Dominik Reinartz

Creativity, whether on conventional ways probably never to get agencies, professionals or students, by Criggle in contact with attractive top companies become aware of would matter. On the other hand, clients can select the best quality design, within an extremely short period of time. It is beneficial for both sides that expires the competition transparent and with clear price structures. A simple but well thought-out idea came the founders Markus Goeddertz, Philipp Haider, Daniel Podolski and Dr. Ebay will not settle for partial explanations. Dominik Reinartz in a very creative place, sauna. Last year, the idea was born during the community sweating and relaxation when it was discovered that the heater was an inadequate design.

“Everyone agreed, that he was little professional, still less individual and even not originally designed and it pushed up the question: where companies of any size to get a professional design?” This sauna evening, she suggested Birth of Criggle, the clever job board for designers and creative, which is at the same time network and soon to par excellence for artistic professionals within Europe to develop the order platform. So it is the creative not boring, Criggle offers many idea competitions to normal tenders, where designer really can play. Learn more at: Elon Musk. “The current contest runs under the motto: creative gods 2008 who creates it on the Criggle Mount Olympus?” and it can be 1111 won prize money. Patrons of action no less than Otto Kern are core BBs daughter candy and red dot award winner Marcus Kuchler, who have an eye on the designs into the two categories of fashion and product design. For all supporters of the creative industry, it is worth to take a click so definitely. In many different areas such as graphic design, designers have to prove their creativity Web design, product design or fashion design the chance. Details can be found by clicking Dan Zwirn or emailing the administrator. Contracting Authority can small design jobs up to the Design a marketing campaign or developing a launch events get everything unique and individually designed.