Directory Project

With this search engine you can expect to have your pages reviewed about once every two weeks. To Excite metadata tags of your site does not affect the positioning of your pages, however, the description tags will be used to display your site in their results page provided that the description tag use words that are relevant to the content of your pages. Continue with Lycos. Lycos has fully integrated its main results page of the ODP (Open Directory Project, for its acronym in English), and also uses search results from AllTheWeb. Lycos also sends traffic to your site brother HotBot. Lycos is a search engine more difficult to understand, because in their documentation they say one thing, but the way your site indexed is another. As a general rule, your site will be indexed in Lycos in due time, if your site has been indexed in ODP and AllTheWeb. Although the WebCrawler is owned by Excite, it still has its own search engine and indexer.

If you get to be listed with WebCrawler, you should try to remain in their index, because WebCrawler is not exactly the easiest search engine which can be listed. Standards have confused and beside what sporadic indexing methods makes it difficult the process of submitting your site to this search engine, but not impossible. The course is great giant, Google, who uses a positioning system as the central pages from its index. Some was virtually impossible to manipulate their ranking system to increase your ranking, but people quickly realized that the more links to their sites generate from the rest of the web, would be better positioned by Google. Google is not thought to use a context-sensitive positioning of the pages. But Yahoo, Looksmart and ODP use context-sensitive information and Google go to these sites to re-index your own database. MSN is another major search engine. At this point, some would say Google, Yahoo and MSN make up the holy trinity.

The combination of these three search engines, will provide the vast majority of traffic you receive from search engines. Generally, MSN will be the first search engine to index your site and it will be more quickly will list as many pages on your site, almost 100% of the time. Although nobody can say with certainty when you will be indexed in any search engine is better check at least weekly. But whatever you do, do not "bother" to the search engines trying to enlist in search engines your site again and again, try doing it with a frequency greater than every two months or so – if a search engine perceives that these "disturbing" a lot, could cost you your site is not indexed.