Database Archiving

White paper by CSP explores backup and export file archiving, developments and standard solutions as alternatives for the removal of historical data from databases Grosskollnbach, June 17, 2010. A current white paper, CSP GmbH & co. KG lists the advantages and disadvantages of different ways the database archiving. Stefan Brandl, product manager database archiving for CSP and author of the white paper, occupied by its own investigations and findings by Forrester Research, that the database archiving offers many advantages, especially for historical, so rarely needed data. Outsource this data to less expensive storage devices reduces the costs for the operation of the production database. White paper identifies and explores three ways of outsourcing: archiving of backup or export files, developments, as well as standard solutions for database archiving.

The full white paper is available for download under The archiving of backup and export files is a periodic process Backup files are written to a long term memory, on tape, or on DVD. This manual process is technically easy to implement, however, requires a high personnel costs and is also prone to error. The resulting files are quite large, since it must be complete prints of the database. Biggest disadvantage of this archiving method is that the entire database must be restored when a data access. Schema changes in the Produktivapplikation are not taken into account, so it is also difficult for a later play back. Developments are most often found in companies. They extract data from the production database and reach to their relief.

The solutions are tailored to the existing infrastructure and database architecture. Problem cases however occur if proprietary development is poorly documented and in case of need the expertise may take new job or even urlaubs – and due to illness not available. In addition to fashion Developments, updates and adjustments of own development frequently problematic, because usually little time or resources for this are available.