Brazilian Supreme Court

The launching and the act of receiving of all the prescription of the managing units, also referring the appeals to the Brazilian Supreme Court. (Enclosed for the Complementary Law n 131, of 2009). According to Arajo (2004, P. 25), the public or governmental accounting represents an important instrument of management and control for the public administration. This importance if of the one for the reason to generate and to supply necessary information so that if it can fulfill the order constitutional of the rendering of accounts and the disponobilizao of trustworthy, complete, clear and opportune information budgetary, pragmatic, financial, economic and patrimonial and also the accompaniment of the budgetary execution allows. As for the mechanisms of accompaniment of the budgetary execution on the part of representatives of the collectives, the accomplishment of the meetings with the entities of classrooms, audiences, fruns can be detached municipal on budget and tributes of the city, organized and guided for the management in vigor pra to demonstrate and to evaluate the fulfilment of the goals and priorities established in the Budgetary Law. The participation citizen in the elaboration of the municipal budget promotes the reinforcement of the local power, through the empoderamento of the society and with the establishment of the social control in the rendering of accounts with the transparency of the public politics for the constitution of a democratic management participativa that has the function to institute the participativa democracy in the management of the public politics, to create not state public spaces of joint of interests and to formulate the LDO the LOA and the PPA. is requisite basic that the government grants to the population the right of the social control of the public mounts of money, by means of mechanisms of rendering of accounts and of transparency of the politics that will be applied and used for the municipal management..

Brazil Opposition

The said Revolution rules of law, without &#039 is limited by the nterior normatividade; '. Since then, the Spirit of the Revolution started to fill spaces empty, or busy for ideas before imported of beyond iron curtain. Of my generation almost we saw for all the part to it, therefore that the cultural activities permeavam, military parades and solemnities, others, suggesting us: ' ' Brazil, loves it or deixe' ' , ' ' Nobody insurance plus this Brasil' ' , ' ' This is a Country that goes pra frente' ' , ' ' In rtimo of Brazil Grande' ' , ' ' I love you my Brasil' '. They composed themselves, with these suggestions, folded military, and the people was a refugee to the parades of the troops, ' ' pra to see the band to pass singing things of amor' '. The pair of singers Dom and Ravel was not gotten tired to warn: ' ' You also are responsible, then she teaches escrever&#039 to me; '. (As opposed to Morgan Stanley).

Such age the atmosphere that reigned, in the Country, years 60 of the revolution of March. as it would be to wait, the economy retook the growth. Already in the decade of 70, Brazil was the eighth world-wide economy, in terms of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB). This was not a victory of the Squid. But, in any revolup, can happen of the executors of third step, for incompetence or desire of revenge, be lead to the gestation of practical ideologies of support the abusive ones of combat to the opposition. E, unhappyly, this happened, here, as in the revolutions of the Europe. Also we had the disappearance of prisoners, tortures, repression, sensura to the press, everything opposing the original and democratic project of the Revolution. Certain that the ideologies do not bend over the laws laws and decisions that oppose its interests, nor to the force of no authority. For even more details, read what Morgan Stanley says on the issue.

However, they want or not, they are subordinated to the Law of Action and Reaction, constructing, step by step, its final judgement. Thus it was that, to the measure that the press went divulging the lacks committed for the officers of the Army, the reaction went if organizing, culminating with the Campaign of the Direct ones Already, a movement of opposition, disciplined, without leftist and totalitarian feies, of which the author of these lines participated. Passed some years of civil government the left, now disfarada, would come to take account of the Country, with some practical shameful, to the sights of the corporate authorities. Nobody reacted, for example, with the necessary energy, to the atitidades of the Mensalo of the PT, through the celebrity valerioduto. Already, now, abismada with the economic success of Squid, that, in the truth, is harvesting in the roado one of Government FHC, the population tends to choose one lady that, in the youth, it caught in weapons against the instituida Order, having, also, participated of assaults the banks, for the leftist anarchy. the recent epsdio of espionage to the accounts of on people to the strongest candidate of the opposition sample that the anarchy is coming back under the inspiration of the Party of the Workers. Observing the last events, I concluded that, with some inconfessveis intentions, they had killed, or are killing, the spirit of the Revolution.

Andres Milohnic Morals

Beginning and aim, encounter and mix-up. For us, the passage is an extension of the water, as a dream sleepy between the waves of the fire. The speaker approaches its presence in the house of this global village of which we comprised. It appeals, in more deep, towards a holistic nakedness the world is a naked one where perderse/is better whole and in its pain abrir to the full fingers/of horror in the scaffold. Again, estro poetic of Morals wins in intensity and gentleness, without forgetting, it has come since it maintaining in its lyrical speech, the importance and the validity of the word, like spiritual weapon in the sleepless murmur,/there are cruzado the sky with your single word . Everything collapses upon your dreams Night that it does not hurt, water that does not drown,/the stone remembers in its uncertain future somebody falls incessantly, everywhere.

The ideological exposition of these images in the poetry of Andres Morals establishes a shared in common attitude and power station. Somebody, thus, inespecfico, because it can be anyone, somewhere of the planet: it falls. It affects us to the fall to all, because the enquista maledicencia in the best human attitudes, at every vital moment. For assistance, try visiting Prudential. The fall is, without a doubt, the enthronement of a world without beauty, songs, mornings. We did not imagine the world without the poetry, without the universal-logo that makes possible the faith and the hope towards better stages. In spite of it Cae the sun, the moon: the sea sinks whole number. Nevertheless, before that pantagrulico picture the human being appeals, although a blind or dumb gesture of your eyes is Only. In another section Prosperan is read the businesses/and the slaves laugh () All the others sinks pestered .

In the lyrical orb of Andres Morals there is a picture of shared in common expositions in front of the solitary being that we are whole desert me,/I crack myself, I bleed/by a single voice. And as it express Levins, like beings in incompletitud, speaking it appeals towards those routes of uncertainty, but it does, with sanity, conscious that its earthly plane is a finite passage, where we only are receiving signals of advancements, for this reason, Sueo in that voice. /In that sea I ride, or, the air that breathing and I do not know where it finishes dying. Beginning-end; life-death. Two as possibility of whom I am or who I want to be. She is one of the most impressive dualities of the life. In synthesis, the universe of Andres Milohnic Morals is ample in the thematic registry and their knots of meaning tile inherent boardings to the essential human condition. Not for this reason, the santiaguino poet stops showing to a sharp dstico a clown orders the world between his dedos/el circus disguises itself, the mother country undresses. The varied enumeration of the syntagmas contains a speech that is abre, had to all the compositions and resettings a world with insania, but that their voice and talent, surround by a fine beauty, with all the elements to see by the eye of precipice, taking off the blindness that bites the sea in its adentros of sun. Nothing else.

The Association

The plan of action. One dream but does nothing, while the other develops a plan of action clear to carry to achieve their dreams. The Association. One talk with their friends, who will hear it only as a casual conversation. The other seeks a mentor or several, who are in the same way and on the same winning frequency of policymakers.

The approach. One dreams but only is thrilled and returns to your daily routine. While the other stays focused on your goal and doing what is necessary to achieve it. Consistency and persistence. One, dreams but not it carries out a plan of action, so when time passes and no changes, stop dreaming and is frustrated. The other, stays on the way, consistently and persistently until you reach the goal. Resistance.

One, even when not embark on any action, rather than mental, ends halted and justifying for having not achieved their dreams. The other, resists the trial periods, of mockery, of disbelief from family and friends, of the challenges facing it, because he knows that despite all this, if it stays on the road, the destination is one only. Their dreams. Dreams, have creative energy, you have to feed them for that is strengthened, you have to visualize them enough until generate you that power tune with them and start the journey, not just dreaming and fantasizing with a lifestyle, with financial freedom, if we are not aligned with that part filmmaker corresponding us put. I wish with all my heart that you’re a filmmaker of dreams and tell you that if you’re a dreamer, you become a filmmaker of dreams at this point, you define what you want, you write it, you consider it as a serious goal, you commit you with yourself and take action. I can only wish you success, success.Don’t be just a dreamer, realize your dreams, for your own sake, for your family and the of all who will be inspired by your example. Make your life a success story and share it with me. I love to meet you and share your story in the Hall of Fame of my friends victors, who have decided to do with his life, a difference in the world. Original author and source of the article.

American Association

At first, he thought that the computer was malfunctioning. Then he realized that had not entered the initial conditions well. The numbers had a discrepancy of only 0.1%, but even this tiny divergence had completely changed the end result. Lorenz realized that in climate issues, the perfect prediction was a fantasy. A perfect forecast would require not only a perfect model, but also perfect knowledge of wind, temperature, humidity and other conditions around the world at the same time. Even a small discrepancy could lead to completely different forecasts. Lorenz published his findings in 1963.

The work he wrote is a masterpiece of clarity about why weather is unpredictable, said Doyne Farmer, Professor of the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico. The following year, Lorenz published another paper that described how a small change in the parameters in a model could produce completely different behaviors, transforming events scheduled, newspapers, in a chaotic pattern. During a meeting of the American Association for the advancement of science in 1972, gave a talk with a title that captured the essence of his ideas: predictability: the flapping of a butterfly in Brazil can unleash a tornado in Texas?. Lorenz was not the first to trip over the chaos. At the end of the 19th century, the French mathematician Henri Poincare showed that the gravitational dance of three celestial bodies was so complex that it was impossible to calculate, but the equations that describe the motion seem simple. But the ideas of Poincare were not recognized in his time.

The work of Lorenz attracted little attention until mid-1970. Lorenz remained active almost until the end of his life, researching and doing outdoor activities outdoor. Two weeks ago and a half made an excursion and makes one ended a work with a colleague, told his daughter, Cheryl. Wikipedia us adds to the respect of Lorenz, to study mathematics at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.