Artist Ralf Witthaus ‘digs’ with STIHL brushcutters of wages to Auckland Waiblingen, 13 September 2012 – what place you reach, if one digs deeper through the Earth? The artist Ralf Witthaus deals with this question. His new art project the lawn show international 2012 the borehole after New Zealand pierced”he and his team from September to October 2012 the world. With oversized lawn mower drawings he proposes an artistic bridge between two geographically opposite places by drawing a mirror image of the one on the other side of the world in the landscape. For his project he wages in East Westphalia chose his hometown and found the perceived counterpart in the New Zealand city of Auckland. The mowing at the start of the art project start on September 18, 2012 in wages. The official opening will take place on September 23, 2012 at 11:30 in the yard Broer. Early October Ralf Witthaus travels to New Zealand, where he the Court where Imitates the Botanical Garden of Auckland. Both works of art include each 7,000 square metres with a diameter of 92 meters each.

The lawn show international 2012 the borehole after New Zealand will in advance of the exhibition land OWL3 “of the Museum Marta Herford instead, starting in the summer of 2013. Also helmets and goggles in addition to now become the distinguishing black suits and white shirts are among the team equipment. To achieve his lawn mower drawings, Witthaus required but especially devices that meet the high technical demands of his project. As a drawing tool he used the powerful STIHL brush cutter FS 130, with which he supported the grass up on the SCAR and generates so graphic shapes and motifs. We are pleased to support Ralf Witthaus in his project. It’s impressive, as he works to everyday work tools such as motor scythes to art tools and merges with them,”says Lars Klein, speaker for sponsorship at STIHL. For more information, see. Artist portrait of Ralf Witthaus Ralf Witthaus was born 1973 in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, grew up in wages (East Germany) and now lives in Cologne.

Already during his studies, he realized his first drawings of the lawn mower. In addition to numerous exhibitions in Germany, works by Ralf Witthaus in Norway, Belgium, France and the Netherlands were to see. Germany long known was the artist 2010 federal turf show”in Cologne. Company profile the STIHL Gruppe STIHL develops, manufactures and sells motor-driven devices for forestry and landscape conservation as well as the construction industry. The product range is supplemented by the garden range of VIKING. Products are sold through service giving retailers generally 32 of its own sales and marketing companies, more than 120 importers with around 40,000 retailers in over 160 countries. STIHL is the best selling brand of chain saw worldwide since 1971. The company was founded in 1926 and has its Headquarters in Waiblingen near Stuttgart. STIHL achieved a turnover of 2.62 billion euros 2011 12.026 employees worldwide.


Here however, the housekeepers are employed in the household of the taxpayer as part-time employees or in employment subject to social insurance contributions. Handyman services expenses for craft activities are promoted through a further tax reduction. Favors are not only cosmetic repairs and repairs, but also renovation, conservation and Modernization measures. All handyman services, carried out in an even used apartment are favored. It does not matter, whether it is occupied as tenant or owner.

Also work on the common-ownership are favored property owners. Homeowners should make sure therefore that the tax-advantaged craftsmen work in the annual statement of accounts are listed separately and also the individual share of the co-ownership is certified. beneficiaries are not favored, painting of doors, Windows, radiators are renovating the apartment materials such as tiles, wallpaper, paints, floor covering, etc., Repairs and replacement of doors, Windows or floor documents new buildings and extensions of the area work on Interior and exterior walls, roof, facade, garage handyman services for other public funding beanspruchtwurden modernization of the bathroom or replacing the kitchen reading, payroll and rent of electricity, gas, water meters repair by Household appliances (washing machine, oven, TV) in the household of the taxable repairs of motor vehicles repair, maintenance or replacement of heating systems as well as electrical, gas or plumbing by KfW Forderbank or CO2 building rehabilitation programme funded contractor costs only wages and labour costs are favored Haushaltsnahe employment to the beneficiaries costs include gross wages and social security contributions borne by the employer, as well as the flat-rate income tax for mini-jobs. Household services, contractor costs a tax reduction is granted only for the labour costs. These include travel expenses, also machines and the related sales tax. Material costs (E.g., colors, wallpaper) and expenses for goods are not favored, however.

Only expenses for consumables such as E.g. detergent are harmless. Pro rata labour costs need be out separately in the invoice. Promotion Haushaltsnahe is carried out only upon presentation of the necessary evidence employment relationships of minor jobs the certificates issued by the mini-job headquarters serve as proof. For other employment wage documents and post evidence can be submitted via the transfer of social security contributions. Household services, contractor costs only who shall submit a proper accounts for household services and contractor costs and with a bank statement, a transfer document or an electronic cash receipt indicating the non-cash payment will enjoy of a tax reduction. The tax bonus can only once granted also every household in shared flats living in a common household taxpayers that claim rebates only once. Torsten Bogausch Schmidt & Partner GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft branch Weisswasser of Bautzner Strasse 38 02943 Weisswasser Tel.: 03576/2839-0 fax: 03576 / 283930 Internet: sp Weisswasser E-mail:

Polo Santillan

(2007: 45 Gallegos) Here which are taken into account those deemed relevant by each institution for values education work, since although there are universal values, they are subject to the discretion of the authority which makes the decision on what is considered relevant to work in that historical moment and social context. As does mention previously modernity is necessary for the development of a people, of humanity, but this modernity has led us to a world full of banalities, mechanistic, that the pleasure of living this mundane life that we carry. Thereon questionable is up where this way of living so frivolous delivers happiness to human beings, since to be included and accepted in society should be covered a person’s image, which is stereotype of a modern world, this becomes evident in adolescents and young people who are required to wear designer clothes and look a statuesque figure. This confirms in part the superficiality which are being educated young generations, cannot be generalized, but is a constant that is evident in schools today. Polo Santillan (1996) mentions that has become a consumer society, since people come in a pattern of consumers according to their social position, which is favored by the media of communication. Santillan said that is is going through a crisis of the modern paradigm and some elements that give proof of this are: to) the fragmentation of human consciousness that fails to integrate with itself and with the totality of being. (b) the myth of identity that identifies the self with the body or the mind, thereby creating fragments that can not be integrated. ((c) the modern human being has lost depth and interiority, and intoxicates with exteriority d) human actions are seen as a simple means to achieve mental purposes e) double morality: social morality is apparent, because it justifies what is not moral and does not call things by their name, but that gives you another name to conceal the facts.

Gabriel Method

The Gabriel method answers us extensively the question you would like I can lose weight fast and safely? Gabriel explains that our bodies have a switch that determines our weight. Ignore the internal logic of our bodies has the potential to condemn us to be obese’s lifetime. Some tricks in order to turn off the fat switch are: 1. be sure to include the right foods in your diet so that your body can count with the necessary nutrients. The food that we eat today has been processed so that it no longer counts with the vast majority of the original nutrients. This makes your body creates there is scarcity of food and the FAT mechanism activated. One of the main reasons why diets don’t work is that your body responds in the same way when he refrains from eating.

Jon Gabriel discusses this topic in more detail in his book the Gabriel method. 2. Drink water more often. Your body often desperately needed water and instead provide you with what you need, people confuse this with cravings and end up eating instead. This has its logic in that many foods in their original form contain water, so when the body is dehydrated, sends signals of hunger, in order to obtain water through food. Try to drink water before meals and on any occasion that it be provided with a craving. The frequency with which the sensation of hunger decreases by drinking water 3 is amazing. Be creative when it comes to exercising: choose a series of exercises that can be performed virtually anywhere.

There is one small technique that helps you achieve the best possible results: trot at normal pace for 10 minutes, then run with all their forces for 30 seconds as if someone or something was chasing it, then repeat the same process. This gives your primitive brain the sense of danger and convinces him that to survive you needed to be thin. The Gabriel method is extremely effective and has scientific backing, in addition, it has the advantage that the changes offered are usually permanent since it promotes a change of habits instead of diets. Discover the Gabriel method.

Mendoza Plaza Shopping

For any inhabitant of argentina Guaymallen is synonym of “alfajores”. Sweets flavored with children whose wrapper we referred to an unmistakable Cuyo, with mountains, burrito and child with poncho included. Bad news for children who we were: alfajores Guaymallen are no longer made in that Department, but even in Mendoza. Guaymallen, however, has everything you need to convert our vacation in Mendoza in perfect and unforgettable, thanks to a cocktail of beautiful landscapes, modern shopping malls, renowned wine cellars and hospitality at very high level. Where shall we start? There are a myriad of wineries with accommodation, sophisticated options that include category, regional cuisine, lodging in Guaymallen walks and countryside excursions and, logically, tastings and wine tastings.

Staying inside a cellar allows the illusion of a journey to the secrets hidden in the Alchemy that gives life to the wine and old. Live the process from inside enriches the experience with an air of different magic and particle. They can continuing with the airs of field, nothing better for an afternoon in family who visit any of the varied educational farms in the area, where the little ones enjoy between adorable animals that often only known through the cartoons. For adults, delicious roasts, preserves and traditional field bites of these establishments. But perhaps the most attractive of the Guaymallen Department is its charming mix of modernity and tradition. In the city, one of the oldest in the province of Cuyo, the old mansions of 19th century coexist in perfect harmony with the large shopping centres such as the Mendoza Plaza Shopping. An invitation to Crown a trip into the past through the Molina Pico Museum, located in the oldest House in the city, built in 1780, with a fun afternoon of cinema and shopping.

And all this within the framework of a beautiful mountainous landscape identical to the wrapping of the gingerbread, with donkeys and everything. Lot of heat? Nothing better than diving, literally, in the amazing complex of pools of Guaymallen, a must-see in the area where you can not only swim or sunbathe, but which also dictate kinds of diving. Very far from the sea, this delightful city promises to become expert divers.One of the many peculiarities make holidays in Mendoza a keepsake to treasure forever.