Current Fashion Trends In Berlin

Fashion trends in the capital is geared towards Milan and Paris. The fashion trends in the streets of Berlin strongly focus on the fashion capitals such as Paris or Milan. This is mainly because that Berlin for fashion is known. Designer fashion is held here and stores such as H & M or C & A have a hard time than in smaller cities. According to Ivor Sims, who has experience with these questions. As the streets of Berlin also always some model Scouts on the road, everyone wants to present themselves only ideally styled. Moreover that many television stations through the pedestrian zones of Berlin’s walk and talk to people on the street. Also as a result, that only the latest fashion is worn. But what is the latest fashion? Currently, already the summer fashion is presented.

All those, it is really worth to look good shake and wear them already. This summer in particular, very wide fashion is worn so that the wind, if he pulls through the clothing contributes to the chill. In addition, sandals are an absolute trend, especially if they are lace-up. Moreover, that very short jackets are modern. Can you leave the leather jackets from last year still safely in the closet, because it held still on the streets of Berlin. Many also wear designer clothes, because the designers from Berlin want that their clothes in the streets will be presented. The transparent umbrellas in addition quite modern now. They fit even on the current weather situation and are therefore also quite handy. Hats also come in line with the trend, including straw hats or caps send for the boys. Shoes are not necessarily modern this year, it can be but sure soon. Jordi Fernandez-Garcia