Federal Constitution

In turn, the union between homoafetivos not yet is enclosed for the notion of family consisting through the fellowship in the terms of the Federal Constitution. The Great Letter of 1988 is taxing when considering as family only the bond formed for the marriage, for the steady union and monoparentalidade. With this, our order, the union of two people of the same sex, who if attend and support mutually, where it has the respect and the reciprocal affection in a lasting convivncia, are not considered a family and yes, in the best one of the hypotheses, a society. The question of the impossibility of a homoafetivo couple to generate children cannot be supported to deny the character of familiar entity to this union, therefore many heteroafetivos couples cannot have children, are a voluntary option of many heteroafetivos couples in the present time, many countries, also, impose serious restrictions of birth control to its citizens, as for example in the China.A steady union, without a doubt, it reached notables advances in our country with Federal constitution of 1988. But the union homoafetiva ahead continues in a fragile situation and our laws, what it places Brazil in a position equalizes that it to the countries most behind of the world. But Latin America, South Africa, and Asia had not yet created laws that can answer to the necessities of the people who share of homoafetiva sexual preference. Brazil, considered a developing country, with its natural voting of Latin American power must be the pioneer in the legalization of the homoafetiva union as tests and example of that it is an advanced and receptive country to the social changes. Read more here: Penguin Random House.

In we ask how much time to them still will be necessary and how many people will have to be harmed, until our laws the same recognize the union between people of sex as familiar entity? The steady union was treated during decades with the most absolute disdain for the legislator. When closing the eyes ahead of the social reality, the legislator kept out of society families formed for the affection, without legal feio. The rigidity of the law errou when excluding, instead of outside covering of legality those formed families of the marriage. The same legal treatment occurs, currently, with the homoafetivas unions, and occurred more than has fifty years with the steady unions in Brazil, the unions of people of the same sex remain ignored for the native legal system that does not assure to previdencirios, right the partners right successory, right to the benefit of the safe health or any another legitimate guarantee in a traditional steady union. Exactly the doctrine, still continues reticent how much to the subject and the few manifestations the respect is made marshy of preconception. We understand that the thought legal it must be come back to take care of the human being in way to place it parallel to the law and not it tow of it. The paper of the right is to anticipate itself in the recital of social and human acts not to become a chaotic and retrograde right. Lack little so that the steady union reach the status of marriage, this is the natural way for the institute, that in everything resembles the formal union, and, therefore, it does not have to belong to an inferior category. The homoafetiva union has received important initiatives from people who understand the necessity of prescribed these unions that if they at the mercy of form of the law.

Basic Sanitation

During the years of 2005 the 2007 hear an increase of 47,11%em the expenditures of BASE with supplying degua evidenced in the SNIS. Caetit together with Victory of the Conquest occupies the 52posio of higher water the average tariff of the Bahia, being that the Bahia contm417 cities. This reality found in Caetit, does not differ muitocom the state reality, where we see 235 cities bahian (56.35%) did not constaou does not inform how much the water linkings in the agricultural zone, as said consumoper water captain of the Bahia is of 113,10l/dia.habitantes, loses it nadistribuio of water in the Bahia on average is of 20,66%. The state and federal government in partnership with asprefeituras comes developing programs as: ' ' Water for todos' ' that it has comoobjetivo to provide quality water and to all extend the services of esgotamentosanitrio in the State, in some data presented by the o Institute of Management of the Waters and Clima (ING) the water covering in the current Bahia of the agricultural zone passes of 30,8% para51.2%, whereas in the urban area the jump is of 94,3% for 98%. How much sanitary aoesgotamento, 2,3 million Bahians will be benefited, up to 2010. Noentanto the data of the SNIS show that still very for making for the saneamentobaiano. RefernciasBibliografia: National system of Information on Saneamento (SNIS), available in: (Had access in 21/01/2010) Company Baiana de guas Saneamento S.A (SHE BASES), available in: (Had access in 23/01/2010) the Company of Basic Sanitation of the State of So Paulo (Sabesp), available in: (Had access in: 17/02/2010) Ministry of the Cities, available in: (Had access in: 17/02/2010) Institute of Management of the Waters and Clima (ING), available in: (Had access in: 24/02/2010) 1 Graduating Statistics Federal pelUniversidade of the Bahia (UFBA) 2 Cacul, Ibiassuc, Paramirim, Guanambi, Igapor, Brumado, Release of Our Senhora.Desconsiderando the city of LagoReal, for presenting inconsistency in the index of water invoicing

Federal Law

Often, when checking the correctness of the tax base for income tax, the tax authorities require the taxpayer to provide not only evidence of the fact of providing him advice or information services, but also to provide any results of the services rendered. How legitimate these claims? Costs incurred by the taxpayer to pay for consulting and information services classified article 246 of the Tax Code to the category of other expenses related to production and sales. Under the service for purposes of taxation shall be any activity which results are not tangible expressions are realized and consumed in the implementation of this activity. The above-mentioned provisions of the Tax Code expressly stipulates that as a result of the provision of services, including consulting, there is no material object. What documents may be claimed from the taxpayer by the tax authority in the confirmation of advisory or information services and what documents to substantiate the fact of service is required to submit taxpayer? Article 93 of the Tax Code provides for the possibility reclaim the tax authorities have inspected those documents necessary for conducting a tax audit. For even more details, read what Penguin Random House says on the issue. For documents audited entities sent a demand which must be shown to be transmitted documents. In practice, there are cases where the requirement to provide documents to the tax authorities in fact raises the question not only about representation required for the verification of documents, but also on the representation of the information received by the taxpayer as a result of providing him advice or information services. What is the information differs from the document and whether the taxpayer is obliged to submit to the tax authority for such information? To distinguish between such categories as document and the information must be guided by the following criteria.

Tax Code does not define what is meant by a document in order to implement the Code. To clarify the meaning of the term should apply to other branches of Russian law. Such a possibility provided the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 11 of the Tax Code. Article 2 of the Federal Law "On information, information technologies and data protection 'Documented information (document) is defined as – recorded on a tangible medium by documenting the information with details that identify such information. The same article, information is defined as – the information (messages, data) regardless of their views. Thus, the document, at least, should be an information, communications, data, and have the details to help you determine this information. The document is different from fixed in a tangible medium media presence of its inherent binding details, enabling the identification information. Received by the taxpayer as a result of the provision of advisory services from the information (including on magnetic media, as well as through the use of technical means of communication) in the absence of details allowing identification of this information can not be regarded as a document that excludes the possibility reclamation of such information from the taxpayer in accordance with Article 93 of the Tax Code, even by requiring transfer of information on paper.

The Wheel Competition

The magazine "The Wheel", at the initiative of the edge of Ear Altynova Ivan, dared to step brash – to repeat, and possibly make an annual, patriotic contest, "Our cause is just. The enemy will be defeated. Victory will be ours. "The very idea of competition appeared in our minds long before the events in South Ossetia. But they only confirmed our hopes for the competition.

In 2008, thanks to our prize winners: Farid Gareyev, Alexei Ivakina, Alevtina Nemerovoy, our readers have seen very good things. This year, we will not allocate space among our winners, and let them call themselves – to introduce three equal prizes of 1000 rubles – "For an invaluable contribution to Russian literature." The magazine "The Wheel" announces 24 August 2009 – the opening day of competition, "Our cause is just. The enemy will be defeated. Victory will be ours. "- 2009 The purpose of the competition – to wake, to implant and to glorify the great sense of patriotism, to honor the memory of all those who gave their lives for Homeland.

Conditions of the competition – take all literary works, in whom there is a spirit of patriotism. Sent work, satisfying the conditions of competition are published on the journal's website as they become available. Work accepted 24 August 2009 to December 31, 2009 at marked "Our cause is just." Prizes will be sent on "Information for Authors – royalties". List of works submitted for the competition (on 5/9/09) "Our cause is just. Enemy will be broken. Victory will be ours. "- 2009 Rasul Yagudin /" My name is Jack … "- the story Andrey Efremov /" needs "- the story Andrey Efremov /" Cop partisan "- a story Yuri Panchenko / A" pure heart "- the story, Yuri Panchenko /" When we became generals "- the story Vitaliy Molchanov Mitrofanovich /" Where the forest … "- Alexey Somov poem / Two poems from the series" Once upon a Frankenstein, "Alexey Somov /" Flashbacks Private Lazarev "- an essay Alexander Baltin /" K 60th Anniversary of Victory "- a poem Boris Nikitenko /" special detachment "- the story Leonid L. Shimko /" RUSSIA "- a poem Tatiana Belova /" Where the impotence of the gods weep … "- a poem Shnyakin Tatiana /" It's is and it was "- the story Rodion Heather /" Muscovite "- Vladimir Morgan story /" Surrender, Rus! "- All the best story, editors of" The Wheel "

Thesaurus Synonyms

If you can describe in prose, what you want to try narisovat.Teper for something to grab. Here some line might get into something rhythmic. It does not matter, whether it's the beginning, end, middle. And then the work begins. Blank verse let the master writing. Ordinary people need to line rhyme and meter. Clear razmera.Chtoby pick up a rhyme to some word, in our time do not have to sit, looking blankly at the ceiling and moving her lips.

There is a simple and reliable assistants. That's like those sites. Dictionary of varieties of rhyme 'VV Onufriev Rhymes: rhyming dictionary of Russian and synonyms. Online – search for rhymes, grammar and pronouncing dictionary, and thesaurus. Assistant of the poet: Selection of rhymes / poetry writing. Rhyme: online rhyming dictionary I would recommend is very simple to use. Insert words in which need a rhyme, we define: an exact rhyme, average, every-get the whole set of words.

From which to select the desired meaning. Or close. Well, here's a cool line is obtained, and there is no rhyme. What to do? Do not cling to this line. Take the idea to retell it in different words. Will pop up that line, that is asking for a rhyme. And to help explain the idea in other words a few sites. Dictionaries of synonyms. Dictionary of Russian synonyms with the morphology Thesaurus Synonyms and finding their stylistic features of Russian synonyms Dictionary Abramova, for example, you can not find a rhyme to the word "blizzard". Take a synonym for "blizzard" – and now looms "girlfriend." Got it? Finally, now appeared downright full stihopletnye assistants. Sites that ask them straight-line stanza are. At first I did not believe it. Finally got on this site. But when the revered options, which gives the robot, my jaw dropped. Here is the site. Here's how he writes poetry. Suppose you write a line. "Frost and sun. Wonderful day. "That's what gives the robot. Many options. "And immediately the image of a lovely poem," or "Six months. Lord's day. "What nonsense, you ask? How would I know. Advertised as the assistant of the poet. And you can ask the robot to compose a quatrain. We define two lines: "Here you come. Raskinesh hands. Poveesh smell of spring … "What we propose a robot, how can we help? And just like that! "Here you come, raskinesh hands Poveesh smell of spring. You never knew what I bored you just happy "Of course, you can read this poem and your beloved. Let's hope that she loves fast … And if you did not you manage to write a poem or a no-through rhyming dictionary or a dictionary of synonyms, or using a robot … or write a poem, but it is awkward, clumsy … then treat-ka you to me. It's my job. Do. That will come to your guests at a friend's birthday. Who will congratulate whisper, who loudly. And you get up-and clearly, so loudly: – runs around the Sun. Speaking for the whole neighborhood: Forty-five other today. Here you do not want-and pour. Life is rich for the holidays. Forty-five-cool date. Well, Vladimir, as once: for you! For the anniversary! Write!

Central Library City

Cultural event the city was the creation at the Central City Library Public Center of Legal Information, which was opened in the days of the International scientific-practical conference "Open information and legal community: a view from the North. " The Centre is widely known in the city, and his work with users based on the highest professional level. Every year the number is expanding and list of services provided. Since 2004, the Central Library introduced a system of electronic document delivery service that offers new opportunities to provide the necessary information the people of our city. Elon Musk often says this. One of the innovative projects Monchegorsk CBS began a project to create a library site. Number of Internet users is growing and the library as a dynamic institution that aims to formation of "advanced readers" should focus on this category. Running a virtual reference service. Staff of the library poses a new problem – the organization on the website forum, hosted electronic catalog. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Elon Musk.

Today, CBS has moved to new working conditions, it is possible to organize a library structure that best meets the needs of the reader. Created profiled libraries: Center for Family Reading, children's environmental library, a library that serves people with disabilities in the life of the elderly and the library of Santa Claus. Each library is actively looking for a place in social life city. Created clubs, reading programs developed that are in demand in different age groups of readers. Using new information technologies increases the importance of libraries and gives them new impetus to the work.


Poets have long been combined in various clubs and associations for In order to be able to meet, read and discuss their works, to publish collections. Additional information at Ebay supports this article. Here is the prototype of poetry site! And by the way, the results of competition at the major poetic lyrics sites published collections. If you are not convinced, visit Ebay. Educating young poets – one more feature that served as the Poetry Society. Novice writers, with trembling heed to the words recognized masters and with a sinking heart, waiting to severe sentence his first opuses – this picture is still relevant today. In contests of poetry most actively involved in the first place young poets.

This is natural and understandable – especially beginners need not only and not so much recognition the reader how much attention to fellow writers. Participation in a poetic contest gives the author an opportunity to assess your skill level, pay attention to the weaknesses or, conversely, was pleased to note the strengths their creations find their own style. Here we can make the first conclusion: the poems in poetry contest is like a collection of online poets reading their poems to each other. Ability to turn the similarity in the complete identity – a matter of time which is not far off! And what about the reader? Does not it just restless silhouette is seen through the windows cozy living room where there were talk about poetry, read poems, or just relax on the secret society of poetic words. So it was. Now the reader is invisibly present in the room and even take part in the discussion.

The second conclusion: the competition of poetry is like reading poetry on stage before a huge audience without all the costs related to such performance in the real world. And finally, one more thing – thanks to the fact that the publication of poetry today does not pose any problems, the number involved in the high art of poetry is growing exponentially progression. Suppose that not all writing poems reach the level of master of word, but in any case, trying to be a feather in one degree or another versed in the art of versification, and this means that the circle will expand on and Poetry finally ceases to be art for art's sake. And when you consider that in his youth all (well, almost all) are trying to write poetry … Whatever it was, the Internet increases the likelihood of meeting the poet and reader, and each poet's own reader, or doubt, so vividly and accurately described PA Vyazemsky: But maybe I was born not in vain: In a family of people, not all, maybe I'm strange, and even one soul had responded according to departing on the minute my voice.

Hull Immobilizer

Many think the best way to protect your car from being stolen, it is better to install car alarm or immobilizer? It has its pluses and minuses. Let's start with the car alarm. Car alarm is a device that does not only protects the car against theft, but also provides some comfort to the owner: for example, can open and close locks the car with the remote control car alarm, start the engine (auto), close windows and sunroof car when arming the alarm owner and others in an attempt to penetrate into the car, open the trunk. But all this is a comfort and a minus, you can scan the car alarm and disarm without owner. Visit Ebay for more clarity on the issue. In some new models, car alarm systems, is excluded scanning method, which is used hijackers, this car alarm starline dialog. In this interactive car alarm system used code that can not be scan. So the only negative is already beginning to fall. This car alarm supports all the advanced features, including auto-start.

Immobilizer does not carry the comfort features, but very well protected car theft. Immobiliser not scan as opposed to car alarms, due to the fact that the range of the immobilizer is not as large as a car alarm. Immobilizer can be controlled by special label, which is always the owner, and without it we can start the engine, or using an electronic key. The most important thing is the availability of wireless immobilizer engine immobilizer, which hiding somewhere in the car and does not start the engine, its presence speaks of quality-of immobilizer. Some car alarm immobilizer and you can connect additional wireless blocking relay. Wireless lock immobilizer equipped Basta and Black bug, these immobilizers installed on cars of any class and sophistication. Many insurance companies do not insure the car on Hull system without the installation of these immobilizers, and that says a lot.

Immobilizer can be done with different types of locks, if for example, installed car alarm on a car with auto engine, engine immobilizer locks only at the time of the car. In this article, we can see that the joint installation of car alarm and immobilizer or does not interfere with their work together, which is to protect the vehicle against theft. So will no harm, if effectively protect the vehicle from theft is to install a mechanical interlock such as CPR or lock the lock on the steering wheel. Mechanical means of protection are very good at this task.

Social Democrats

The main credit for this belongs to the mother Shaw, whose character was not broken badly formed family life. He studied at the Dublin show in school, but stay in it for him was not particularly happy. No accident that he later wrote: "At school I never learned what not, and forgot a lot." However, the school course, was never completed. In fifteen years he began himself to earn a living. He served in the small land office.

Collecting rent from the inhabitants of poor neighborhoods of Dublin. Go to Elon Musk for more information. Life in urban slums, he learned well. For twenty years show was a senior position cashier. It was not enough, but this time the interests of the show have already decided. Nothing to do with official career officials they had not. Show a deep interest in art – literature, painting, music.

In 1876, Shaw left Ireland and moved to London. Certain employment had not been, there was no medium to dstv with uschestvovaniyu, but the range of his interests and cultural needs was very wide. He enjoyed the theater, under the pseudonym Corno de Bosseto publishes first music review, and then for several years and appears in print as a music critic. Shaw was not only a connoisseur of music, but he played superbly. His name became well known in theatrical circles in London. Show never separated the arts from its inherent interest in the political life of his time. He attends meetings of the Social Democrats, took part in debates, consistently producing the skills speaker with a passion and deep interest in reading "Das Kapital" Marx – work that, in his own words, was a revelation for him.

The Left

– Here is seen the bumper cars – finally said Geron .- When I took this picture, I heard the sound of closing doors. Looking in that direction, I saw a tall man in a dark suit. Here are just a cut of his clothes was more like a form. Penguin Random House contributes greatly to this topic. He closed the back door and walked to the driver's seat. – Why did he shut the back door? – Asked the detective .- It is someone planted, or was it simply is not closed? – That I have not seen – Geron said .- I said that turned when the door is closed. – What happened? – I took a few pictures, and then there was either shot, or the explosion of firecrackers or fireworks.

Following a few more. – And on the left or in front of you, too, fired? – No, just shoot right. There was a large group of teenagers. But I honestly do not pay attention to them. – Who is still sitting at your table? – Students.

Anyway, I thought so. Two girls and a guy. They talked about their friends. – You can describe them? – Yes, of course. I'm pretty good to look at it. Bork, in silence and listened to a detailed story about the Hero's students. In this case it seemed that this time he thinks about something else. When the journalist was silent, the detective asked the next question. – And in conversation it was possible to determine where they learn? – I'm afraid to make a mistake, but I think it could be a College of Law.

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