Android Simple

The picture is taken and appear all details pertaining to what was photographed; If it’s a book appears the author, if a work of art is the name of the painter, for example; many more data also appear with Google Goggles and you have the option of translating a text behind the camera. Recently Brian Krzanich sought to clarify these questions. Despite the fact that he now seems to be based on a very simple system, the end of Tom Caudell who named augmented reality in 92, required time, time to make the development of cameras and the size of computers would popularize the RA. Thinking communicate or sell, if you have a string of business premises, for example, will have to see how to include them using geolocation or by image location. Since Google Goggles works with tremendous information that is saved in the cloud base, the presence on the web can be a gateway for users of this app for Smartphones. Millions of users have opted to acquire technology Android, so it is good to have some kind of application of Download for free Android phones to further capture the attention of users with this type of mobile.

On the web have begun to see apps that used the webcam on your computer to play and capture the attention of Web surfers, and thus participate in games with prizes, matter that is very well perform at this time if one has the possibility to show innovative applications. Also for mobile phones, this type of apps even though they do not have a defined utility served a lot to strengthen the brand since users are hungry for good demos of augmented reality. I have seen applications very simple or simple ranging from changing color and hair cutting as advertising a brand of dye or present a kind of mirror with which makeup face in virtual form, until games to play without mouse or keyboard using the webcam the possibilities are nearly endless today. .