New Dusseldorf Of Logo

Amitie of des Francaises de Dusseldorf eV Club of French-speaking women with new corporate design on the General Assembly of the Amitie of des Francaises de Dusseldorf with unique and fast Dusseldorf reference a project group of the Club of French-speaking women presented a new logo. The design layout comes from the Dusseldorf agency Meyer Waldeck. “Background for amending the previous design was that behind the Club International Association FIAFE wishes a similar naming all over the world, which is always a city reference with the addition of Accueil” links. Fast identification for international members is the goal. FIAFE and Dusseldorf Accueil Amitie of des Francaises de Dusseldorf mainly deal with support in the integration of expatriate women and her family in their new cities and regions. Offer various service and event offerings that will serve these objectives. DUS Accueil Amitie has nearly 350 members of the Francaises de Dusseldorf the largest Club of French-speaking women in Germany. What was closer than to establish letter code of the city in the air traffic on the 3 practiced just by an international clientele to achieve a faster communication and identification of the city and region of Dusseldorf.

The design corresponds to the viewpoint and attitude this foreign citizens to the city. He was adopted by the General Assembly unanimously and with much critical acclaim. Parallel was the Club’s new website unlocked, which contains not only important internals of the clubs, but also from the perspective of expatriates over the State capital Dusseldorf informed. Responsible for the content: Marie-Catherine Meyer Presidente DUS Accueil Amitie of des Francaises de Dusseldorf eV

Audio Branding

In recent years more and more companies are recognizing the enormous potential of acoustic brand management. In recent years more and more companies are recognizing the enormous potential of acoustic brand management. The power of a brand is essential in the tracks, which has left them in the consciousness of the audience.” (H. Meyer, 2008, p. 109) brands are as audible optimal combination of companies or brands and audio branding represents an increasingly important part of brand communication to an individual sound experience. The hegemony of vision is more and more replaced by a multi sensory shaped culture, what in the media studies as sonic turn”is described. Companies have a demonstrably increased brand value sonic identity through the use of acoustic part elements in brand communication can create a distinctive identity. The points of contact with the advertised product or the services offered are Emotionalising and at the same time, a strengthening of the brand individually experience what a can cause.

In addition to the large market leaders, more and more medium-sized companies harness the power of the sounds as an anchor for their own messages. The corporate sound, which is the aural dimension of brand management, expanded the corporate identity of a company and presented to the outside and this versatile. Tones are a shared, consistent targeting allows bridges sound branding. The possibilities are seemingly endless and range from TV and radio advertising, image, exhibition and product films, use to promote sales directly at the point of sale to mobile – and event-marketing. In the multimedia age, increasingly interactive media are used (E.g. via Web signatures, podcasts, mobile phone or to the acoustic orientation), to increase recognition values, to awaken emotions and associations and to strengthen customer loyalty. Last but not least can the corporate use of audio branding? such as at events, training, in the Company building, on an intranet or on the computer itself? create an improved listening environment and so demonstrably increase productivity and group unity in the company several times.

Acoustic brand management is not acoustic contact points only a dry theory, is a huge potential in you: satisfied employees think more positively and are more powerful. An optimal acoustic brand presentation externally reinforced the already existing Visual brand and adds. An ideal audio-branding strategy is creative and intelligent at the same time: adapted it to the specific objectives of the company and of the characteristics of the brand, includes but also trends and listening habits of the target group. Just so she can be used consistently and flexibly as a marketing tool. With a competent partner may be able to position your brand in the long term and effective on the market: as the acoustic hallmark of a successful company. Island Agency for audio branding & Commissioned work, we develop your sound. Royalty-free + professional. Owner: Nico Flohr Wilhelm Kobelt str.

Aim – De Is In The Field Of Search Engine Optimization At The Start

There are many agencies that specialize in search engine marketing and optimization. There are many professional and semi professional providers. Vendors who cheat, others that serious and sustained work. In technical jargon is hats distinguish here between black, grey and white. It is difficult to distinguish who is right now. The online marketing agency founded in this year aim – en ( would like to here offer a new high-quality way for small and medium-sized enterprises. Actually, it’s quite simple: new customers. More sales. Learn more about this with Ebay.

The promise to many search engine optimization companies. A target group must find the way to a site and then do what the operator of visitors expected: for example, a purchase, a booking, a registration, or to contact to make. What sounds so simple, is then somewhat more complicated in practice. What was 5 years ago, should no longer apply. Search engine optimization in the past meant often only mass, according to the principle much helps a lot”. It worked very well. Nowadays, the quality of content and Web pages occurs increasingly in the foreground. And precisely according to the aim – de are the difference in the service.

The expert network aim – de offers advice as marketing in the Internet on the one hand. It combines classic promotional know-how with Internet expertise. Economic success has to do with good placement in the Internet. “It’s like at a Christmas market: the sausage stand at the entrance makes less turnover than in the Centre of the market”, so Advertising Strategist Ralf Kalb. And right here, our strengths lie: is quality before quantity. Therefore also the content development, the so-called on-page actions, is an essential aspect in our work a website”, so the makers of Internet Oliver Sunday. According to the founders in close communication with the customers, independent work on the customer side as well as the understanding of the market environment of the customers top priority.

Wendland Presents New Website

New Web page launched with 29 July 2013 as of Monday, July 29, 2013, presents the Wendland spice & food concept convenience GmbH with new website under. We welcome this measure, which represents a logical adjustment of our external communication to the processes implemented in the last few months”, says Managing Director Monty Ortmuhl. The new website takes into account the creation of new structures and product lines. Also he fits now also in relation to the significance of his designs perfectly to us.” From now on, visitors to the Web site has not only information about the company and its range of services, but also about current product promotions, action weeks, the product range, as well as seasonal recipe ideas. The common visual language and clearly defined areas we increase the clarity of the page”, Ortmuhl explains how the principle of the new identity. And of course, we increase the degree of actuality, by now running the page up-to-date information such as Job offers, product launches and promotions considered.” In addition to the website, the online shop of the factory received a makeover. Under to private customers can purchase many products directly shop.