Blacksmithing Carpentry

FEMET SRL is a family business with over 30 years working in construction, adapting to new materials and designs. Our first steps were to work with customers and working with companies in the area. After years and having gained experience and capacity, FEMET SRL decided to open its doors to new customers. So today we can provide our company to carry out their projects. In FEMET SRL sigientes provide the services: metalwork and blacksmithing: the manufacture of iron plate openings, roofs, pergolas, awnings, fences, gates, floors, stairs, grills, fireplaces, bauleras, pool fences, blacksmith’s art (decoration ), tables, chairs, wrought iron grilles, security doors, frames, anti-panic doors, doors filled with polyurethane verniculita, inofugas category F 60, ect.

Aluminium Openings: jobs that are tailor made and quality materials. Manufacturing Sliding windows, windows open, ventiluces, banners, windows oscilovatiente, Pannonian fixed, aluminum doors, placement of glass, float 3,4,5,6,10 mm, and glass thermo camera DVH with 9 and 12, ect. Manufacturing lines used by the firm are: 30 new, modena, modena 2, integral front and glass skin. Jobs in polycarbonate: most of the work are pergolas, office partitioning, eaves, roofs in general, work done by turning profile for the adaptation of acrylic, ect. Stainless steel: design and construction in carpentry to building entrances, hotels, jollerias, hospitals, clinics, private clinics, restaurants especially by work on plans such as railings, balconies, pasasmanos, decorative veneer shelves elevators. Online home, tables, chairs, closets, libraries, desks, tables of computation, rails for illumination. special works for every line gastronomic and food, for example, grills, fronts, troughs, shelves, car carriers, trays, ect. The firm every day to capasita Abanco staff with the technology to enable nescesidades sastisfaser the market.