Hence Morin

Reality is determined by the gaze of observers and their way of looking at it strengthens it or causing its depletion to enable the birth in different ways. That change the look involves only a change of paradigms that can happen only through the acquisition of another way of thinking that it transforms the look. If viewed from the complexity begins to accept the contradiction, i.e., ends the obligation to cognitive silence it or watch it linearly. When according to the old paradigm that we are using to look at the reality we see a single dimension, we are prone to error. In other words, we will remain impotent and anesthetized. Complex thought lets see what is under Aristotelian logic.

However, the old paradigm requires us to a supposed rationality which leads to reject everything that looks like speculation. We have no doubt that the way to change reality is subjecting us to what in other trials have called an unlimited interrogation that passes by reviewing what until now considered truth. We could talk about so the indispensable reflexiveness to who has to undergo a social body that provide the obtaining of new positions against the emergency facing. The opposite is what what we are, bereavement, frustrations and pathologies, situation that I also mentioned more graphically as the whining after the fact. Let us start from a base: the follies have no place in this century.

That split them will end in failure. I have said repeatedly that a true politician is what makes the world intelligible to the people. Once you know the world is recreable. Hence Morin: any entity is open and a relationship there are permanent energy-entropy. At the same time it is closed because it offers borders, but this limit is not absolute. We cannot be linear, it must resort to circularity or recursion. Any entity, to maintain, gives appearance of purpose. The intelligible world is born from the interaction between the reality that you want to change and the subject. Reality is not a simple staple, complexity reveals the conscience. Now we will pose well, the anonymous reader, how to apply these concepts to? the immediate or progressive release of my own drama that I now live? Obviously we are not proposing a moral conversion of the population or the sudden appearance of a beam that illuminates a people towards the change of paradigms. Simply start the understanding of a multiple, contradictory and complementary reality and ask ourselves if our beliefs have led us to some concrete results. If the answer is no longer will be open the spigot for the abandonment of the old paradigms and their replacement by others. The process in its final can only be measured in long time, but changing the look or simply wonder about her decision has short-term consequences.


Definition of option: an option is a title which gives its holder the right to buy or sell an asset at a price determined during a period or at a date prefijadEn this article I will try to stock options. There are 2 kinds of stock options, calls (purchase options) and options (sale options) puts calls options are contracts that give me the right to buy certain action at x price, for example if I have a $20 execution price action XYZ call option, that is to say that if the action of XYZ goes up $ 20 to $30 or $50just taking the $20 call option, I will be able to have the right, not the obligation to buy the shares at $20 for a certain period of time.It is important to know that each options contract represents 100 shares, bone if I for example want to buy 500 shares by December at the price of $20, I’m going to having to buy 5 contracts of options calls of XYZ stock of execution (Strike) of $20 price to buy the 500 shares at $20 each action. In the case of options put (put options) is the same thing but in reverse. Example: suppose that an action for a company is $ 50 in today, then I to ensure me to sell 100 actions that I have in my portfolio in the coming months to $50 regardless of who this price action in the market, buy a contract put that $50 execution (Strike) price action, if the low action to $40, or $10 doesn’t matter to me, I during the time of validity of the contract have the right but not the obligation to sell my shares to $50. This is widely used to protect utilities since it is a way to make sure the price of the stock that one has in the portfolio, as insurance that pays one is a premium to ensure the value that has one in a good, this is the same but led the field from the bag.

Kristoff Divine

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