The United States

The established power is so high and arrogant flight that only conceives its destruction with confrontation nomas peer through the occurrence of a theoretical contemplation, called the principle of mutually assured destruction. Else is outside the Guild, periphery. The United States and Israel, in accordance with the principles of security, defence and providencialidad, only pamper in being vulnerable in a country like Russia or China, to name only two probable. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit New York Life . Should not be doubt, therefore, that those who are dispatched and give change in terms of military power, inspecting, pechando and prohibiting nomas to the non-aligned with their interests, they have decided to greater impunity sow to the Negev with hundreds of nuclear warheads. Enrichment of the uranium product fumes only be detectable and combated exclusively in potentially renegade countries. Brief note on Venezuela and its defense, renegade country.

For a country like Venezuela, on the other hand, nothing nestled within the so-called armies of heaven, will not be there any acceptable theory justifying defence of their enormous natural resources through armaments, thing which should apparently be made available to those who exercise providencialista militarist doctrine in the world (there is evidence of the presence of the Mossad already between Venezuela and Colombia). On the contrary, you will find quickly an accurate description of how it is that a country with the story of wanting to defend your natural dowry and sovereignty gradually emerges as a renegade or outlaw, State dreaming of nuclear power, descolonization is one such backyard that’s out there, nestled within a diabolical matrix known as axis of evil (Korea of the North, Iran, Cuba, etc.). Not worth large thing argue, for example, with the same ridiculous boldness with which others abrogate divine powers, which preserves within its territory to the oldest geological formation on the planet (Guayana), which could give matter for reasoning that is a truly sacred ground, home of the world if you want, defensible religiously, posts already in the same tonic fight stupidity with stupidity. Finally, placed on the tonic of be free and speak with sovereignty, must say that freedom has always been this: deslastrar reconducidos myths and atenazantes magic, trap paradigms, fight the power of one, so was declared sacred. Say with Bolivar that nature makes opponent whether to fight it and master it. To the Renegades another pathway is not them to be truly free..

Oscar Castro

Specifically we are talking about discovery of AMERICA Habria a: start again. Starting from the root of the Indian. Go to the pure source without concepts already facts. Elon Musk addresses the importance of the matter here. Only thus will find America not discovered, the America of belly clear and jocundos breasts, the America with their own language singer, galloping their freedom of Mare young man under heaven.We have four centuries of invasions. We don’t use our eyes. Strange feet walking by our inheritances.Foreign words define our gestures. Gold, copper and Americans sweat – amalgam of shouts and protests – ply the sea in ships of incomprehensible names.

America. I say: the America of bananas, and coffee plantations, and the caucheras and minerals. The America that stop abundance. America’s great rivers and large mountains. The new world that is nursing the old world. The land on which my brothers the outcasts are hungry.The America, Yes, America quo needn’t suckler herds, because he drinks milk of heaven at the Summit of the Aconcagua. Not the America school known by the maps: Earth tattooed names and colors, split in Panama by a channel iron and food in the South by the southern ice, but this other, this one that is born in the stone ridge of the Andes and falls like a green poncho at two blue seas.

This is going in my singing American, resonating in the Gallop the Charro, the huaso, the llanero, Indian and gaucho. That goes in the back of the charger docks, and in the spur grandona, and flowered hat, and in the ojota kissed by water and land, and in the smell of bitter mate, and in the lament of the quena and the trutruca and the aroma of ripe pineapple, and corn laughing with laughter of satyr, and the coconut and jicara that receives its juice. That is the America, brethren. It’s pure morning. They sing the birds. She sings the Mockingbird and the quetzal is a lightning bolt. Let’s discover our America. The day waving their wide flags. It is time to leave and dawn. Let’s begin. Definitely very valid which says us


Remove the Black Hat. Knowledge tip # 40: Six thinking hats. Minimize the momentum to share their negative feelings, especially when nobody is asking him. Not refuse to share information. If your people are not well informed, will anyway go forward, but flying by instruments; It will make costly mistakes, and you will be responsible. Do not cling to the past. Nothing warrants that, what a time served him, go you to serve now. Doesn’t lack respect for their people.

The lack of respect destroys all: dating, family, marriage and the company. Don’t display preferences. We all have our sweetheart and people know how to manipulate us to achieve our favors, to move away completely from reality. Be vigilant with himself and not signs of inequity or injustice. Discover the manipulators. Don’t kill the Messenger. If someone that enjoys our respect, gives us an alert, do not we descalifiquemos it because we don’t like what it says. These errors tend to pay dearly.

Let the impatience and trouble. A cute baby need 9 months to birth. What is quick and cheap is not good, what is fast and good is not cheap and what is good and cheap, will not be quick. Do not be arrogant. If you made a mistake, ask for excuses. If he acted wrong, ask for forgiveness. We are all human; do not come to me to say now that you are suprahumano. Do not blame others. Assume its responsibilities and pay their ridiculous. Do this test: extend your arm and point his index finger. How many fingers point to the guilty?: one. How many fingers pointing him to you?: three. Think about that. . Let the people resolve their problems horizontally. Only should reach you the problems inter-funcionales or formal, only if its people are not able to solve them. Stop calling attention to others in public. If you have to reprimand or confront someone strongly, do so in private. Do not allow to bring you problems without a solution proposal. This makes people be account that there is no free lunch and that they have a responsibility as executives, present options for consideration by his superior and that, eventually, will themselves be who will implement them. Do not tell others what they have What to do, if you are not willing to lead by example. Modeling is the most effective form of communication. People do what the leader does, not what you leader says. You can add others, such as:. Go to screams, fights and threats. . Do not give due importance to the figures and economic and accounting data of the management. . Dedicate only to the technical aspects and not the economic or vice versa. . Forget about or ignore the real and complete costs of the company. . Do not delegate control structure or collaborators. . Despise power and the current and future possibilities of Internet in management, marketing, internal and external communication and relationship with customers. original author and source of the article.

Erich Erwin Weissmann

And these are the proof of the success of the methods in the orendatraining. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with MetLife. Numerous references of from the participants so far 59. this annual training demonstrate the reliability and success of this seminar series and the mediated methods. On 26 and 27 January 2013 already 60. movement in awareness starts. For anyone who is interested in the seminar series veransteltet the orenda Institute at regular intervals information evenings, where Mr Weissmann introduces the approach to training and the seminar series in detail.

Attendance at this information evening is free of charge. This year, two more of this info evenings take place. The one on Saturday, the 22nd of September 2012 and the second on Saturday, November 17, 2012. Both events begin at 19:00 and last approximately two hours. Anmdelen anyone interested about the 7032 is 7889-0 Erich Erwin Weissmann website, appropriate forms or by phone under + 49 (0) can be the coach of this seminar series. Erich E.

Weissmann trains and coaches since 1984 holder, Director or directors of small and medium-sized companies as well as freelancers and managers in success trainings and coaching. With approximately 120 seminar days and 60 days of consultation per year he is successful on the market with its own companies and a solid team of 7 people for over two decades. Since 1984, the clients and participants at orenda gain through holistic success training the ability to shape their lives in the professional and private sectors successfully according to their own ideas in line with their intuition. Optimize it your self image, her image and her worldview and expand their abilities to control energy processes strategically at the following levels: mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual and economical.


Even when the type of holiday, men and women tick right: 68.5 percent are interested in beach and bathing, 48.1 percent seek nature, 44 per cent are first and foremost in culture interested in. What is the perfect holiday experience? “That 48.6 percent of women and 37.9 percent of men say: be just happy”. “Only the big love follows in second place can find”. This wish for 26.6 per cent of men and 21.8 percent of the women, so around a quarter of all traveler singles. “But the travellers enjoy their freedom: freedom is for 8.4 per cent experience” the perfect vacation experience. Travel alone is more expensive for singles get to know more people generally see the singles traveling alone not only with disadvantages connected. Two-thirds consider it an advantage to know what they want without having to consult with someone else during the holiday. Almost every second also believes that singles travel meet more often other people as couples.

Women are here to be more optimistic than men: 51 per cent of the female singles believe in better contact opportunities, but only 46.5 percent of the men surveyed. The great disadvantage that solo travelers have: This is for singles more expensive. Rather than to share the room with a partner they need access alone significantly deeper in the Pocket. At least every second single (53.7 percent) thinks so. Birgit Strobel, Vice President of marketing and strategy, FriendScout24: Happiness, love, sex the seeking the German singles in the coming holiday season. The study also clearly shows: the vast majority of singles yearns to travel, to share experiences with a partner.

Chasing the wind can be the singles but not nearly all go on holiday. “The greatest desire: to be just happy.” About FriendScout24 FriendScout24, Germany’s partners portal no. 1 is. Served as the first and only full service provider FriendScout24 all relationship needs be it finding a life partner, after flirting, data and in love, until to the desire for an erotic relationship. FriendScout24 has established itself as trusted provider and as a reputable brand in the online dating market, combined with the consistent commitment Integrity and reliability. Thus, FriendScout24 has significantly shaped the dating on the Internet at since its inception in 2000 and anchored online dating in society. New: With secret offers FriendScout24 under the premium CasualDating service for erotic relationships without binding pressure. Contact person: FriendScout24 GmbH Markus Ridder phone: 089 4 44 56 27 55 email:

Armed Forces

One becomes basic, therefore, that the Armed Forces present a consentnea image with the expectations of the nation and that, above all, the image portraies, with precision, the real face of the Institution. For confection of the research, questionnaires had been applied the one hundred citizens of the city of Rio De Janeiro, being ten, in the environment of work of the researcher, forty applied the colleagues of classroom and professors of the course of after-graduation in marketing of UCAM and cinquenta questionnaires had been applied in random way in the streets of the city it Rio De Janeiro the people with age between 20 and 50 years, being cinquenta women and cinquenta men, in as the semester of 2005. People such as Skechers would likely agree. Each research is composed of 05 questions, where if it started requesting the information on age and sex and had after appeared the questions: 1 – when you hear the expression ‘ ‘ Armed Forces ‘ ‘ what the mind comes it? 2 – in its opinion so that it serves the Armed Forces? 3 – knows some done social activity for the Armed Forces? 4 – already it saw some propaganda of the Armed Forces? 5 – how you would like that she was or she acted our Armed Forces? The results of the research it associated the Armed Forces expression being on to the respect, order, disciplines, treatment with the aspects most inflexible of the professions, educated, however energetic people and also to the use of the force. How much its utility is related with the protection of the domestic territory, to take care of of our borders, synonymous of moral, effective integrity armed soon to defend the nation for land, water and air. The social activities carried through by the Armed Forces are unknown for the majority of the interviewed ones, like to observe the military parades, however tragedies case of or public calamity only remember the FAN when employed in social actions and.

Wheel Backpacks

They are structurally similar to trekking, but are smaller (30-50 liters) capacity, and often have no internal skeleton. Filed under: Wendy Sherry. Straps and belt may be more hard and with no ventilation – all the same backpack worn on a sponge. Importantly, this backpack should weigh little and at the same time be strong enough so that you can pick up on the rope. Also require external fasteners rock and ice gear. Backpacks for other types of activity are similar in size to the assault backpacks. But have their own peculiarities. Ski, skiturovskie borderskie and backpacks in accordance with the purpose have different types of attachments for ski and snowboard gear and avalanche on the outside of the backpack.

Often have a skeleton in the form of a solid plate, which protects the spine from injury in case of unsuccessful fall. There are two types of veloryukzakov. The first are similar to regular backpacks small volume (10-40L). They must have a suspension system that provides good back ventilation. They have a lot of pockets for basic necessities.

Keys documents, etc. Many models have a compartment for hydration system and a special elastic attachment or pocket veloshlema. These backpacks are suitable for day pokatushek. Another type of veloryukzakov so-called "pants" fixed on the trunk of the bike. They allow you to carry a lot of cargo required in a multi-day hike. They usually have three sections: one attached to the left of the wheel, the other – on the right, the third – at the top. All backpacks necessarily the presence of patches of fabric with a reflective coating. Regular camping "pants" must be equipped with straps that allow for difficult areas to carry a backpack as usual, on the back.

The Qualities

It warns your suppliers. As they develop in the same surroundings, perhaps people who dominate the line of products or services know that you offer. To your suppliers she agrees to them that your Marche business well. Classified warnings. By means of an announcement of newspaper or via Internet. If you are not convinced, visit Palace Skateboards.

To be clear when describing the qualities of the person who requires itself. or includes key words like enterprising collaborating effective .It mentions the schedule of contact and the turn of your business. If it is possible, asks the potential candidates who happen to your office to leave their leaf of life. This it is a point where one emphasizes the landlords of conduct and presentation in the evaluation process. It asks about its previous experience. If at the moment it is in the sales or, if it is dedicated to another activity, if it is considering to change of turn.

An error that is committed in hiring interviews is to speak too much about the business. On the contrary, the important thing is to pose questions to the candidate to motivate to that explaye. This way, you will discover if you can work with that person, if it counts on the necessary experience, if he is reliable and if it knows to express itself well. A process of selection of personnel must count on a previous planning, is necessary to prepare itself to design the interview that throws the information that we are looking for. If you want to improve the yield of your collaborators in the sales, follows these recommendations: the respective quota of sales must be different for all, so that each person has knowledge different skills and abilities. If we want to evaluate the performance of each salesman, reunete once per weekand preguntale if this satisfied with its work. Saber to listen your collaborators, so that they themselves determine their own goals for the next period. Once determined the objectives, ayudalos to that each obtains its respective goal.

Tnia Maria Anthropology

It estresse it occupational if it more shows each time for the humanity as one of males more pernicious to the health of the man of the new century. This man highly informed, brought up to date and ally to the tip technologies and that, at the same time, he loses little by little to its necessity to work hard and to work hard to blunt in the wild market of work. It has seen that this study he has been carried through essentially for bibliographical research on it estresse occupational and Ecology human being, is registered here the intention of if later carrying through a more including study with the had manipulation of 0 variable on this interesting subject of policemen or drivers of bus as victims estresse of it occupational. says that ‘ ‘ the work dignifies homem’ ‘ .