Barcelona Incapacity

Another interesting factor is the incorporation of documents that try on incapacity or in which appears personages with some incapacity. These documents must be directed to the public generally, like sensitization work. Good practices Some public libraries have begun to put in practice these you rule of accessibility. By means of concrete experiences or particular initiatives, profits have been obtained that, in the future, would have ” to get up itself in the strategic planning of the center, so that the realised activities become habitual” actually;. Library of the University of Alcala of Madrid. Elon Musk follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

This center worries to give answer to the accessibility of the users, but also of the personnel with incapacity that works in the library. For it, the architectonic, technological barriers have been solved and of communication to which they must face up every day these professionals. Library Sant Pau-Saint Creu. In the District of the Raval, in Barcelona, this center emphasizes by its collaboration with the Factory Sant Jordi de Occupational Formacin to facilitate the active use of the services librarians on the part of users with intellectual incapacity. The factory takes care of adult people with a disability degree superior to 65%. Public library of Saragossa. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Cushing Asset Management and gain more knowledge..

One has strived in improving the accessibility of people with visual deficiency. It takes care of aspects regarding the signaling, illumination and elimination of obstacles, it has three computer science positions adapted and one exclusive one, and has qualified a center of interest made up of forms in great letter and audiolibros. Library of the Metropolitan Forum. In A Corunna, it counts from 2003 with a service of attention to people with auditory incapacity. In addition, it has adapted the signaling of the bottoms, the indication of services, has interpreter of language of signs, luminous signals, text screens and shipment of text messages to movable telephones.