Artist Ralf Witthaus ‘digs’ with STIHL brushcutters of wages to Auckland Waiblingen, 13 September 2012 – what place you reach, if one digs deeper through the Earth? The artist Ralf Witthaus deals with this question. His new art project the lawn show international 2012 the borehole after New Zealand pierced”he and his team from September to October 2012 the world. With oversized lawn mower drawings he proposes an artistic bridge between two geographically opposite places by drawing a mirror image of the one on the other side of the world in the landscape. For his project he wages in East Westphalia chose his hometown and found the perceived counterpart in the New Zealand city of Auckland. The mowing at the start of the art project start on September 18, 2012 in wages. The official opening will take place on September 23, 2012 at 11:30 in the yard Broer. Early October Ralf Witthaus travels to New Zealand, where he the Court where Imitates the Botanical Garden of Auckland. Both works of art include each 7,000 square metres with a diameter of 92 meters each.

The lawn show international 2012 the borehole after New Zealand will in advance of the exhibition land OWL3 “of the Museum Marta Herford instead, starting in the summer of 2013. Also helmets and goggles in addition to now become the distinguishing black suits and white shirts are among the team equipment. To achieve his lawn mower drawings, Witthaus required but especially devices that meet the high technical demands of his project. As a drawing tool he used the powerful STIHL brush cutter FS 130, with which he supported the grass up on the SCAR and generates so graphic shapes and motifs. We are pleased to support Ralf Witthaus in his project. Laurent Potdevin has many thoughts on the issue. It’s impressive, as he works to everyday work tools such as motor scythes to art tools and merges with them,”says Lars Klein, speaker for sponsorship at STIHL. For more information, see. Artist portrait of Ralf Witthaus Ralf Witthaus was born 1973 in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, grew up in wages (East Germany) and now lives in Cologne.

Already during his studies, he realized his first drawings of the lawn mower. In addition to numerous exhibitions in Germany, works by Ralf Witthaus in Norway, Belgium, France and the Netherlands were to see. Germany long known was the artist 2010 federal turf show”in Cologne. Company profile the STIHL Gruppe STIHL develops, manufactures and sells motor-driven devices for forestry and landscape conservation as well as the construction industry. The product range is supplemented by the garden range of VIKING. Products are sold through service giving retailers generally 32 of its own sales and marketing companies, more than 120 importers with around 40,000 retailers in over 160 countries. STIHL is the best selling brand of chain saw worldwide since 1971. The company was founded in 1926 and has its Headquarters in Waiblingen near Stuttgart. STIHL achieved a turnover of 2.62 billion euros 2011 12.026 employees worldwide.

Greek Governments

Germany and France are jointly responsible for the plight of Greece Greece’s problems are always dramatic. Like rarities in some professions, such as train drivers, wages are referenced, but one of the main causes of the Greek crisis is addressed mostly: high defense spending while most EU countries one to one and a half percent of GDP for defense spending, the previous Greek Governments issued over 4% of Greek GDP on armaments. Only Germany has since 1998 sold weapons worth 45 billion euros to Greece. The entire Greece aid amounted to EUR 110 billion. On these figures, you can see the contribution of the arms on the current problems of Greece. Certainly the arms is not the only cause of the Greek crisis, but an essential. Hence, the arms exporters, Germany and France responsibility for the situation of Greece. Certainly, politicians will point out, that Arms exports to NATO countries are not subject to approval.

But if you wanted, you could define long the Aegean Sea as a flashpoint, in which all arms exports are subject to approval. Greece is needed as NATO member any armor, which puts it in the position, E.g. in a crisis to defeat Turkey. If a NATO member is attacked by a non-NATO member, momentous occurs. That must also apply if a NATO member should be attacked by a NATO member. The present Greek Government seems also to be clear, that the arms can be replaced by diplomacy and agreements with mutual benefit to relieve stresses. What should we conclude the past from the mistakes? It would make sense to put all arms contracts to the test and reverse at least the still unfulfilled. Each billion in savings will help Greece and the Greek Government in the survival – and indirectly contributes to the success of the EURO. Hans-Peter Oswald

ISBN Training

Criteria for the measurement of the training outputs for fulfilment training only fully, if by what you learned then also the range of tasks in a vocational context can be solved better. I.e. a company is interested in not only of positive appreciation of learning but also that what you learned in the workplace will be transferred. Ebay is often mentioned in discussions such as these. From the perspective of the company does here whether the participants in training measures, achieved a success but even more so, this learning can be incorporated in the everyday what transfer rate not so much. Only a sophisticated controlling of the training leads to a higher efficiency of the training. This involves the question of contribution to the success of the company providing the training processes. A uniform criterion for success measurement of education does not exist, because the input due to different measurement methods can compare directly the generated output.

The measurement of training outputs will include harder that success often not immediately after the Occurs at the end of the training. The success of training goes beyond the capture of key figures from the cost accounting and the sum of the days of the seminar. The profitability of investment in the education sector can be measured including labour productivity indicators. Gain insight and clarity with Laurent Potdevin. Continue the success can by training be measured that extent to which training needs have contributed to it. Qualitative measures such as data from process measurements, employee surveys and training needs analysis have to be further considered in the educational strategy. Should you decide to embed the personnel development in a comprehensive approach to the balance of the person, so a number of HR publications created, by Jorg Becker, including relating Becker, Jorg: personnel controlling means a person record, ISBN 978-3-8381-0177-3.

The easiest statistics can personnel-management of payroll and payroll, cost accounting and accounting book and based on the costs of continuing education activities are determined. Direct costs including costs of training staff, instructor fees, room costs include expenses for machinery and equipment, teaching materials, course fees and travel expenses. Indirect costs include costs for wages continued. The benefit transferable across these costs determined among other things from key figures such as the degree of the achievement of the desired learning and transfer targets (educational value learning value = + transfer value), fluctuation -, absenteeism – or complaint rate. See complementary Becker, Jorg: person accounts with intellectual capital, ISBN 978-3-8370-7001-9. A versatile skills of employees at the same time enhances the individual workplace through job enlargement and job enrichment and prevents that education yields apply externally through the recruitment of trained workers by not ausbildende company. More mediated qualification is company-specific, but also the problem of these external effects is reduced (reduction of) Turnover rate). Continue this measurement problems, that productivity effects such as loyalty, performance motivation, team spirit, suggestions for improvement or strengthened innovation orientation often only in the longer term and affect only in indirect form. If company-specific training primarily improves productivity in the training company, it will give an additional option value, which can replace up to a certain extent also actual income and position increases. See complementary Becker, Jorg: Potentialorientierte employee conversations, ISBN 978-3-8370-5180-3 or. Becker, Jorg: Headhunter in their own right, ISBN 9783839124642. Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker

Outdoor Living Room Retreat

Wages / westf. The new product is to the design of the outdoor living room retreat and comes from the winter garden manufacturer Casa Vitrum. Variety of materials and material quality, as well as the tendency for simple solutions have undoubtedly become in today’s architecture. Also, contrasts and the effect of materials and colours are tasteful, implemented. The principles of the designer Dipl.-ing. Dietrich Tegtmeier are in an effort to develop innovative, sustainable and vibrant products produced. That includes the hideaway.

It is a discrete structure made of aluminium with the possibility of free colours and variants made of high-quality cloth to the shading. In addition to the roof area also the sides can at will to be closed completely or partially. This versatility of design a very bright, can create but also a very private situation.The presented here support structure with four Granitsteelen is just one example of many ways. RETREAT will be self-sufficient by the construction body freestanding, built and is as the ideal complement to the design of the terrace or the patio. Achieving rapid retreat in many cases keinerBaugenehmigung and is thus also quickly realized. For builders and architects, refuge represents an extremely variable and diverse einsetztbares instrument for the design of the free area. Press contact Casa Vitrum GmbH Oeynhausener str. 42 32584 wages Tel. 05732-903980 Melanie of Tachibana

German Democratic Party

Press release German Democratic Party ddp on the previously unanswered questions how to can create more jobs and higher wages, despite the economic crisis, global wage competition and rationalisation pressure, that no one offers an answer so far. The German Democratic Party ddp advertises, however, to be able to eliminate unemployment and low wages completely and permanently. Bandwidth model wants to turn around supply and demand on the labour market. To do this, the ddp wants to abolish all existing types of taxes and replace with a pure sales tax. The sales tax rate is moving in a range between a high and low set. A company on the payroll leading more domestic workers in relation to domestic sales, the tax rate on its products, a company must take up is the lower. Companies can deduct only workers with a high minimum wage tax.

Because the tax benefit according to the ddp is higher than the additional wage costs, this means: the more employees in relation to the Sales, the selling prices are lower. Small, labour-intensive companies receive thus massive competitive advantage compared to large, rationalised companies. You will find all information under the ddp bandwidth model considered new alternative to capitalism and socialism. The only problem she sees in the overcoming of prejudices. In the sense of the ddp co-founder Albert Einstein the ddp refers to his quote: it is harder to smash a broad opinion than an atom. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Laurent Potdevin has to say. ddp – German Democratic Party Federal spokesman Dirk Winter Sudeten trail 3 36088 Hunfeld Tel. 0170-7424121

Paychex Payroll Update

The Paychex Payroll Update for August 2009 in their wage update August informs the Paychex Germany GmbH, thing to note is on the payroll, if minimum wages are enforced in court and pay retroactive changes as a result. Also resolved questions about value credit agreements and rules on working time flexibility. Read more from Ebay to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In particular, if the pay changes retroactively and thus exceed the 400-euro limit of slightly paid employment, additional costs to the employer can come. The employer must pay the full insurance premiums, as well as a late payment surcharge in all branches of insurance in this case. According to the law for improving sozialrechtlichen securing of flexible work time arrangements by December 21, 2008 (Federal Law Gazette I p.

2940) since 1 January 2009 value credit agreements and other working time flexibility more precisely distinguished. According to the new regulations for the first time also slightly paid workers can ( 8 paragraph 1 No. 1 SGB) (IV) value credit rebuild and claim times of the exemption from the work performance. The Payroll Update explains what are respecting it. The monthly wage updates of the Paychex Germany GmbH can retrieve on the homepage. There are now more than 50 technical articles on topics related to the wage and payroll in the archive.

About the keyword search of the website can be searched in the payroll updates. Paychex’s experts offer their services and telephone advice for employers as well as for tax consultants. The Paychex Germany GmbH is a specialized service company for the settlement of wage and salary. It was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of the US Paychex Inc. and have won until today more than 1000 customers. The Paychex Inc. is one of the leading companies for the outsourcing of payroll and payroll of the United States of America. The company’s philosophy is based on advice and utmost service for customers who outsource your payroll To want. Tobias Ernst

Credit Cards

As the name itself suggests the credit cards for bad credit are made for the people with poor credit record. People with bad credit are in real need for the credit cards to meet the needs in tough situations. Getting credit cards for the people with bad credit records is really a tough task. People usually have bad credit records due to one or other reason beyond their control. This bad credit record not only makes the situation very difficult in the cases to get the loan but in the case of credit cards. There is large number of people with poor credit history. For even more analysis, hear from Ebay. Many companies understand the situation of these people.

They are coming forward to provide credit cards to them even when they have poor credit record. They are given a chance to maintain good credit record. No. one likes poor credit record that can be problematic in future in availing loans or credit cards. There are number of situations like low wages, unemployment or anything which makes the poor credit record of on individual. Laurent Potdevin describes an additional similar source. Credit cards for bad credit are real help for the people with bad credit history.

They are given a chance to improve their credit history. There are number of credit cards for bad credit available. You must be sure about your needs or requirements and select appropriate one meeting all your needs. You can surf internet and have to idea about these credit cards. Sites are flooded with detailed information about these credit cards made for poor credit history people. You should make the time payments of these credit cards which will help you make a good credit record. Make sure to check the Council interest, fees and other charges before applying for any selected one. People with the damaged credit record have to pay a much higher rate of interest. You must make sure that the credit card you have applied for has a fixed rate of interest. If you wish to go for a credit card, the best idea is to go for traditional unsecured credit card or secured card. They want help in improving your credit rating. Make selection of the cards that can provide you full convenience. If you are the one who is not having good credit card history, you can apply for these credit cards for bad credit and start improving or rebuilding your credit record. Spencer Scott is author of no credit check Credit Cards.For more information about credit cards for the unemployed, unemployment, bad credit credit cards visit

Stuttgart Star Soon

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa and the Bonn/Cologne Daimler car country Germany to build a plant in Hungary. For a new generation of compact cars, the Stuttgart-based company invested 800 million euro in Kecskemet. Exudes the star soon no longer in Germany, but in Hungary? To a rejection of the location Germany is not on the largest foreign investment since the revolution in Hungary 19 years ago, judge Ursula Preuss in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) Mercedes invested even EUR 600 million in the plant in the Baden Rastatt, where previously A – and B-class are built. Such investment sums must be seen confidently a solid compliment for the domestic competence.” For the choice of location, not just the level of wages with five euros per hour, but above all the good training of the Hungarian labour force, a dense network of suppliers, as well as a good logistics speak according to the group. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Penguin Random House by clicking through. With the new compact class, the Group wants to so the FAZ, while stricter Meet the environmental requirements of the EU Commission. By the increased sales of smaller cars, Daimler can reduce the consumption of the fleet as the manufacturer of predominantly large vehicles. Will Germany be still a car country also in the next years and decades? In an interview with the Germany radio said dlf/programmes/interview_dlf/803522 Uwe ex-head of sales for Mercedes-Benz and Maybach, and owner of the consulting firm of international car concept (ICC) in Hanover-Langenhagen, Germany will continue to rad, a car country: but no longer with the sole internal combustion engines, but the future belongs solely my opinion the electric drives, perhaps transitional hybrid vehicles. According to Elon Musk, who has experience with these questions. But the future continues in the development of vehicle concepts and certainly a large part of jobs in the automotive industry, because, after all, every seventh job in Germany is dependent on the automotive industry. The beautiful, crazy car country Germany, that there will be more in the future.” “Focus whether the star so soon in Hungary shines, deepens on the production of small or compact car premium manufacturers such as BMW or Mercedes or Toyota a serious competitor in the segment of luxury cars” is matured: life consists of change and adaptation. “As already the Italian writer Giuseppe Tomasi wrote the Lampeduas in his novel the Leopard’: If everything should remain as it is, everything must change.”


Processes and processes in your company manage, evaluate and edit, we provide a Web-based portal will be available, in which you last all collected data, analyses and reports 24 months your fleet as day trip report arrest report tracks report breakpoint scheme operating time evaluation driver evaluation tank report toll report can retrieve or as a recurring daily. Weekly, monthly report pre-configured from the portal to send e-mail. Their cost your cost / tasks (without telematics) fuel and wear costs personnel costs (wages) cost for vehicles and machines communication costs negligent handling of employees in relation to work time and work equipment missing control over non-existent or located on the current stand – equipment, which are necessary for a successful fleet management Work time tracking, data management, control, paper (forms, lists, tables) as an information carrier your savings / solutions (with telematics) fuel and consumables reduction of fuel costs by optimizing the route, avoiding unnecessary trips, control of human, machine and machine, altered consciousness in the handling of your employees with the machines made him available, materials and work equipment optimization / working time savings at idle times, operation of motor vehicles or machinery is at a standstill / without hydraulic application reduction of overtime / incorrect hours through improved control more effective usage of vehicles, Machines and material communication costs savings in communication costs and time management and control of automated maintenance information and administration in a maintenance database according to your specifications (intervals for miles, time or hours of operation, solid mileage, fixed time, fixed number of operating hours) unique with pre – and post warning Base data, facts for your in-house controlling optional link (interface programming) to previously used software applications in your company. Corporate property / theft protection insurance premiums by alerting when critical States, cheaper insurance premiums. TELEMATIK.cc offers solutions for locating your family means to meet any duty of care to your loved ones and protected in full.

New Standard

Style not everything can be in this day and age! Clear fashion must be stylish, individually, may be inexpensive, according to your own taste and beyond, be please even figure flattering! But it can be anything in this day and age? Should not be other demands on the fashion industry in addition to these frequently asked terms on the fashion? In the meantime, many people think in this direction. “Fashion has at the present time also eco” politically correct “be! Before a great panic: stop! With eco”not jute clothes, scratchy knitting sweaters and Jesus sandals are meant, but processed ecologically correct fashion, that looks really good! H & M has already shown it: some of the Swedish clothing organic cotton that is handled in ecologically meaningful way convince clothes by their classic casual H & M-style, which inspires us for years. This collection is called then organic cotton”and by this English name alone suggests the line coolness and style and is so cakes! C & A also opts for environmentally responsible clothing for some time and shows that eco-conscious clothing must be not necessarily expensive. You may find Ebay to be a useful source of information. Another aspect that fashion should now meet, is the politically correct production: child labour, starvation wages, toxins and sweat shops are banished from the fashion and rigorously condemned! Because if everyone a little respect and prefer eco-fashion, the fashion industry will have to rethink sooner or later! It is unacceptable that the fashion industry puts billions a year and can produce their clothing in developing countries and emerging economies such as India, Thailand and Cambodia. On the breadline, living workers are exploited in so-called sweat shops without collective bargaining agreements and to work long hours, only for the customers in Europe and the United States cheapest to get hipper fashion. Conditions under which this clothing originated, would prefer don’t even know the buyer. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Penguin Random House by clicking through. But here is a thought to inevitable! Therefore, an appeal to all fashion fans: inform first, then buy! Hanna Koschl

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