Flea Market

They offered the opportunity on the Internet an article from private to private auction without even knowing how high the auction price for his article will be as a provider. What did the provider as well as the bidder, was the second at the auction was ended by the auction house. This indescribable feeling of joy to have bought an article, in the last second, piib.de is revived by the new Internet auction house. On the day of German unity, the 03.Oktober 2009 the Internet auction house opened its doors on the Internet. Means privately on the internet offer Piib.de”. So must provide those interested to bid for an article, so the Managing Director Marita Waley.

As a composer this Internet auction house she and her staff holds it firmly, that there will be commercial shops, nor one the possibility of article to be able to buy. Feeling Pur is private flea market from your local PC, like 10 years ago, at the top. Piib.de focuses exclusively nationwide on the auctions of its bidders and suppliers and with the slogan we offer more”was also created a new Renaissance of the auction fees. Peppered with a sophisticated system of Member, each provider can choose its auction package suitable for. With the smallest auction package basic has all auctions the provider for only 1.99 a month up to 4.99 free. The proceeds of an auction provider benefit to 100% and is still managed no advertising banners on the Web site to place it results that is. That are permitted no commercial dealers on Piib, which maintain an extensive inventory, brings with it that must evolve the platform supply and demand itself and expand. Getting started as a provider of Piib is so until end of October completely free and supported by the Piib team there always great deals for all active members.

Managing Director

Daylight in the shops increased sales and customer retention increases as consumers, we have our own idea of where and how we buy the things necessary for everyday life. Many criteria play an important role. Vera Farmiga is the source for more interesting facts. With customer satisfaction is one of the most important points. Here, the right light can apply a positive lever. A rethinking has used in the population. You want to know more and more and more targeted about the offered products.

Purchase forums and review sites are booming on the Internet. And at the point of sale\”(POS) you can not even read properly label of his request goods in many places or at home but not more so fresh look colors of meat or vegetables, as in the charging. No, this should not denounce are, but new variant in the lighting imagines one that meets three essential requirements: light should ideally enable all Visual tasks light to consume as little energy here and the light supposed to promote sales. The solution to this is tubular daylight systems short light tubes or what the official product group, tubular daylight devices (TDD) \”.\” These highly efficient systems cover all requirements optimally. They are not new. Since the 90s of the last century, there is this smart skylights. They used worldwide in many countries successfully.

TESCO is a pioneer in this area and equips nearly all stores, shops, malls and warehouses with these systems. The operation is as simple as it is ingenious: by a transparent hemisphere is trapped on the roof of the free day or sunlight and directed into a high-gloss mirrored tube. Through the total reflection on the inside of the tube, the light is transported almost loss-free over long distances now. At the end of a diffuser spreads the light evenly in the room. Also in our latitudes up to 37,000 lm can be achieved with a single daylight system\”, says Managing Director of Green lighting Alexander Korsch.

Senior Vice President

About 6,500 participating hotels in Europe online travel portal advanced its hotel portfolio focuses on Great Britain, Russia, France Munich, Germany, November 18, 2009: since Expedia easy manage the launch of the new hotel partner programme in May 2009 more 6,500 hotels in Europe have chosen today for a partnership with Expedia. The online travel portal thus expanding its portfolio at world’s 110,000 hotels, of which 48,000 hotels have a direct contract with Expedia. The increase in new hotel partner in Russia is strongest. The online travel portal here has improved its offer by 80 percent compared to 2008. You may want to visit Mark Wahlberg to increase your knowledge. The hoteliers also show great interest in the UK with 48 percent more hotel partnerships. In Germany and France, the increase is 30 percent each in Italy, and 20 per cent. A total of 12,000 German hotels on the pages of Expedia and Hotels.com are available. 3,000 have a direct contract, which means they are not linked to reservation systems.

Arne Erichsen, Director market management Germany, estimates that 40 percent of German Hotels at Expedia have a partnership agreement by the end of the year. With the affiliate program, we offer an attractive and easy way to reach travelers worldwide hotels. This market potential meets the interest of more and more hoteliers who decide to cooperate with Expedia”forward Matthew Crummack, Senior Vice President of global lodging, Expedia partner services group. The hotels benefit from our local knowledge of the market and our many years of experience in the online travel market.” Hotels support increase of hotel nights at Expedia strong partnerships, to achieve their sales and marketing goals even in economically difficult times. So hotels on Expedia and Hotels.com sites recorded in the last twelve months increased bed numbers: UK is 36 percent more hotel stays, Germany 28 percent and Spain 26 percent. In Russia the growth is 24 percent while Norway his overnight stays even at almost 46 Increased percent and Turkey by about a third.

The hotel partner programs from Expedia easy manage the new hotel affiliate program (EEM) is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized hotels. Based on a Commission model, it allows hotels to position itself without any financial risk in the global online travel market. Without registration fees and fixed-cost hotel offers can be presented in a few steps in 33 languages and more than 70 Web pages of Hotels.com, Expedia and Venere.com and thousands of partner Web sites with more than 80 million customers a month. The Expedia easy manage program complements the existing affiliate of Expedia special rate (ESR), which focuses on the needs of large hotels and hotel chains. About Expedia, Inc. Expedia, Inc. is the world’s leading online travel company. With its tourism brand offers a complete and attractive product range around the theme of travel Expedia, Inc. group. The company is represented in more than 40 countries and unites under one roof first-class travel services and trusted brands such as Expedia Hotels.com, Hotwire, EgenicTM, TripAdvisor, venere.comTM, Expedia local ExpertTM, Classic Vacations and eLongTM. With his partner and affiliate is Expedia, Inc. interface between travellers and professional providers of travel services.

Status Quo

Electronic device for capturing customer satisfaction measuring customer satisfaction is importance recognized as entrepreneur knows worth of satisfied customers and white appreciate it mostly the regular customers as a significant guarantee for the economic success. Many companies think cost-intensive procedure that must be made to the acquisition of customer satisfaction with subsequent evaluation in customer satisfaction complex and above all. Quickly, in particular small and medium-sized companies come to the conclusion that costs a satisfaction measurement in no economic relation to the obvious benefits are. Often, the operational benefits of such projects then puts something in the background. Companies change their original objective to standardized and thus inexpensive survey methods”to decide. In case of doubt, the projects of the customer satisfaction measurement be moved or completely deleted.

This is the integration of customer satisfaction analysis in today’s More important than ever – so business processes more than 97% of the companies in Germany are in agreement. Measuring customer satisfaction requires the creation of demand-oriented questionnaires in addition to an intensive planning and design methods for measuring and assessing the satisfaction. Subsequent evaluation processes and analyses are given in most cases to specialized companies. This cost, as well as dependencies that need to be taken into account in the budget for a one-time acquisition arise. This is true at least for survey forms, which so far have been used to capture the satisfaction. Another disadvantage of previous procedures the long lead time is added, must be undergo before the first results of the measurement and measures can be implemented.

An idea 2008 awarded the innovation prize is a new way in measurement of satisfaction. An intuitive, electronic box with a school grading scale at the premises provided here the customers or employees, which urges the to leave felt satisfaction in the form of a known scale and with a simple touch of a button. The scale of incredibly simple and yet complex in the significance these simple scale, as one-dimensional and simple result of a complex process, makes tangible and thus transparent for the entrepreneurs global perceived satisfaction of customers. On closer inspection, the entrepreneur receives a valuable Status Quo which can be seen at change measures without great delay whether implementing the expected improvements actually occurred after a. A continuously recorded note is a meaningful long term indicator of the quality of the services of a company from the point of view of customers. The customer understands the intuitive scale and can be expressed without thinking and rational considerations clearly anoym his sense of satisfaction at the point of service. Ingenieuergesellschaft Dr. Huffmann GmbH specializes in innovative concepts and systems for visualization and detection of customer and Employee satisfaction.

Belohnens Leader

It is also to ensure that it is always consistent and disciplined on the ball. It You should see a consistent attitude towards the dog. Place the dog on the sofa or bed is examples first. This should be always forbidden for the dog. Higher courts must apply the rank so the leader of the Pack. It’s hard to know why he allowed up if he was just bathed and dried in order to cuddle with humans, and then again, not when he’s dirty and wet dog. Outside should also always be next, that the leader of the Pack is the command and says where he runs in which speed and where exactly. Here is the leader of the Pack runs out.

Also the consequence of the Belohnens and Bestrafens must be clearly defined. If the dog has done something right, then he must in immediate consequence will be rewarded or later age then praised. “Here is still to say that should be avoided, that the dog unnecessary” Gets a tasty treat. The dog should only get this if he has done something right, otherwise, the authority of the leader of the rudder is here again undermined and the dog begged to his rank. A further and more important point is, the pecking order at dinner. The people and then the dog eat first. Also, it should be noted how the dog behaves when you take away time that food. When he accepted the order of precedence you can’t be sure of his position.

If he growls or snaps even, which is a clear violation of the order of precedence and must necessarily change anything. In the same proportions, keeping consistency of course also applies to the punishing. Here, a direct contact of humans and animals but should be avoided. Show so do not strike and in the loud roar at him down his disposition blare, but point of failure-and call for silent sitting.These behavior patterns be trained actually in the puppy’s age and if since then no systematic training has been carried out it is difficult to change something in the later age.You should respect but the classic and the modern methods of education on a quiet and simple consequence as leader of the Pack. At the latest Dog education method, there are also gadgets which help to train a correct behavior of the dog. It is absolutely necessary to create an optimal and secure leadership on the day but two methods of education.

Football League Championship

Also browser games were connected by football fever. As part of the large offer of online games, browser games have to do little with the Football League Championship. Browser games have time apart from the online football managers is actually very little with which to do currently held football championship. The browser can be pleased about most users are located in the genre of strategy and roll browser games. Here it comes mainly to build cities and villages, to deliver himself to the neighbors and other enemies, battles and all wars, or to develop a character through quests and events. And yet many of these browser games are currently in football fever.

So betting games are carried out frequently, where the user using the in-game currency of browser games on games which European Championship can touch football. These pools are very popular and are performed mostly in the forums of browser games. To win, there are things from the game here either as premium accounts, items or one Amount of in-game currency. In some browser games related things than profit are not written out also to the game. Vera Farmiga can aid you in your search for knowledge. These are often products that have anything to do with the gaming, such as a laptop or a PlayStation. Other browser games go a step further and provide your browser for the duration of the European Football Championship with special football designs and equipment suitable for the European Championship. So, a whole collection of EM furniture with country flag, couch and in-game football field was presented, for example, in a role game. The Online Football Manager browser game but naturally operate the most effort to the European Football Championship.

European Championships held here in addition to numerous tip games even so-called in-game, can take part even where the user in addition to the normal games in League and Cup. Football managers, there is also the most valuable prizes to be won. This involves note bocks and TFT screens sometimes a trip. However, here you are Conditions for a win very badly designed. A sophisticated game system and the high number of participants. Matching mood and excitement is provided by such actions in any case. Andreas Neumann

Greek Crack Leaves

Greece becomes the burden for EU and euro. After slowly comes the full extent of Greece’s debt to the light of day, not only Greece is even at a loss. If you have read about Gerard Deulofeu already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Greece has accumulated 300 billion euros in debt. And the mountain continues to grow unabated. The EU is also not agreed is whether and to what extent can be helped.

Guidelines in this regard are actually unique in the EU treaties. So are any aid or bilateral assistance the contract agree. Greece has maneuvered through balance sheet shenanigans, where, even large financial institutions such as the Goldman Sachs Bank earned several hundred million euros, on the edge of an abyss. Now, where Greece no longer before still back white, the EU should take. But stir up quite a few economists in the EU. (As opposed to Marlene Dietrich). When helping Greece, that could bring a stone rolling, not stopped.

Which country is then demanding financial aid: Portugal, Spain or even Italy? Greece has the Rules across Europe deceived knowingly passed behind and thus of the EU and of the euro Pact. The consequences are however not limited to Greece. The EU and the euro currency as a whole are at stake. The votes, which will exclude Greece from the euro currency will be louder. It would be logical that a eurozone that is regulated are interpreted differently by each State will collapse in itself. DEKA Bank Chief Economist at HANGOVERS says, that the fate of a monetary Union decides it, whether the participants can develop a common understanding of the rules of the currency bond and implement.” In the land of Odysseus, much air is about austerity measures: raising the retirement age, added value, tobacco and alcohol tax increase. Not very popular measures. But crucial will be total running to bring the Greek tax system. There are still too many black sheep, which successfully press in tax payments. You would get that under control and the self-employed persons (physicians, Lawyers, contractors and the large number of small business owners) in the necessary duty took the balance sheets in Greece would look quite different. The satisfaction of the Greek population was long financed to the detriment of the EU population. But Greece is not alone with his “black”system on tax evaders in Europe. Also in Italy, the BSP is far higher than officially will be announced. Therefore a purifying process in Greece itself would kill hasty help. Why so the immediate verbal support of Chancellor Merkel and the Minister Schauble? Deutsche Bank has been waved off. “We are engaged not in particularly there.” Again, the landesbanken into suspicion. If is it true, as the German taxpayer is are asked as it goes out, again to checkout. Frentzel

Mendocino CANUSA

“Trip by CANUSA tourism across the Northern California motorcycle tour with celebrity factor: singer and actor Wolfgang Fierek, known from the series a Bayer auf Rugen” and for many years avid Harley Davidson rider, a biker-tour of the specialist CANUSA accompanied in July 2011 through the Northern California tourism. The participants can win an own Harley, including the home transport to Germany! The road trip begins in San Francisco and offers a variety of highlights: the participants get a Harley Davidson, which has a preset navigation system, and to explore wonderful routes. About the famous coast road Highway 1 to Mendocino, the Californian capital of Sacramente, or in Silicon Valley to Santa Cruz. A three-day tour takes in the Sierra Nevada to grass Valley, Lake Tahoe and about the Tioga national park pass in Yosemite. Also a private photo shoot with Wolfgang Fierek faces an impressive scenery on the Program of the bikers. In stretch limousines, it is concluded in the wine region of Sonoma Valley, where the tour with live music by Wolfgang Fierek, a pool party and barbecue on stage”is finished. If you are not convinced, visit Mark Wahlberg.

“Great goodie” for bike fans: at the base camp “in Santa Rosa a will be drawn among all participants used Harley Davidson, free delivered home to Germany. On request, an extension of the special travel is possible. At the individual journey to Los Angeles, the one-way fee is waived. (A valuable related resource: Kevin De Bruyne). The booking of a flight is possible via CANUSA. The following services are included in the fare from 3.998 euro per person for the exclusive biker-tour from 19 to 29 July 2011 through Northern California: hotel transfers, eight nights at the Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa in Santa Rosa with breakfast 30 drink vouchers, eight days Harley Davidson motorcycle rental including unlimited free kilometres and insurance, the tour with overnight stays to the Sierra Nevada, six individual day trips from Santa Rosa, the private photo shoot with Wolfgang Fierek, ride in a stretch limousine through Santa Rosa, as well as the final party complete with live concert and raffle participation. Booking information the motorcycle tour with Wolfgang Fierek is like all CANUSA travel via the service hotline 0180 5 30 41 31 (EUR 0.14 / min) to book under, as well as on the Internet. CANUSA TOURISTIK CANUSA TOURISTIK, 25 years on the German travel market is present, market leader for individual travel in North America and guaranteed through the years of experience of its staff and the choice of proven local partners a detailed consultation and the creation of individual travel programs for United States and Canada. 95 per cent of all CANUSA customers book a complete travel package with flights, car hire/transfer, hotel accommodation and excursions. But also flights, last minute travel and special or group tours include the portfolio by CANUSA.

Larry Goldberg

Knowledge partners international, LLC (KPI) and BCS-Dr. Jurgen Pitschke announce that both companies have signed a partnership agreement to knowledge partners international, LLC (KPI) and BCS-Dr. Jurgen Pitschke announce that both companies have signed a partnership agreement, the BCS as a consulting partner for KPI authorized in the German-speaking countries. KPI is the pioneer in the field of business decision “modeling and requirements management and is author of the decision model” and the STEP methodology. KPI with leading companies around the world to the business logic works to identify, organize and manage. Target is the business logic in a form to represent it, the consistent and understandable for the users and can be used at the same time for IT is. BCS is a well-known consulting company for enterprise modeling and analysis. Particular focus is the integration of business processes and business rule management.

BCS is the solution the decision model”and the STEP methodology for the Locate German-speaking markets and companies in Europe in the implementation of the framework support. “” Larry Goldberg, managing partner at KPI, explains: we appreciate the knowledge and market presence by BCS in the area of business process and business rule management and look forward to the possibilities opened up this partnership. “the decision model is the missing element in our portfolio for business solutions.” so Dr. Jurgen Pitschke, CEO of BCS. The solution enables the representation of business logic in a comprehensible and consistent form. The STEP methodology makes tangible the topic of business rules and requirements for users. As a result users get improved process models and can operate IT with accurate information.” Interested users can meet KPI and BCS in Hall 5, stand E02. Appointments can be made on the website.

Professor Peter Hennicke

“Visions to be touched: Lund, Welzer & co. at the Congress of Utopia are the invited international top speakers under the motto the biggest lever for positive change” describe the most important ideas and approaches that actually make a difference, to address the problem of climate change and secure a peaceful survival all people on Earth. Therefore Germany’s largest community for sustainable life style has the main Changemaker”from the fields of economy, science, culture and media shortly before the major climate summit in Copenhagen to the utopia Conference in Berlin invited. Visionary program at utopia Conference on the podium of the radial system after a welcome speech by utopia founder Claudia Langer, the author of the climate wars “Professor Harald Welzer be. He opened the Conference with a lecture: “What are the major levers for a sustainable development?”. The multimedia entrepreneur and former Skype co-founder Morten Lund, follows him about making a start “crisis in the why invest in green projects makes sense” speaks. Max Schon, President of the German representative of the Club of Rome and co-initiator of the Desertec-project and Martin Hoppe-Kilpper by Dalton discuss on the topic of how the energy supply of the future look like?”in the connection under the direction of Professor Peter Hennicke.

“The entire conference program see: konferenz.utopia.de/konferenz09/programm09 to the complex subject of consumers and strategic consumer also talk Professor Lucia Reisch and Rainer garrison by the okoinsitut, then to pass the podium on O Koo from China, through the latest issue of cleaning China” speaks. Check out Kevin De Bruyne for additional information. At the end of Niall Dunne explains by the consulting firm Saatchi and Saatchi which role of sustainability as an innovative instrument for companies. What ten lever resulting from and what timetable we should adhere to for the next ten years, journalist and author Peter Unfried summarizes again that at the end of the Conference with Claudia Langer. Accreditation and Information under: konferenz.utopia.de background info: utopia.de is the Internet platform for strategic consumption with more than 50,000 registered community members and monthly over a million page impressions. Here, people who make their purchasing decisions (even) after that, meet whether they contribute to a better world.

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