Carlin Adds

CARLiN sales direct, the leading chain in stationery, enrolls a new opening in Aragon. And it is the Ensign due to the commitment of Alberto Lison, its new franchisee, leaves no increase in its number of stores throughout the country. I chose franquiciarme with CARLiN for three main reasons: the experience which brings to those who they started with a new business, the expansion that has the flag and finally the good words that have transmitted me other franchisees. He also adds that he chose the world of stationery because it is a necessary business, there are no cuts. People, for example, is never going to stop making invoices, one way or another there will always be demand. Creating value addition, the new local, located on the street Salvador Minguijon No. 22 and that it consists of 55 m2, highlights include a point of sale HP PRINT STATION, i.e., a space of reprography and digital printing with the contact seeks give more breadth of service. The essential requirement that mark from HP that incorporate a Carlin franchise its project is to have a buenaimplantacion for reaching businesses, since it is a service for them; with around 30 square meters needed to be able to devote. On the other hand, it must be a franchise with a desire to grow, learn, and innovate. I am very pleased of having fulfilled all these premises now that with this added value is that I can emphasize with regard to competition and loyalty to my clientele, pointing the franchisee.