The Coasts

' ' Jav, you snosso father, we are the clay and you, our potter, all we are workmanships of tuasmos. As clay in hand of the potter, who amolda its bel pleasure, thus is oshomens at the hands of the Creator. You formed my kidneys, Jav, you weaveeed me in seiomaterno, you defined my life all. Your workmanships are wonderful, quemaravilha are I, Jav. I marvel myself at your wonders I celebrate, you for tantoprodgio. You know until the deep one of my being: when he was done in the land maisprofunda, fabric in secret, my bones had not been hidden you. Yours they olhosviam my embryo. Know you me when I am seated and of foot, you see claramentequando I am walking, when rest you see also me.

If for the coasts you enclose sintoque me, I know that of front you perceive also me. To run away far from the teuEsprito, what I will make? Where I will go? I do not know. For where I will go? For where I will run away? If I go up to the sky or me prostro in the abyss I find, you there. You are in high damontanha verdejante and the confines of the sea. It swims escapes to your the holy ghost olhar' ' Is 64,7; Eclo 33,13; Sl 138 (139), 13-16. The human being is impefeito, fragile, feitoda same clay that other terrenas creatures. However, it received from the Criadordignidade biggest that they: life, the spirit, the inspiration inoculated it to it, acriatividade, the capacity to love, the mood, almost made them deuses, icsticos, smiles the God. Icon, perfect expression of God, the human being reproduzfielmente the characteristics of it; but he is not God: but it he is semelhante.' ' What is a mortal, it stops of it remembering, and a son of Adam, to viresvisitar it? Jav, that is the man pra you know that it, the son of the mortal who oconsideres? What is the human being, pra that you make case of it, occupies of it, oexamines, inspects to each moment and each morning? It is as a blow, seusdias, as the shade that passes.

Executive Board Dorner

For example, several manufacturers had failed to implement a system of meaningful internal key figures to anchor sustainable productive structures and processes in addition to the POS data. The game room is playful to compensate for material price increases, in this way. Market share then lost to competitors who have their value chain in the handle. Poor transparency lenders and investors, made it difficult also to assess a company’s strategic and operational developments, what may cause that this hesitant behave”, the experienced consultants experienced again and again. Self test revealed strengths and weaknesses analysis results have motivated Dorner, to develop a self test and on his Homepage to make, with whose help companies free of charge can determine which optimisation potential they have in terms of productivity, growth and yields. The results of this self test to help that company of the textile and clothing industry can focus on profitable sales fields and build competitive performance and cost structures.

Competency experience professionalism Otto R. Dorner advises textile and garment manufacturers and trade among others, construction and maintenance of Renner assortments, in establishing areas enabled collections and assortments, as well as optimization of value chains. Fashion and the March Munich knitwear Ltd., the Dipl. Kaufmann’s customers benefit from its profound experiences as a long-time managing director of textile manufacturers such as Falcon, or as a member of Executive Board of CBR fashion holding (Street one, Cecil and one touch) and brand Director of OneTouch and his extended the consulting expertise from working for the consulting firm Dr. Donhauser & partner process optimisation and process cost accounting and strategy development.

Dorner was responsible also already in the parental company for product management and the creation of knitwear collections for ESCADA, Rene Lezard, Louis Feraud, Bogner and was awarded with the textile industry’s Forum Award and with the environmental award of the city of Munich. He passes including his knowledge as a lecturer at the University of applied sciences Rosenheim.


After each lixamento the surface must be carefully clean. The second stage is in the Politriz sander with sandpaper 260. It is placed part in the record revolving and it continues the process, then after one changes for Politriz with sandpaper 360, all the lixamento process was carried through with water lubrication, always keeping the effort in the center of the sample not to create plans. 4 Passo – Burnishing As in the lixamento, burnishing must remove the damages introduced for the previous stages. That is gotten through successive stages of finer abrasive particle application.

The diamond is used as an abrasive, and obtains the fastest removal of material and the best possible planicidade. It does not have another abrasive capable to produce resulted similar. Had its hardness, the diamond can extremely cut well to all the materials and phases. Certain materials, especially those that are soft and dcteis, require final burnishing of excellent quality. In this in case that, burnishing is used the oxide base. The colloidal silica, of size of approach grain of 0,04 mm and pH of 9,8, has demonstrated great resulted. The combination of chemical activity and fine abrasion soft absolutely produces samples without risks and deformations. The OP-U is a suspension for general burnishing, that supplies to perfect results in all the types of materials.

The OP-S can be used with reagents that increase the chemical reaction, that becomes the OP-S an excellent option for very dcteis materials. A suspension of alumina, acid, OP It, is used for final burnishing of steel of low and high league, nickel alloys base and ceramic. Description of the assay: After the lixamento, places it part in the Politriz with felt of thickness 3 m, water for the lubrication and adiamantada folder to assist in burnishing. After that, it is placed part in the Politriz with felt of 2 m and folder adiamantada with finer granulation to have better finishing, until the surface of the sample to be espelhada and without no arranhado.

Public Administration

This flexibility is a proper characteristic of the SRP9. In this direction, administrator must keep control on the registered prices and the practised ones in the market, with the objective to prevent acts of contract for abusive prices and to keep the economic-financial balance, that must be preserved not alone in the SRP as in contracts in general, firmed with the Administration, for being about principle of constitutional nature, consecrated in article 37, interpolated proposition XXI of the CF/8810. In the SRP, the mechanism used for maintenance of the economic-financial balance it is the negotiation. Both the involved parts? Administration and supplier? they can request the revision of the registered prices. The parameter will have to be the price of mercado9.

In accordance with the article 15 of the law of licitations and contracts, the purchases, whenever possible, will have to be processed by means of the SRP5. When commenting this article, Bittencourt (2006, P. 64) assevera that the SRP is not option and yes one ' ' legal imposition in the use of systematics as rule, adopting other forms only in situations excepcionais' ' 11. Sentence 56/99? Plenary assembly of the Court of Accounts of Unio (TCU) recommends that the SRP? it must be rule: ' ' whenever present one of the permissive hypotheses, to process, preferential, the acquisitions of good for intermediary of the SRP' ' 12. In this direction, the adoption of the SRP in the purchases and act of contract of services of the Public Administration only must be rule, abstaining itself the materials and the services that are not fit in the concept of ' ' goods and services freqentes' ' , as it establishes the article 2 of Decree 3.931/017. The comprometimento of the team are of basic importance so that the process of implantation of the efficient SRP either, becoming necessary that the effort of the involved group is not in such difficult way to discourage.

State Alternative

The decision or the decision is made or decision makers to objective and subjective criteria. The anticipated desired and unwanted effects of the decision are important for decision-making. … The decision is preceded by so doing. Ahead of the decision you must deal so what is to do.

A planning of objectives and measures is usually ahead of the decision. Alternatively, not to set (default alternative) can represent an acceptable alternative. Here, the choice on a later date can be, moved, which however implies that the selectable alternatives remain. On the basis of effectively caused The success of a decision can be measured later consequences of the decision. The quality of a decision is measured by how well the resulting consequences meet the criteria and any other conditions do not violate. A retrospective assessment of the decision quality, lessons to be learned for future decisions. An intelligent system or individual can learn from past errors of judgement and will come to better decisions. However, this requires that the environmental factors and mechanisms of action which determine the decision situation and the consequences on the decision, not drastically change.

Experiences and learning effects derived from the past but only if the current decision situation with the past situations is comparable to improve the decision behavior. Complex decisions take place in several stages: determine a decision needs (see also agenda-setting) analysis of the decision environment investigation of Decision alternatives assessment of the possible consequences of each alternative decision and implementation of alternative (requires capacity and vigour) observation of the course and any revision of the decision or ongoing testing needs for subsequent decisions. Decisions can be divided on the subject of the decision: decision subject relates to consequences, affected example choice of action alternative actions and their consequences things, things, people, tasks, instructions, orders action decision by individuals, groups. Democratic societies or their authorised representatives constitute State action or adopt controlling interventions in the same.