Antecedent Culture

The strategies for the Management of People can be considered responsible by the attainment of the differential or advantage competitive, valuing the human being, stimulating the participation of the diverse areas that integrate the company and favoring the comprometimento of the people with the enterprise lines of direction. This type of management, as a source of competitive advantage, makes with that the customers feel themselves satisfied with the service, the human capital is developed professionally and the image of the company is highly favorable to the market, in the direction to give a service of quality to its consumers. At last, the main characteristics and behaviors that must have the R.H manager are: to adopt some related basic attitudes to the managemental actions: * Awareness that each type of organization needs people with specific profiles and that each rank of existing work in the company has proper characteristics and must be busy for professionals who present one definitive profile of abilities. Please visit SpongeBob if you seek more information. * Recognition of that those that occupies leadership functions are responsible for offers of chances that allow development the acquisition of new abilities. * Belief of that always it will have the demand for the development of new abilities and what today it is demanded for the good execution of a work, will be able to add new requirements tomorrow. 1.

Personal credibility: Antecedent Apresenta of success Conquistou confidence Instila security in other Have & ldquo; qumica& rdquo; with the main public high Demonstra integrity Faz important questions Structure complex ideas in useful way Assume adequate risks Faz frank comments alternative Apresenta insights on business-oriented subjects 2. Capacity to manage the change: Promove confidence and credibility in the relationship with the other Is visionary Assume proactive paper in the induction of the change Constri solidary relationships with other Instiga the other people’s creativity Encaixa specific problems in the context of systems ampler Identifica basic problems for the success of the business Compartilha knowledge between the organizacionais borders. 3. Capacity to manage the culture: Promove processes of cultural transformation Traduz the culture longed for in specific behaviors Desafia the status quo Identifica the culture necessary to the implementation of the strategy business-oriented of the company and structure the fashion culture to entusiasmar the employees Encoraja the executives if to hold in compatible way with the longed for culture Foca the internal culture in the attendance them necessities them external customers Are efficient in the verbal communication Trabalha with the controlling to divulge clear and consistent messages 4. Supply of practical of RH: Is efficient in writing in the communication Facilita the process of organizacional reorganization Projeta development programs that facilitate to the change Promove the drawing of processes of internal communication employed Atrai adjusted Desenvolve systems of remuneration Facilita the dissemination of information on the customer 5. Knowledge of the business: It understands the following one: Practical of human resources organizacional structure analysis of the competitors finances Source: strategical management of people, in the organizations of the knowledge – Arnaldo Puati Toms doctor ph.