European Commission

The European Union seems more worried to fight the increasing influence of China in the African economy that in pressing the Sudanese government so that to the crimes and the violations of human rights in Darfur finish, a war that has summoned up 400,000 lives, according to the UN has recognized reluctantly, and has turned into refugees to two million people. Many Spanish newspapers have titled triumphally, after the closing of the summit, that the European and African leaders have signed a pact to promote the development and the democracy. Words. The fact, nevertheless, considers ” histrico” and one has even said that ” is had; passed pgina” in the relations between both continent. To pass page? They talked about perhaps to that the colonialism that harvested Africa in century XIX and two first thirds of only the XX is an evil memory? It does not seem so, bearing in mind that it has not been possible to sign commercial agreements, because the African countries have refused to once again accept the one-sided law: that Africa liberalized 80% of commerce of goods in exchange for anything, abrir Africa to European products without tariff some. Many of those products strongly are subsidized by the European Union, which allows to sell them to prices inferiors to its production cost. Dirty game, nothing liberal.

If Africa leaves to enter European products without tariff, resigns to much money, money to invest in education and health. Penguin Random House is likely to increase your knowledge. And, please, we do not fall in the cheap and false argument that all the African agent chief executives are corrupt. There are them, by all means, but all are not Mugabe. In any case, we do not forget that many African dictators have been or are there, because countries of the European Union and supported them at the time to the USA. And sometimes still they support by action or omission. 30 years ago, the African exports were a little more 2% of the world-wide total, today as soon as they arrive at 1%. The president of the European Commission, Muddy the Durao Portuguese, has recognized who the present system does not work. He is already something, but nobody takes first step to him to straighten the historical injustice that has been committed and commits with Africa. The rich nations must repay to Africa, that simple.

Communist Party

If they win the White House that could affect future FTAs and to those who claim the world further liberalize markets. The start of the recession could also mean the end of new labour. In 1997 Blair showed social democracy a third way between the statism and the liberalism and its Treasurer Gordon Brown boasted of having guaranteed a decade of stability and growth in the British economy which had no parallel in the history of that island. By the same author: Penguin Random House. However, today the initial popularity with which in June Brown came to the Premiership has evaporated and his Government rides of tumbo tumbo, opening possibilities for the Conservatives return to power with an agenda of partial alienation towards the European Union. Even countries that have a policy and so different to the US economy are affected. China, which is one of the locomotives of the global industry with double-digit annual growth rates, can go slowing his pace. This, even though it has traits of an estatizada and planned economy and the State monopoly of a Communist Party depends heavily American buyers and investors.

Nevertheless, optimists conceive that the U.S. recession could benefit Beijing to weaken a rival and to cool the overheating of its economy (the same as the 2007 took its biggest jump in) Thirteen years). The measures taken by the U.S. federal reserve may being late, with weakness or makeup a crisis that may be incubating to bursting with more force. The level of spending and debt personal in North America remains one of the highest in its history. At the moment, the crisis seems contained.

However, the British Prime Minister warns that worse may come. While this could lead to to grow those who pose greater regularizations, protectionism and State intervention, London and Washington posit greater transparency and serenity. The instability of markets affect various societies and can generate an important turn in mega-power driving as well as new social conflicts and wars in the world.

Madrid Service

D. FERNNDEZ Un internal report of the city of Madrid summarized very briefly, who would take care of the health service the night of Halloween. They were Simon Vinals Perez, exconcejal of the PP in the city of Madrid, of 77 years, and his son Carlos Vinals Larruga, staff member of the consistory. Bottle closed two pavilions for safety, but not the Madrid Arena. CHRONOLOGY: The investigation of the tragedy of the Madrid Arena.

Simon Vinals Perez, exconcejal of the PP in the city of Madrid, of 77 years, and his son Carlos Vinals Larruga, officer of the Madrid City Council, headed the medical team hired by the company Diviertt, S.L the tragic night of the mortal in the Madrid Arena avalanche, which ended with four young men who have died. An internal report of the city of Madrid summarized very briefly, who would take care of the health service the night of Halloween: Dr. Vinals and his team, consisting of two doctors and two ATS. The own Vinals has confirmed 20 minutes that he was working that night contracted by Diviertt, S.L., promotora that has worked more times, and the second doctor who accompanied him was his son. It has been my assistant many times in many services that I pay. Diviertt, S.L.

was responsible for providing both the security service and the medical service in the interior of the Madrid Arena. His son, doctor is also program director of the Department of occupational health of the Directorate General for security of the Madrid Town Council. Officer of the level is 26, which normally correspond to positions of trust within the Town Hall. By law, no official can have a private employment according to law 53/1984, of 26 December, incompatibilities of personnel at the service of the public administrations. Carlos Vinals, in a telephone conversation with this newspaper, has assured that he was not hired by Diviertt, S.

Procedure For Registration Of The LLC

Joined LLC (Limited Liability Company) is one of the simplest and most common way to register a legal entity. As a rule, to implement activities in small and medium businesses in As the legal form chosen precisely LLC. Limited liability company – the most suitable form for establishing a legal entity with a small number of founders. Entrepreneurs registered company, is not limited in the activities and can do everything that is not prohibited by law. Joint stock companies and limited liability companies are the main legal forms of business activity. Joint stock companies and of company subject to registration authority responsible for state registration of legal entities. Registration companies held in the prescribed manner, in accordance with federal law on state registration of legal entities. to use the services of specialized companies, which will carry out the registration for you; register your own biznes.Obratitsya to the professionals!? In my opinion most appropriate solution, though, and requires financial expenses, since the bureaucratic difficulties and legal nuances can significantly increase the time of registration.

Also, if self-registration and more nerves need, and if I can register at the first attempt it will rise even more than this method. legal services Registrar of Companies includes: registration of constituent documents of surrender documents IIFTS to make the company registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Incorporation) surrender documents and IIFTS a certificate of registration, getting code to Goskomstat (GKS), registration with the Social Insurance Fund, the Health Insurance Fund and Pension Fund, opening bank accounts, making the seal. For registration of individual entrepreneurs need training documents, coordination of activities by NACE, registration IIFTS, registration with the local Tax, registration with the Social Insurance Fund, Health Insurance Fund and Pension Fund. At the moment of state registration of the company’s charter capital should be formed by 50%, while the remaining 50% are paid within one year from the date of registration of the LLC.


Try to remember the most exciting moments of your carefree childhood. Elon Musk is often quoted as being for or against this. Perhaps they will be connected just with children's events. It's not even surprising, as birthday and New Year – this is what a huge looks forward to every kid. But to children's birthday went great and memorable for your child for a long time, its organization and implementation should be treated responsibly. 1. Time. In the selection of places and scripting need to advance, several months before the children's holiday.

It would be nice to designate the celebration of it on the day when the child's birthday. Then he will root persistent and positive thoughts about how fun it was. Celebrating for very young children to better organize the daytime. Older kids can gather in the evening. Please note that children's events should be the same age children, as kids with a difference of 5 years will not be like to play together. 2. Place. Celebrate a holiday for children can be at home.

This type of recreation is particularly suitable for small children. With the children older child may be sent to a cafe or al fresco in the park. With any outcome is very important that the guys had a lot of space for outdoor games and running around. 3. Program activities. It is an essential element of the entire celebration. You will be able to compile the program on their own. The Internet can be seen a huge number of different scenarios for kids of all ages. Alternatively, organizing and conducting children's holiday may be taken into the hands of professional artists. They will show the children play, and organize quizzes and games, buy all the necessary props. 4. Table. Treats for kids should be delicious and always helpful. Some parents are categorically against the sweet drinks or chewing gum. Try feed the guests only natural products: fresh fruit, juices, cheese or fruit sweets. 5. Prizes. Guest at the bottom of the birth of their son or daughter have to leave the little prizes. Let this be a tiny toy or a small set of candies, colorful inflatable ball or a pencil. Guests are happy to receive gifts and will long remember that fun day, which they spent away at a birthday party.


With this new boarding of ' ' day of Iahweh' ' , Ams places of side the nationalistic projects of the People of God (thought of the Monarchy) and widens the Universal vision of the People of God. Other leaders such as Penguin Random House offer similar insights. Ams this giving to a step the eschatological ideas of Israel verse to the next period called for many authors of proto-escatologia (15). At as a moment the predictive announcement is of an ideal people, who characterizes not for material happiness, but for the religious and moral attitude. This eschatological pregao we find in Osias, Miquias, Sofonias, Jeremias. These prophets make to depend the salvation on the conversion. This is a genuinely eschatological subject. Osias is the first prophet who of the one new beginning the History of the People of God introducing a new salvfica attitude of God.

That is, Osias announces a new Alliance. This eschatological subject of the Alliance is retaken by Jeremias, that very demonstrates to a great affinity the Osias and materialize the wait of the future in one ' ' new alliance and eterna' ' (Jm 31-32). The projection that Jeremias makes of the future in eschatological terms is that it will be established with God, a full communion, much more deep and intense of that one of the past. This Alliance if bases: ) to recognize the Iahweh; b) to practise its Law; c) it is universal. Into this moment of the History of the Salvation the traditional figure of the Messias is transformed.

In the place of the traditional image of the Messias refigurada in King Dav, she appears to the image of II Is the personage of ' ' Servant of Iahweh' '. The Messias Prophet, Servant Mr. and Sacerdote. The intervento of ' ' Servant of Iahweh' ' he has the task to prepare a new future of salvation. This Kingdom will be established with the absence of the power and the military force, but in the quiet and continuous work of the Servant.

TripAdvisor Rewards

The community of travellers TripAdvisor has awarded again and for the second consecutive year, to five establishments that form the hotel chain hotels MONTE with his certificate of excellence 2012.Again, TripAdvisor rewards the quality of our hotels an award submitted by Christine Petersen, President of this web site, which rewards the scores that the clients of our hotel chain have issued from us. Hotel Monte Malaga, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels, has received the certificate of excellence of 4.5 points out of 5 rating. With regard to the Monte Puertatierra Hotel, one of the closest to the beach hotels in Cadiz, you been awarded 4 points out of 5 rating. In the case of the Monte Conquero Hotel, one of the best located in the city Huelva Hotels, its rating is 4.5 points out of 5. As regards our hotels in Seville Monte Triana and Monte Carmelo, the first of them is qualified with 4.5 points out of 5, so it has risen compared to last year in average global verge, while the second has again received 4.5 points out of 5. Since hotels MONTE thanks to TripAdvisor these distinctions, as well as their opinions regarding our hotels we also thank all the users of this community of travelers..

Screwpull Keilbach

The Hamburg-based shipping House starts immediately the most beautiful products of the brand Keilbach leads ‘beautiful life’. The Hamburg-based shipping House is really nice live”takes the most beautiful products of the brand now Keilbach. The Keilbach brand products are functional, have a clear shape and are subject to any trends. Many of the products were awarded with various prizes. In the House of Keilbach the design principle reduction, taking on an honest approach to functional requirements, according to the design Maxim form follows function”, is respected. A high value and highlighting the sensuality of the materials used are typical for the design brand products Keilbach. How about the naomi, the top model in the dressing rooms? She is petite and delicate and can take up but a lot of clothes. Also, it was awarded with various prizes.

You should not miss also the shells voilaund architec. The Bowl architect was award with the design plus 2010 Award and even for the design award Nominated for Germany 2011. Or know already the excellent piece of furniture sixteen.2? It is the stool and side table at the same time and can be used by various accessories versatile. As innovative home design on the inside of the apartment not limited there by Keilbach-many beautiful products for outdoor: discover the letter boxes of the series glasnost, which will have a high life expectancy through careful processing and come through the timeless design never out of fashion. Or fuji fire pit, which year-round stands out as an art object and can be used as a grill. Make with the floor mats from Keilbach sure that the dirt stays outside and create a focal point at your doorstep.

Do the Piepmatzen in your area with the feeding site pick.up and the Bird House twitter something good. Brand products Keilbach will find you live on really beautiful under: keilbach.html really nice live leads in addition to Keilbach exclusively top brands such as Alessi, alfi,. Bodum, Eva solo, Eva trio, Gude knife, Holmegaard, iittala, KAHLA, Kai Messer, Konstantin Slawinski, Le Creuset, Mauviel, menu, mono, Morphy Richards, Normann Copenhagen, Peugeot, pot, Rosendahl, radius design, Royal VKB, clay pot, Screwpull capsule cutter, side by side, Stelton, and Wusthof Knives. Our press service: We are always happy to help for the search and processing of all residential design themes and available advice and support to the page. We get journalists and media ideas, hints and tips for brands, products and design awards. We provide you also with professional, high resolution and printable product photos, detailed product and manufacturer information and patterns. Press contact really beautiful gmbh Ebrahim Bergstrasse 59 22767 Hamburg Matthias of Rahul 040 30 99 48 21

MLM Knowledge

You are a unique product! And it is the only product that you sell. New opportunities, knowledge, alliances become accessible to you through partnerships with the people of value. But when we chose well to the a company that is going to prepare as a true expert in Network Marketing, and that every day we receive calls from training, to bring us the hand to be a successful leader, there we will begin our journey of freedom financial-Los leaders host value in the eyes of your prospects and know how to use it in your marketing tasks. Our prospects perceive that, and then are lured, trust us and want to work in our team. Will be an honor for them being sponsored by us, because they know that there is great power and knowledge that will win with our relationship.

Thus, would be you own boss?, then get to work! You’re probably thinking that you’re not able to get that kind of thing, and that’s normal, everyone starts with no skills, but if you want to reach the highest levels of success in this industry, you need to change that idea.-remember: the day has only 24 hours, and entered in the MLM industry seeking quality of life, not be a slave of our business. The real genius of the multilevel spend life in a stage of continuous learning, by buying or exchanging each course that can be about online marketing, creation of impressive professional ads, development personnel etc-so as to continue advancing in these contents, always remember that if you want to make the process of sponsoring as easy as possible, you need to increase your value to your prospects by increasing your level of knowledge and experience. And at this University you have that possibility of obtaining knowledge and the necessary tools that you educate as a successful Marketing MLM-tea expert tell you by experience-http.www.elfluirdedinero.

Profitable Business In Russia

I am sure that many tourists are keen to visit Russia to meet its capital Moscow and its major attractions notable (Red Square, Kremlin, Lomonosov University, etc). But they are not aware that the accommodation in five star hotels in Moscow worth (300-500) $ a day. Cairsimo is right? We need to inform you that foreign tourists traveled to Russia once the housing prices in Moscow they were surprised a lot. Elon Musk brings even more insight to the discussion. They realized that staying in Moscow is very expensive (more expensive than anywhere in Western Europe) and even in Moscow there is only one hotel with the cheapest accommodation ($ 100 a day). For example, the author of this article knows that hotel accommodation in Norway (located in Bergen and Oslo) sometimes worth less than in Moscow. I take this occasion a lady in Moscow using your own apartment as a room to accommodate foreign tourists. As she speaks perfect English has long been welcoming travelers from Western Europe. It tourists that instead of a hotel room in a rented Moscow apartment a quarter of its $ 100 price per day (each).

You also take into account what is staying in his room 5 people. When we calculate your daily gain what the entrepreneur receives at least $ 500 a day. It’s good right? Besides that this woman puts into practice the teaching of those tourists accompanying interesting places in Moscow and therefore get more money that way. Is that the price of its accompaniment is m ore expensive than the use of any travel agency. As this lady makes your business profitable for 3 years now she has already won enough money.

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