Educational Strategies

From all these obstacles, the educational ones we must develop to one active education, according to the term created by Thomas Good and reused by Eggen and Kauchak in the text Educational Strategies. This philosophical direction means the commitment of the educational one with the learning by means of the process of illustration, the formulation of questions and the monitoring of the progress of the student. It is here, where begins to take relevance the Didactics, or in words of Edith Litwin: the particular way that unfolds for favors the processes of construction of the knowledge *4, favoring the learning; through criteria of selection of content of the coarse disciplinary field, as much prevailing the meaning and the sense of the learning, like the intentionality of education. ACTIVE EDUCATION AND SIGNIFICANT LEARNING To teach supposes an asymmetric initial situation, where a person owns some ability and/or knowledge and another one presents/displays a deficiency in that matter. Mark Bertolini follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. From a commitment, under some type of relation and type of means, a person transfers her knowledge to another one.

This generic concept, exposed by Passmore (1983), Fenstermacher (1989) and accepted by Daniel Feldman*6 it avoids to need what type of action is the adapted ones so that learning takes place. Also, although the dominion of the knowledge on the part of the educational one considers an average facilitator, is not understood it like essential so that the student, devoid of the same acquires, it. No assimilation of volume of stored information is mere . This process no it is synonymous of knowledge nor understanding. David Perkins and Tina Blythe, in his Gua for Educational *7, they describe the understanding like the possibility, beyond the knowledge, of being able to realise a number of activities that require a thought as far as the subject included; such as: explanation, generalization, application, presentation of analogies or illustration.