The Future

Thus, it is clear that in the future the threads in Bank sales in the store converge. Many customers use the Filialangebot, to hedge investment decisions through a personal consultation. The combination of quality advice, service and conditions finally decides the premium that often takes place electronically. It is however, that about half of Germans now regularly switch the contact channels to handle their banking transactions. Accordingly, it can be reflected the attractiveness of the branch at the bar of a technically intelligent networking, numerous individual approaches to the world of his bank opened the modern customer. The patent recipes in the classic customer segmentation have given lost in importance of viral networks.

Just younger and technology savvy customer groups expect the opportunity to interact directly with their bank about innovative mobile platforms today. Now has anyone Internet”but long since the older target groups covered. The future organizational model of the banks is used by network-like Structures should be marked, the multi channel structures will be marked by a great diversity and range. “Especially price-sensitive multi channel customer specifically take advantage of various channels and appreciate that both both”, that offer the financial institutions. Simple and transparent products such as day money more online complete them.

All the more it depends on, specifically to the transfer to the branch to use the contacts in the online banking or through alternative forms of consultation to reach these customers. At savings banks, there are also the 20 percent of customers who take advantage of not only the online banking, but handle all contacts with their savings bank prefers online. If you have read about Affinity Health already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This development is especially critical for the business model of the savings banks. These customers are well informed and buy above average financial products without advice. In the store, they come only because of the specific, product-related concerns, about securities or construction financing advice.

European Parliament

Coli outbreak that affects Germany. In Spain there has been no case of infection by this bacterium. Has it identified the companies involved? It’s two companies Spanish producers of cucumbers and a Dutch who might be implicated in the e. Coli outbreak. Network alert community food (RASFF) has communicated this fact to the Spanish Agency for food safety and nutrition which, in turn, has become known to the Junta de Andalucia, where these companies lie. Given this fact, the Board has already initiated proceedings with the undertakings concerned and appropriate measures have been taken to not to commercialize the involved batches of the product. The Ministry of health has stressed that although cucumbers are of Spanish production, it is necessary further research in order to find out throughout the entire chain in which phase has produced bacterial contamination.

How it affects to Spanish exports? At the moment, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Russia and the Czech Republic have already withdrawn Spanish vegetables in their respective markets, with all the losses that this means for Spanish exports in this sector in Europe. The Spanish fruit and vegetable sector predicts that the health alert caused in Germany can cause damage billionaires and cascading in this market, which made exports amounting to around 200 million euros a week. On the other hand, the State Secretary of Rural Environment and water, Josep Puxeu, claimed Sunday that the confusing information, assumptions, suggestions and from speculations of Germany have already caused great damage to agriculture and agri-food Spanish, which exports each year more than 10 billion euros in turnover. Spain is the top exporter of cucumber to the country German, with 450 million kilograms per year. That is why representatives of Asaja, COAG, UPA, agri-food cooperatives and Fepex consider that the German authorities should be rectified to restore the confidence of foreign markets and offset Spanish producers for damage caused.

What is the Protocol to be followed before an alert food? Legislation adopted by the EU on food safety imposes on economic operators the general obligation to market only food that is safe. According to article 50 of the Regulation (EC) 178/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 January 2002, the alert food surge in those circumstances where there is a risk to life or health. The basic principle of acting in the case that there is scientific uncertainty is prevention. Therefore this document sees the networking of laboratories of quality, at regional and/or interregional level, essential to perform continuous monitoring of food security when it comes to prevention of potential risks to the health of citizens. The food traceability system is fundamental for concer the origin of the food that is marketed. Hence other mechanisms that enhance food safety is through a comprehensive system of traceability within food companies so that, in the case of an alert as a from the cucumbers, you can proceed to withdraw this product in specific and precise amounts, or to inform a consumers or to officials responsible for the scrutiny. Finally, as recommendations with regard to prevention, the Spanish Agency for food safety recommended that consumption of this vegetable remains normal, with normal precautions of washing or peeling of vegetables during its preparation. Source of the news: Crisis of cucumber: the alarm is unleashed in Germany while it is damaged the Spanish agricultural sector


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Email Marketing

That's when I learned about the power and power of e-mail-marketing. The marketing power distribution. This article has been devoted to the marketing power that has good distribution. Thanks to conduct their own mailing list, every publisher gets their hands on a wonderful tool development of friendly, trusting and sustainable relationships with your subscribers. How right he was! The strength of writing. The conclusion that followed from the article, contained in itself an unwritten law about which I previously had no idea. By an irony of the fate of this unwritten law is concerned …

the letter. Molina Healthcare Inc. has firm opinions on the matter. As Bennett says, 'if you could write a letter to his friend, and you can write an article and e-book and promotional materials … and anything! " Power of attraction attention. Read the article, I indulged in meditation. My brain literally agonized, I was so impressed as read that anything other than this article, simply could not think. It was then that I realized what the power of attraction attention! If you are a subscriber to present a quality and relevant content, his attention will always focus on you! The strength to build trusting relationships. Trust relationships are no less important than attract attention.

When I read an article by Bennett, I wanted to read his other material. I realized that I could trust this man that he does not teach me bad. Also, I realized that I could open his own newsletter and write articles for it. I did. And I did. Do not believe me? And whose story you are reading right now? As Bennett said, you should write about what you know well, and write only the truth. Then people will trust you. In each of us lies a great power. It is the power to read, write, learn, learn and improve. So do not bury this power is in the ground! That's how I first hand grasped the elementary truth of online marketing. This is in that, as I indicated earlier in this article, I – a man in ages. And you know how old I am? 69! The only thing I now have no doubt – in order to master the art of INTERNET-mail, you can not be too young or too old. You always are in full force dawn!

Each Information Portal

As a result, the consumer gets a very small part of what I could get. And if the case with local news things, basically, well, what with the foreign – a problem there. Maybe it’s the approach. Each Information Portal separately is important not the fact of receiving news and its placement on the resource, it is important to be first, who it appears. Typically, this occurs at the expense of quality. Domestic information agency the monitored overseas (most of all – the English-speaking) colleagues, rapidly spreading in a hastily translated texts.

At the same time are more likely to have lost some meaning. In turn, the smaller the agency rewrite News from the larger, losing another part of the meaning. The result may well be that you have read the news – the fruit of “corrupt the phone” with a mass of distorted or missing parts. And by and large, things are so everywhere. Every country is capable of qualitatively and quickly cook only domestic news that occurred in its territory or of its participation.

How to get high-quality foreign news? The only option – take them to the resources of the countries concerned. Want to know, for example, fresh and accurate details about the process of gold mining in Mongolia? You direct route to the Mongolian news portals. And here the question of language barrier. In Essentially, the task is (in contrast to the last century) is not to find news, and to qualitatively and quickly translate it into their native language. That’s it right now due to unprecedented demand for interpreters of rare languages frilanserskih every resource. Especially in honor of those interpreters of languages of countries where little or no our countrymen. Requires no journalist who would be lit up this or that event, but just a linguist, capable of “Prosherstit” is written by someone texts to choose the most interesting and translate them into Russian. The demand for information from “there” there, but it hardly satisfied. It is worth any more or less adequate to news of the countries speak no English or German, to appear at a certain resource, as it was immediately “post” on all other sites, but at the end of the week and even printed in newspapers. Scope of complex operational units to provide news from different parts of the world in our country is still in its infancy. At the professional level are engaged in one, and specialized news (minerals, construction) – all at a premium. AND that’s why this segment now seems the most promising.

PAN High

It is a product highly toxic. Since 1985, the PAN network deploys a campaign to disseminate the dangers of further use of the 12 most toxic pesticides, the so-called dirty dozen, which seeks the prohibition of such substances. In 2002 started a specific campaign for this pesticide, STOP Paraquat, which conditioned the ban or use restricted in 13 countries, 4 of whom were members of the EU. Despite all, the EU has given a boost to this pesticide in late 2003. As is the case with the majority of authorisations of GMOs, the decision was very controversial and counter argumentation of Sweden, with the support of Finland, Luxembourg and Denmark was not taken into account.

Authorization requires some precautions for protection of operators, costly economically and impossible to meet in case of high temperatures and an annual assessment of damage on workers and the terrestrial fauna in the areas where they apply. I.e., it recognizes the danger, but rather than avoid it, applying the precautionary principle, accepts the conditions of the company (Sygenta) and subordinates trabajador@s and environmental health protection to the economic interests of the agrochemical industry. In addition, the authorization in the EU has neutralized the positive effects of awareness-raising campaigns, slowing the process of ban of paraquat in countries of the South, despite the impossibility of adopting the levels of protection of the workers of the rich countries. It is very serious when it is said, that the EU is not applying the precautionary principle to protect people and the environment from the negative effects of pesticides. Its review program, again deferred, is a mask to continue to act for the benefit of the chemical industry.

All the most dangerous substances are not prohibited and whose damage have been tested. I do not know suspended those on which there are studies that indicate their dangerousness, although not reach scientific significance, until they demonstrate their harmlessness, as it should be done in the exercise of the precautionary principle. The prohibitions are sometimes drills because they still use in the form of essential uses. Since 1992 has been requested the inclusion of a hundred of new pesticides that come to relieve to the previous ones and, according to the European Environment Agency, are more toxic, although more specific and more effective (until new resistance of pests reduce their effectiveness) very significant opinion that EU, seconded by Governments, diminish the importance to contamination by pesticides that contain foodDespite making regular checks. Of every 100 vegetables that consumes European citizen, 60 are completely clean of pesticides, 36 have remains below the maximum tolerated dose and 4 are contaminated above of these doses. 40% Contain remains and Although they are mostly below the authorized limits, they begin to accumulate evidence that small doses for a long time can be more harmful than high doses at once. In turn, a balanced diet, with high consumption of fruits, vegetables and cereals, contain pesticide levels exceeding those recommended according to a study carried out in Barcelona through thousand samples collected in the shops share the Group’s valuable position when verbatim indicates, that pest control is not reducible to chemistry problem because it is agro-ecological. Pests and diseases are the result of unbalanced agrosystems. The use of large amounts of broad-spectrum pesticides just failing and creating new problems. The best way to control pests is to recover the balance of the agrosystem and the maintenance of biodiversity. * Source: Environment and society, year 9, no.

The Whole

They are synergistic, synergy is the State in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Work intelligently as harshly. They are amazingly productive, because they bring novelty and creativity. When they negotiate and communicate with others in situations that appear antagonistic, learn to separate people from the problem. It has vocation to serve: consider life as a mission, not as a career. Sources that nourish them has them ready and prepared for service.

This principle of service, convinced that any attempt to become a person without carrying a load on your shoulders is simply doomed to failure. Radiate positive energy: the countenance of a leader is cheerful, pleasant, happy. His attitude is upbeat, positive, bouncy. His spirit is enthusiastic, hopeful, confident. Amid the confusion, it rencilla it or negative energy, strives to be a peacemaker, a harmonizing, disable or revert the destructive energy trust each other: they are not desperate before the negative behaviors, criticisms or weaknesses, seeking solutions. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Paul Fipps by clicking through.

Do not believe having progressed when they discover the others weaknesses. They are not naive, they are aware that this weakness exists; They are not envious. Refuse to etiquitar, esteriotipar, classify and prejudge others. They direct their lives in a balanced way: the best books they read and keep up to date with respect to the advances of administrative science and developments. They are interested in a wide range of issues. They distinguish their own value, which becomes evident in his courage and integrity and that do not feel the need to boast, bear with his fame, show its might by its properties, credentials, titles, or past successes. Your way of communicating are honest, simple, direct and not manipulate anyone. They see life as an adventure: they are interested in people, they learn about the people, not labeled it by their successes or failures of the past. Your safety emanates from inside and it does not come out, they have no need to qualify it and esteriotiparlo everything and everyone to give a general feeling of certainty and predictability. They learn continually: take into account their experiences; Lee, they look to be trained, take classes, listen to others, they learn both through his ears and his eyes, extremely curious and constantly ask Equilibrados both in their personal growth and spiritual: maintain a constant surveillance in all what allows you to grow personally without neglecting your spiritual evolution. Properly handled their emotional intelligence: control your emotions and feelings, as well as know how to use all those motivational stimuli involving his followers in depositing your trust, credibility. Conclusions if discusses the personal skills that have to have a leader for an organization the power to structure a vision and share it with the rest of the Organization, ability to keep his followers and form new, those are skill of negotiation and the necessary push to promote change within the organization. Therefore, currently who plays a new managerial leadership, must assure the organization where it provides its services, efficiency, productivity, growth, success and have very clear what should be the type of leadership to follow in order to achieve his professional practice is expected by all who rely on it. Therefore, leaders can be the key to the success or failure of the organizadciones.

Will Schutz

Just watch any soap opera in which the characters are and suddenly fall in love in where a series of tragedies and joys are performing without the involvement of their own. In the end, everything is resolved thanks to the magic of the destination. Our culture has a hint of soap opera. We grew up with the perhaps romantic view that human beings are walking through life and suddenly sticking us emotions as a cocklebur turns to clothing, that life happens in general that it is intended by the divinity or at the other end everything is completely random. So we had to live, is a famous saying. On the contrary, today I think that everything that is happening to my around is a decision, this includes my family, my parents, the country where I was born, and even the end of my days.

Stop believing in destinations, in straight lines of events with unknown instruments. I firmly believe that it is the ability to choose which can give meaning to the life of every human being, matching events and people generating an infinite ocean of possibilities. It is precisely the ability to decide what makes us different from other species. I decided to get away from my previous view after discovering the work of doctor Will Schutz, in particular his bestseller Joy that recommend widely. One of the questions that I got was when I took my first workshop of the human element: what if everything were my choice?, to come into contact with the ideas of Schutz about self-determination, I realized several things. On the one hand it is easier to think that What happens to my around is product of chance or the actions of others, those who blame or thank you for what you get in life. In some ways was me easy to blame my employer for my economic situation, to the Government by the few or many possibilities it offered me the country or my parents for having me made who I am.


However, that is the only good news of the extensive document. While it is true that there is no shortage of water, there is, instead, a serious problem by which mankind is suffering from thirst: the water is badly distributed. The water that we have reached to the needs domestic, agricultural and industrial, provided the measures necessary to allow you to reach all households, enterprises and the crops are taken. These measures must be urgent to prevent inequality, inequality and poverty. According to the human development report, in which Colombia is ranked 70 among 177 Nations, the ineffectiveness of political processes puts the poor at a disadvantage. For more information see Medigap.

The shortage of water and the health crisis in the world contributes to that one million eight hundred thousand children die annually. The problem has so much impact that water is causing more deaths than armed conflict. Depriving water to vulnerable populations is a subtle form of violence, marginality and war. Very serious estimates $ 10 billion are needed to achieve a proper distribution of water. The cost is apparently high but it is insignificant when compared with other expenditure which incurred the Nations.

The military costs are for example, truly exorbitant and, of course, of one amount infinitely superior to what would be needed to bring the water not only to marginalized populations, but to all who need it: in other words, all human beings. The water became in some places a costly, almost luxury product. A bottle of purified water or mineral water costs much, or more than the same amount of its content in oil or gasoline. In the case of some regions of Colombia the subject is really critical: not just of shortage or inequitable distribution, but quality. Aqueducts carry water unfit for human consumption to households. And in those places where there are no citizens, especially indigenous, aqueducts must rely on wells, jagueyes and, even, ponds. Custom, but above all the need has led them to consume a turbid liquid with a distant resemblance to clean water which washed clothes in some developed cities or that washed the floors in industrialized countries. The next time that you see clouds on the horizon and clear the announcement of rain, give thanks to God and ask that liquid pure and essential sky arrive equally to all men and women of the Earth. And especially to children who suffer because of their scarcity. Alejandro Rutto martinez is a prestigious academic italo-Colombian, currently linked to several universities and vocational training institutions. He also worked as a journalist and is lecturer of events in conferences, seminars and meetings. You can make contact with him via mail or by 8055526 300 mobile phone.

The Best

The first step is to attract you, not inentes do it by force, that would mean sharply change the romona from a river in times of rain, leaves that the do it if only. He will do so and will then begin the grandiose return trip. Perhaps check out Paul Fipps for more information. Your have the authority of the House in which lives, but the best thing to do in estoso cases, dress the authority with understanding. Prometele something to do so enjoy more of what makes, but what you promise you have a price. Details can be found by clicking Ghost Smashers or emailing the administrator. For that price you’re going to fix, it takes into account that you spend time with tigo, which takes effort, that in a way appeals to you to you and the most, without wanting to, steal time their activities. Example: You know you will have a party next Saturday, now, without that tell you, your fsoc and tell him that you bought a new shirt if Thursday helps labar trucks will help you with your home work or to help you fix the old car, some work that is work of two, this steal time to quit that day at night and is’ll want with tigo. Of course that it will accept, with friends you can exit other days, but by a new shirt for Saturday’s Party, which course suits you. Another example: the boy does not leave the computer all day, fsoc and say to him,-son, want to talk about something that I assure you you are interested in-A! This flips as reflection upon hearing the word you are interested in, tell him-son, a ti te bedria well a better screen- or you can also, tell you some better speakers, or a new seat, or anything else that you know that you are interested – right?-, his eyes will light up.

Tell him you’re willing to buy it, but that for that extra money you would like to help you to the workshop, or to help you to limipiar the air cleaning of the 45,000, or going to crop land some grass. 1000% sure that it will accept. Just like before, tries to be the hour in which the exits normally, this steal time on theirs and will come close to you. He will accept without conditions. This serves, but of course that the intention is not to be buying their coexistence, the real intent is the open opportunities for talks father son, laugh, bormear of anecdotes with him, talk about your day and that the talk of yours. So, with good communication, which is the gateway of benvenida of confidence, will begin the great return of return of the child.And that, is obviously worth a lot more than some few well-intentioned bills. Come to my new site the marriage, family and work, as overcome their conflicts original author and source of the article.

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