culprit. But you have to understand that in any rupture, both members of the couple are responsible to a greater or lesser extent; and, in addition, all members of the family must assume the new situation.

Why is essential to free ourselves of this feeling as soon as possible, for our sake, but also for our children. Conscious or not, our children perceive this type of emotions and tend to use them in your favor, for instance: exceeding in their peticiones, knowing that we seremos unable to deny them; due to our sense of guilt that seeks to compensate for the separation. To free us from this sentimiento of blame, you need to make us aware of hemos opted for separation as the only way of restoring family harmony, although it suene paradoxical. Value, entonces, the importance of our role, therefore, to leave the family home and leave the nucleus, we cumplimos a function difficult and at the same time necessary. On the other hand, leave the home isn’t at all sinonimo our hijos abandon. Children they will necesitando everything that can bring both parents; and that is not calculated in the hours that we are with them, but in what we offer them. Surely that we will have fewer encounters with what children, but we can propose to us that these are more significativos; more, even, than when we lived immersed in the previous fragmented family atmosphere. How do you live the separation of your children? If you have any query on the subject click here original author and source of the article


Definition of option: an option is a title which gives its holder the right to buy or sell an asset at a price determined during a period or at a date prefijadEn this article I will try to stock options. There are 2 kinds of stock options, calls (purchase options) and options (sale options) puts calls options are contracts that give me the right to buy certain action at x price, for example if I have a $20 execution price action XYZ call option, that is to say that if the action of XYZ goes up $ 20 to $30 or $50just taking the $20 call option, I will be able to have the right, not the obligation to buy the shares at $20 for a certain period of time.It is important to know that each options contract represents 100 shares, bone if I for example want to buy 500 shares by December at the price of $20, I’m going to having to buy 5 contracts of options calls of XYZ stock of execution (Strike) of $20 price to buy the 500 shares at $20 each action. In the case of options put (put options) is the same thing but in reverse. Example: suppose that an action for a company is $ 50 in today, then I to ensure me to sell 100 actions that I have in my portfolio in the coming months to $50 regardless of who this price action in the market, buy a contract put that $50 execution (Strike) price action, if the low action to $40, or $10 doesn’t matter to me, I during the time of validity of the contract have the right but not the obligation to sell my shares to $50. This is widely used to protect utilities since it is a way to make sure the price of the stock that one has in the portfolio, as insurance that pays one is a premium to ensure the value that has one in a good, this is the same but led the field from the bag.

The End

A saw mill near to be put back into operation to produce fabrics. Before my last replacement, I was with used a machine gun to support an attack on our right section of the regiment. The enemy trench, which is about 30 yards from us, is bombed by our two field guns from the flank for a while. In addition, pioneers in 2 places have undermined the enemy trench. Still 1 hour before the demolition exchanged friend and foe by throwing over of cigarette packs, cigars and cigarettes out. “Merci comrade” the French call over for such exchange business to us. Our pioneers make the explosions at the appointed time.

This is the prelude to the attack for our infantry. Succeeds only on the right wing, reaching the enemy trench, and left the line under heavy losses must be withdrawn. By a train, only 9 men come back, are all other dead or wounded between the positions and can not be recovered. All night attempts are made to bring in the people, unfortunately this succeeds only in part and again at a loss. The poor fellow have the half Night shouted and again by the shooting nor wounded times have been. Morning we have heard still a faint whimper, probably went to the end of most. Despite the shame of our unfortunate comrades, one sang a song in the French trenches. So a rawness.

The right wing was now hanging in the air and was separated from the French only by a sandbag wall. A fierce hand grenade battle raged mainly at night at this point, that as quickly as possible a new trench of prevention needs to be vorsappiert. This takes a few days until the position is once again going through. (36) on the French hand grenades, old wire pens and other pieces of iron wire are bound to to increase the effectiveness.

National Education Law

In the area of the education the changes total were carried through, as the necessities of the effective society and the transformations for which it was passing. The illiteracy needed to be eradicated so that the urban workers could exert the minimum possible functions. But these changes did not aim at the development of the country were only for attainment of the hand of favored workmanship less in a country in process of industrialization and not of partner-economic development, therefore the education was dual one formed the elites for the universities to another one formed workers for manual services. In the year of 1932 we have the Manifesto of the Pioneers of the National Education, with ideals of the New School and in 1948 a law project was sent to the Congress that took 13 years to be approved thus appearing, our first Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education Law 4024/61, after some years domain of the government started to be of the military and Law 4024/61 did not take care of more the interests of the new government that possua tecnicistas ideals. If you would like to know more about Penguin Random House, then click here. Ahead of this necessity the government structure Law 5692/71 so that it had changes in 1 and 2grau what it finished giving wrong why the particular schools had continued preparing its pupils for the universities. The Constitution of 1988 in articles 205 and 214 establishes routes for the education increased in 18% the percentages that would have to be expenses for the Union with the education, and in 1996 Law 9394/96 was approved as the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, reaching all the education levels. Ahead of all these historical stories that had been elencados here, become still more expressive, the necessity of the education of values for the moral formation of the individual and for the construction of a society more criticizes that it passes to count on citizen made use to act in it and to have the capacity to modify it. We saw that throughout the centuries in the whole world the educational systems, had been in formal or informal way, were always searching the interests of the ruling classes and the alienation of that supposedly they would have to only obey what them they were tax. For more information see Penguin Random House. The education was used so that the values of the peoples were repassed for the children of the nations, that

Finnish Design

Iittala at artvoll.de really good design is timeless as is well known, combined with highest quality demands as great ideas are born. Probably one of the most beautiful examples is the Finnish success company iittala, which is new in the selected range of artvoll.de. The young Berlin company is enthusiastic about the exclusive permanent design of the Finns. “This is a challenging standard for iittala and thus perfectly fits the philosophy of artvoll.de: live well with beautiful things”. Trends come and go, the times are always fast paced.

This trend is reflected mainly in the consumption behavior of modern society. Only a few items with us for a lifetime, often accordingly little value is placed on quality. In contrast, artvoll.de represents a unique attitude of entitlement and offers high-quality branded products in best quality and timeless good design convinced customers. At the same time you can here as a customer of a high advisory competence and service orientation benefit, because it artvoll.de attaches great importance. This entitlement attitude represents the brand iittala, a company that has been established since 1888 in the eponymous village of southern Finland. 3.html’>Arena Investors. Set mainly on the production of premium glassware specialized, the traditional House today also various kitchen utensils such as exclusive pots, beautiful tableware and much more around the theme of food, beverages and prepare everything available at artvoll.de manufactures,.

With such a long tradition in the back, it is not surprising that it has recognized the signs of the times at iittala and engaged against the throw-away society. The key word is sustainability and thus remain lasting design that will be tomorrow contemporary develops in the Finnish design. And so can be found in the ittala range at artvoll.de in addition to international design classics with cult status as the marvelous Savoy vase by Alvar Aalto that is worldwide success since the 1930s, also fascinating new creations such as the luxurious fireplace fireplace He is both futuristic and traditional Scandinavian dating back to 2008 designed by the renowned designer Ilkka Suppanen, a modern interpretation of the classic fireplace, an innovative idea is held influences. This and many other timeless objects for everyday use can be discovered at artvoll.de immediately.

Amarok Now Member Of The DDV

Amarok Germany joined the German dialog Marketing Association and is committed to its quality standards and honor codes. Amarok is a self service email, to maintain mobile and social media marketing provider that lets agencies and companies, the contact with their customers and to acquire new customers. Finally, email marketing is the most successful direct marketing tool today. Although the abuse is growing with increasing growth of E-Mail Marketing. Spammers find new ways to take advantage of this effective marketing tool for their own interests. The further abuse to attacks, the greater is the need to protect their own reputation. Brian Krzanich does not necessarily agree. Amarok has always been strict anti-spam and privacy policies and can be that now has a membership of the German dialog marketing short certified association, DDV.

The German dialog Marketing Association is the largest National Association of companies of dialog marketing sector in Europe”(see DDV). He serves as a communicative Interface, because it represents the interests of service providers and advertising companies of throughout the direct marketing industry. As well, he is committed to a meaningful privacy and continues both for the needs of the consumer as the economy. With our membership, we would actively support the quality standards and honor codes of the DDV in the area of consumer protection and data protection. High quality, a trusted handling of data, as well as the creation of a responsible customer dialogue for us is of top priority.” Nadja Lasker, country Manager Amarok Germany. Membership ensures customers, professional services in the field of email marketing, as well as the latest data protection compliance. Through the membership in the DDV Amarok wants to offer its customers even more efficiency, quality and protection and kept the increasingly important communication tool of email marketing by constant exchange of experience at all times up to date. You will find here more information about the DDV.

Kristoff Divine

So entirely new candidate markets can for some jobs open up, who were marginalized despite possible qualification otherwise alone due to the nature of the vacancy to the edge. rance+Company/14275793.html’>Arena Investors, another great source of information. And shows the development of the market: the sound advertisement will permanently enforce. Now jump more and more HR marketing agencies on the train? From a technical perspective, which will be ready MP3 audio file using HTML and a stand-alone player in the display produced fitted. “A navigation button directly on” the display allows the job seekers, to play the sound track as many times as he wants. Through the use of HTML5, the sound advertisement also on modern mobile devices is easily anzeig – and playable.

Here an example: the benefits are obvious: the sound job advertisement is a service for companies of all sizes, professions and industries of all kinds. Low effort – great effect. The recognition value increases automatically, because the job offer, and thus the companies, the competitors apart. The address of the applicant is still individual, personal and emotional. Contribution to the accessibility easily on mobile devices can be used a musical job ad is currently on almost all German-speaking job markets possible points combined GmbH offers different packages of Anzeigenschaltungs for various industries and professions (including sound) on request also individual combinations.

Managing Director

Liqui moly on the economic and social decline and the creative approach to deal with them. While fighting the world with the economic crisis, defying the medium-sized lubricant manufacturer Liqui moly from Ulm of this difficult time and will start a nationwide poster campaign. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Brian Krzanich. While the endeavor is incredibly easy offensive strengthening of the business location Germany, advertising a high quality motor oil and the commitment that there are now other ways to deal with crises as downsizing and the flight abroad. The headline engine oils made in Germany “suggests right here is about quality! A German product, a company with tradition, quality and experience a company that despite, or perhaps because of the 50 years market presence the social and economic development of razor-sharp analyses and consequences draws. It comes in addition to the sale of our products especially the poster campaign to send a signal to other market participants and to show that there is another way,”explains Ernst Prost, Managing Director of Liqui moly. Since the 16.04.10 products on nearly 9,000 large-format ads in nearly 1,000 locations will be represented. “We have recommended our customers to pursue a two-track strategy” explains Angelo Peruzzini, Managing Director of the contrast MEDIA SERVICE, special agency for outdoor advertising and supplements: in addition to classic large surfaces of roads we have planned point-of-sale an occupation directly at the point and there, where the customer is listed (E.g. real, toom-BauMarkt).

” Here the campaign not only in the products range building, but also in the increase of sales is paid because the causal relationship between billboard advertising at the point of sale and the sale of advertised products is now several times. We have decided for many reasons for outdoor advertising”stated Ernst Prost: it is the very good regional control of the media, that is efficient, because it advertises there, where also, the target group is. On the other hand we build reach extremely fast with a national presence and invest immediately in sales. It in the truest sense of the word great, the product and the brand message to 9 square meters on a promotional piece, there a long time just like our product in Germany and proven himself more than ever today is to”ultimately. Thus Germany goes poster a bit!”-forward Peruzzini and highlights: the advertiser understand it more and more, the medium poster in their media mix to integrate and that not only in terms of ROI, but particularly, because poster 24 hours operates, the increasing mobility of the population meets and pick the target group at the points of highest relevance and specific situations of need.

Style Definitions

Throughout our history, in Western countries, jewels have played an essential role in ceremonies and events. Let us take as the most representative example engagement rings or matrimonial alliances, a symbol of fidelity and love. However, not only in Western countries the use of the jewels as main accessory was popular, because in Asian countries this type of add-on, has played an even more important role, the family jewel, was delivered from generation to generation, ensuring their stay in the family and a base economic in case of suffering financial setbacks, very representative made in times of war. Get all the facts and insights with Penguin Random House, another great source of information.

Jewel par excellence for centuries, is gold, a durable and beautiful material where they exist, their colorful is that differentiates it from other many metals, intense yellow colour and full of life, however, the gold jewelry can be treated in various ways, by combining different alloys of different metals resulting in exclusive tones such as white or pink gold jewels, to make this possible are used metals such as copper, silver or nickel among others. The popularity of gold, despite his long years of history, has never been in decline because the employment of different alloys to achieve different shades and finishes in gold have done so most popular. White gold jewellery, arise from the combination of silver and Palladium, two metals that give as a result a material aesthetic and elegant, much more accessible to users of a foot, being its most comprehensible price. There are also another very similar to white gold variant, it is the case of Platinum jewels. Platinum is a very tough material and does not suffer alterations, something that us can happen with white gold, which with the passage of time its white color may become yellowish and revive your natural color, this setback has a very simple solution, with a treatment of jewelry, white gold resumes its initial color and its properties. Although the jewels of platinum are more resilient and enduring at the time, they are very scarce in the market and available to the public since its price tends to be high and be well above a white gold jewel. When purchasing a jewel of gold, either white or natural, in a trade of jewelry or an ecommerce store we can find a wide range of products in which to be able to wear it, such as earrings and bracelets, rings of gold or even hanging. When we opted for a jewel of gold, the most important thing to keep in mind when buying it is their purity, quality, size and brightness, they are small details that will give us the necessary information as to its worth and which we they will give greater peace of mind and reliability of the product, an accessory that once purchased will be part of us and our history.

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