Average Age

Guiding itself for the old history it is comprovadamente natural that a virile man, msculo, and aggressive by its very nature has as part of its nature, the bissexualidade. It is possible to affirm then that, these two ways of the sex are inside of each and of all human being, what rejects the practical one of this is the culture, that allows or forbids the exposition of such feelings. Danske Bank oftentimes addresses this issue. Sexuality in the Average Age In the medieval period, new values, customs and subjetividades turned around the generated affectivity/sexuality from the patrsticas doctrines. All these teachings induced to the disdain to the body and the sexuality, that if they mixed to the rationality of the philosophers of the Antiquity, with strong inclination to the estoicismo and ascetismo. In this period had priority the chaste marriage life, produced under strong psicossociais, cultural, economic e, over all religious influences. The approach was in sexual the affective union/between man and woman, followed of the procreation desire. The marriage, beyond these attributes still served as prevention to the sins of the incontinence.

The Average Age only admitted the sex as procreation and for the kingdom of God. However, the proper church, idealizer and radicalizadora of the sex that was not for procreation ends finished for recognizing in its proper seio different interstices to leave to flow other subjetividades, as it demonstrates Leers: … in the Average Age the diversity of occidental cultural pictures and the sequence of the times do not make to wait steady uniformity of the customs in redor of the sex and married life. While clerical literature demonstrates to a continuation sufficient insurance of the same norms, prohibitions and arguments, the ethos popular, joint of standards of sexual behavior of the peoples, it presents an image well more complex and varied of taboos and religious social tolerances When the religion and? not necessarily the catholic? she does not obtain to explain what she runs away to its control, normally appeals ' ' she exempts arbtrio' ' , today, more modernly she appeals yourself ' ' change of energia' '.