As It Arrives Of Consul To Chancellor In La Argentina

JOSE BRECHNER when Hector Timerman was appointed Ambassador to the United States, I said: is the highest and the lowest that can be reached. As high, because representing a country in Washington is a very high honor. Most bass, because it depends on which Government embodies. He managed in record time to ascend’s consul to Ambassador and subsequently Minister of Foreign Affairs, without previous experience in International Affairs, was bizarre, but his sudden appearance in the political arena is no coincidence. The father of Hector Timerman; James was a journalist who achieved success teaming up with David Graiver, the banker who managed the money that the Montoneros got kidnap civilians apolitical, by which demanded millionaires ransoms for their release. With money contributed by Graiver, James founded La Opinion, a newspaper that notoriety denouncing the repression of the military governments in 1971. Obviously the journal not condemning the crimes of the Montoneros. Interestingly, the current regime to which his son embodies and defends aguerridamente, became known internationally only by being enemy of free press.

James was antiperonist. When Peron in 1973 announced that it returned to Argentina from exile in Spain, he replied, arrives Peron goes Timerman. But time Peron was another man and there was no persecution adversaries. Hector became Peronist and is reaping the fruits of its decision, because the Peronist party was cornered by the former Montonero who could close easily for the Consulate in New York. An irrelevant charge, but that served to acquire representativeness. The harshest ruling him posthumously rewarded favors Jacobo, giving irrelevant place to his son. Hector knew how to use the nomination to preen in New York with a most distinguished business card and convinced Christine that he had influence in powerful circles. In reality, their vapid relationships, totally useless are politically, due to the wealthy fortune of his wife who opened privileged gates of New York society.