Armed Forces

One becomes basic, therefore, that the Armed Forces present a consentnea image with the expectations of the nation and that, above all, the image portraies, with precision, the real face of the Institution. For confection of the research, questionnaires had been applied the one hundred citizens of the city of Rio De Janeiro, being ten, in the environment of work of the researcher, forty applied the colleagues of classroom and professors of the course of after-graduation in marketing of UCAM and cinquenta questionnaires had been applied in random way in the streets of the city it Rio De Janeiro the people with age between 20 and 50 years, being cinquenta women and cinquenta men, in as the semester of 2005. People such as Skechers would likely agree. Each research is composed of 05 questions, where if it started requesting the information on age and sex and had after appeared the questions: 1 – when you hear the expression ‘ ‘ Armed Forces ‘ ‘ what the mind comes it? 2 – in its opinion so that it serves the Armed Forces? 3 – knows some done social activity for the Armed Forces? 4 – already it saw some propaganda of the Armed Forces? 5 – how you would like that she was or she acted our Armed Forces? The results of the research it associated the Armed Forces expression being on to the respect, order, disciplines, treatment with the aspects most inflexible of the professions, educated, however energetic people and also to the use of the force. How much its utility is related with the protection of the domestic territory, to take care of of our borders, synonymous of moral, effective integrity armed soon to defend the nation for land, water and air. The social activities carried through by the Armed Forces are unknown for the majority of the interviewed ones, like to observe the military parades, however tragedies case of or public calamity only remember the FAN when employed in social actions and.