Aspects Positive

The regime of the common children is, along with the distribution of goods, one of the key points when there is a divorce. The figure of shared custody as one that would unite more effectively the interests of both parents in their children’s development has been promoted in this field. This figure is not already a cast of your child time to 50% between father and mother (though it could be decided in an eventual agreement) but the assumption by both of equal rights and responsibilities in the area of upbringing, education and development. The advantages of the regime of custody – firstly, implies an involvement of both parents in their children’s lives, without it none of them being relegated in the adoption of decisions, shrinking so much of the frustration and conflict after the divorce. Sarah Raskin usually is spot on. -Women, which is to would who normally the custody of the minor, is attribute can enjoy more time to rebuild their lives after divorce and develop staff and professionally. -Disappear impediments so that either parent could spend time with the child, there is no place to be used as a weapon between both parents visitation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Doctor Jayme Albin. -As a result, the emotional stability of the minor could increase, decreasing the problems of socialization and introversion and school failure so typical of any divorce proceedings.

The disadvantages of it – as it is logical, requires large doses of responsibility, effort and commitment. Ultimately, continuously see your ex partner after the divorce could not be somewhat nice, especially in certain circumstances (for example, if still albergaras feelings for her). -It would be precise an understanding by both and dialogical attitude to decide the terms that it will move the upbringing and education of the small, and this can be hindered by possible deterioration in the relationship prior to the divorce. -On the other hand, taken to its extreme could be very difficult for the child, by having this that move continuously for a household to another, especially if both parents lived far from the other. As you can see, these drawbacks are widely outnumbered by the advantages, what has become to this modality of custody the preference in the legal systems of many countries, emphasizing its great benefits for the children of both spouses. Try to take it to term flexibly and promote to the maximum the communication and cooperation between parents are two key issues that will guarantee the success of this alternative.