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The story the mystery of the black cat and the good-looking fat person cause certain constaint to the reader, therefore presents some thematic ones as to the violence, the treason and the predominance of the exposition of the sexuality. Therefore a construction based on characteristics of the real world, a paradox that represents the woman contemporary who searchs total independence. He perceives yourself that the narrator adopts the reporter position (characteristic of the narrative journalist) where extracts itself of the proper told action, in such a way is passed as a news article ‘ ‘ The marks of the corpse: my nose becomes pontiagudo of what it was, with a enegrada edge, for the ones of the nostrils covered of a esbranquiada dust. … (XAVIER, 1998) With this notices the aiding of journalistic techniques of the narrator, informing to the reader what it is transferred. For Santiago ‘ ‘ the told thing is dived in the life of the narrator and from there withdrawal; the told thing is seen with objetividade for the narrator, even so this confesses to have it extracted of its experience (IDEM, ibidem: 46). In such a way this explains the fact of narrator to present insensibilidade when describing its death, being limited to inform the reader the description of a crime thus arresting to the reader as to the viewing one.

As (Santiago 1989:58) ‘ ‘ In a story after-modern, death and love if they find in the half Da Ponte of vida.’ ‘ One perceives, over all that these two elements occur in the story in analysis. … if was truth I loved that woman, and it loved me to it. It came with a knife and threaded in my belly with all force that had … the blood does not circulate more in my veins, the heat of my body if esvai forever. My skin is dries and takes the color gray.

… (XAVIER, 1998) To the end of the story the author surprises the reader with the presence of the grafoespacialidade, resource that consists of inside valuing the word of a context, a form to make with that the word if relates with its meaning. ‘ ‘ My brain does not think more. Ada of a’ thinks about the nothing the nothing nothing; ‘ (IDEM, ibidem, 1998) the drawing constructed for the subtraction of vocbulo ‘ ‘ nada’ ‘ one is about the form of the weapon for which the narrator was assassinated, ‘ ‘ It came with a knife and threaded in my belly … ‘ ‘ (IDEM, ibidem, 1998), in a similar way that of the idea of that the life goes if esvaindo to the few and simple ‘ ‘ a’ ‘ it denotes the end of everything, the emptiness, the death. One concludes that the narrator after-modern appeared with characteristics of an innovative narrative, with the intention of informs its reader of what he happens, using journalistic techniques to the same sharpen the curiosity of the informed reader becoming extremely. REFERENCE SANTIAGO, Silvano. ‘ ‘ The narrator after-moderno’ ‘ in: In the meshes of the Letters. So Paulo: Company of the letters, 1989, p.44-60. XAVIER, Valncio. ‘ ‘ The mystery of the black cat and good-looking gorda’ ‘ in: The mez of grippe and other books.