Community Euros

77% of the people of Valencian Community and who could claim tax relief their rent do not do it because they do not know it or by some type of fraud. Intel may not feel the same. Thus it reveals a report of the Union of Technicians of the Ministry of Property (Gestha), that lifts the amount of these deductions that stop receiving themselves to 38.5 million Euros in all the autonomic territory, according to the data of exercise 2008 of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX, first in which this lowering of duties for renters recovered. According to the report of Gestha, of the 147,760 renters who could have obtained this lowering of duties in all the Valencian community in exercise 2008, 113,442 did not receive them. From these deductions all the people can benefit who have their main house in rent regime and whose tax basis is inferior to 24,020 annual Euros. The base of this deduction cannot exceed these amounts: a) If the taxable base is equal or inferior to 12,000 Euros, the maximum base of the deduction will be of 9,015 annual Euros. b) If the taxable base is included between 12,000, 01 and 24,020 Euros, the base maximum of the deduction it will be the amount that are obtained to diminish 9,015 Euros in the resulting amount to multiply 0.75 by the difference between the tax basis and 12,000 Euros.

That is to say: 9,015 0.75 xs (tax basis – 12,000). With the formulas of above the base of the deduction is obtained. The renter can claim tax relief 10.05% of that amount. The Secretary General of Gestha, Jose Maria Mollinedo, indicates that ” many renters do not know his derechos” and that, in addition, exists one ” deficiency in rough drafts of the IRPF”. On the matter, it explains that in them not specific of suitable form that ” in the rents there is possibility of obtaining state deductions and autonmicas”. In addition, it affects which ” many renters are young people who get up to the market laboral” and that, aside from which they ignore the existence of these benefits, ” not even they are forced to make declaration of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX because they do not arrive at 22,000 annual Euros basic imponible”. To this question it is necessary to add what from Gestha they describe like ” rents sumergidos” , that is to say, those that do not become by means of a legal contract. On the matter, another recent report of the Technicians of Property revealed that almost 61% of the rentings of houses in the Community did not declare the state treasury.