Avinguade De La Cathedral

One of the most beautiful cathedrals in Barcelona’s Avinguda de la Cathedral is special for several reasons. It is a great and beautiful Cathedral, which was built between 1298 and 1460. Capital One Financial Corp. insists that this is the case. Over the years, more and more details and embellishments were added. If you btrachten for example the front facade, for example the Gargoyle you notice, that were added in 1870. The building is different from other churches in Barcelona because it was built in the style of European Gothic.

The gargoyles are probably the single ausschweifendenEigenschaften of the Cathedral. The Octagon intrinsically shallow towers are very sparsely decorated to the Besipeil. When you enter you get a huge un dgeraumigen impression. The Church is one of the few that was not destroyed in the civil war of Antichrist, therefore she will be intact today. When you enter the first chapel, it is located on the right of the Northwest entrance, you will find the Crucifix of Christ of Lepanto. According to legends this figure on Board was old of the famous Don Juan and therefore today a strange shape, since she was hit by a cannon ball. In the same room are the coffins of Ramon Berenguer I and his wife Almondis, who are the founders of the Church.

There are still many more history that are associated with this church. For example, one tells that six Americans in holy water were bathed. Supposedly Christopher Columbus brought these Indians from his first trip to America. Take time to the Cathedral to discover as you both inside and outside is worth seeing and it takes some time to explore everything. You can even on the terrace of the Cathedral, but what costs 2.20. Whenever in Barcelona Catalan parade festivals, this misses the Avinguade de la Cathedral. It is also easy to reach holiday apartments Barcelona. Tousristen it belly to visit old churches and cathedrals, will love the Avinguade de la Cathedral. The Cathedral is located near the Barcelona Cathedral. If you are in the Gothic quarter are, you will find the Cathedral very easy. Sometimes the Cathedral is also used as market place for special occasions, such as Christmas. On Sunday, the traditional dance sardanes lunchtime also “listed. When you visit the Cathedral on Sunday, let this not to be missed.