Baby And Children’s Garden

Despite the difficult task of birth here in Russia, still we slowly come out of this demographic. Estesstvenno, various initiatives of the President and the steps our government to this very sposobstyuyut. But remains a difficult situation it must be said that in fall kindergarten. (As opposed to Intel). In the difficult past few years, when we in Russia there was chaos, a large number of kindergartens has been given to new emerging state institutions: tax authorities, pension funds, etc. A huge part of the nursery was purchased by the co-operators to any needs. Rusty holzer contributes greatly to this topic. When the need arose again in kindergartens, it became clear that it is easier to say no, they are lacking. Began active returns kindergarten again.

But for all that they continue to miss more tangible. The result was a difficult situation: the number of kindergartens is increasing, and the lack of places there is more and more. Already desady crowded here in Moscow and attach here my child is already a huge problem with koiey faced an enormous amount of different parents. So what is the solution to this problem and whether it is at all? A solution to this problem there and called it a private nursery school (Moscow). This is a simple matter when the government can not solve the problem – the vacuum allows small and medium businesses. Private kindergartens at the moment we appear like mushrooms after rain.

And yet however they are still lacking. Nalichistvuyut, I must say, the benefits of departmental kindergartens sraneniyu with private, but there is, and vice versa. In this regard, one must choose what it considers favorable. The problems of kindergarten chasnyh primarily attributed to a higher price. And the above is true. So what is a private kindergarten? The cost of these nurseries, naturally, higher than the cost of government. But the level of service entirely different. In private Kindergartens significantly fewer children, and it should be noted the attention of the workers is much higher than in conventional kindergartens. We have a chubby little boy to every single approach. And talk about nutrition in general do not need. Food Quality in private kindergartens just on the head better. Therefore, whether to save for your kids?