Anselm Grun Leadership

Ifsm Congress leaders discuss how companies and employees in the future run. We based our actions on what values? How exercise we our responsibility towards our company and our employees and to society at the same time? How do we avoid that we find ourselves in an existential crisis? These questions deal with many executives in addition to their daily business not only since the financial and economic crisis showed, what sometimes operational action with feet of clay. Turns to such questions, because even a Congress, the ifsm Institute for sale management, Urbar, with the consulting firm Kissel consulting held on May 12, 2010, in the monastery of Besselich (near Koblenz). “His title: value leadership to operate in the future”. As a keynote speaker for the one-day Congress, the organizer of Pater Anselm Grun have been engaged.

The economic Director of the Benedictine section of Munsterschwarzach is on the subject of human life wake up”talk. In his presentation, followed by discussion is the author of several bestselling books on the subject of self and leadership among other answers to the question: How do I have to myself, to make other people? He also argues that execution means to awaken life in other people and what follows for the leadership. In addition to the lecture by Anselm Grun are numerous parallel one-hour workshops in the program. These can either visit the participants. “Among others Josef Mikus, head of human resources of SCHUFA-Germany, in a workshop Guide and synchronization will” with the participants of the question: why the members of organizations often draw on different strands “and understand changes in different speeds? Together, they are looking for ways, like the Asynchronicity”can be minimized and used for innovations. A different workshop revolves around the question of how executives through values employees and customers move can.

He is guided by Michaela Mojzis, who for many years was campaign manager and press spokeswoman of parties in Austria. In a further workshop, the Organization developer Bernhard worked out almost with the participants to (MIS) success examples, how the company a value leadership can be established. The Congress fee is 155 euro.