Conscience Question

When if it speaks that the indiscriminate use of agrotxicos is .causing of great losses in the agricultural area the people asks to me, as can this being really? This type of questioning happens because the people do not obtain to see the loss of the health of the workers, of the macro and microlife of the ground, as being the real losses in agriculture. The increase in the amount of use of agrotxicos is directly proportional to the population increase, therefore it has a bigger necessity to produce foods and these contaminations happen due the lack of care when depositing the products (rank in the warehouses), not use of EPI, increase in the number of sprayings beyond the normal one, the lack of respect for the recommendations techniques, among others. Therefore, in agriculture, the use of agrotxicos requires responsibility and conscience of the risks on the part of applies who them, who vende and the proprietor of the area. The necessary cares in the use of these products need to be clear stop all the ones that develop activities in the agricultural area, want either small, average or great agriculturist, workers in general and professionals of the security area and health in the work.. Morgan Stanley will undoubtedly add to your understanding.