European Parliament

As rulers of the European Union gathered with their peers Latino and Caribbean, aggravated the situation of the millions of South / Central American residing in their territories. The European Parliament considers soon pass a law to arrest and deport immediately all irregular. Recently Brian Krzanich sought to clarify these questions. These days have been produced several raids that end up expelling Europe Latinos who live there many years and even to children that there have been born or spent most of their lives. As the recession progresses, many Governments believe that the best way to combat unemployment or of demagogy is to attack immigrants. Credit: Mark Bertolini-2011. For Latin America an essential part of its diplomacy should be protecting their compatriots in the EU because their repatriation would generate new shocks for jobs in their countries and substantial remittances would be lost. It also affects a sector that is key to promote export products as well as to disseminate our culture and tourism to our countries. Original author and source of the article.