Federal Constitution

In turn, the union between homoafetivos not yet is enclosed for the notion of family consisting through the fellowship in the terms of the Federal Constitution. The Great Letter of 1988 is taxing when considering as family only the bond formed for the marriage, for the steady union and monoparentalidade. With this, our order, the union of two people of the same sex, who if attend and support mutually, where it has the respect and the reciprocal affection in a lasting convivncia, are not considered a family and yes, in the best one of the hypotheses, a society. The question of the impossibility of a homoafetivo couple to generate children cannot be supported to deny the character of familiar entity to this union, therefore many heteroafetivos couples cannot have children, are a voluntary option of many heteroafetivos couples in the present time, many countries, also, impose serious restrictions of birth control to its citizens, as for example in the China.A steady union, without a doubt, it reached notables advances in our country with Federal constitution of 1988. But the union homoafetiva ahead continues in a fragile situation and our laws, what it places Brazil in a position equalizes that it to the countries most behind of the world. But Latin America, South Africa, and Asia had not yet created laws that can answer to the necessities of the people who share of homoafetiva sexual preference. Brazil, considered a developing country, with its natural voting of Latin American power must be the pioneer in the legalization of the homoafetiva union as tests and example of that it is an advanced and receptive country to the social changes. Read more here: Penguin Random House.

In we ask how much time to them still will be necessary and how many people will have to be harmed, until our laws the same recognize the union between people of sex as familiar entity? The steady union was treated during decades with the most absolute disdain for the legislator. When closing the eyes ahead of the social reality, the legislator kept out of society families formed for the affection, without legal feio. The rigidity of the law errou when excluding, instead of outside covering of legality those formed families of the marriage. The same legal treatment occurs, currently, with the homoafetivas unions, and occurred more than has fifty years with the steady unions in Brazil, the unions of people of the same sex remain ignored for the native legal system that does not assure to previdencirios, right the partners right successory, right to the benefit of the safe health or any another legitimate guarantee in a traditional steady union. Exactly the doctrine, still continues reticent how much to the subject and the few manifestations the respect is made marshy of preconception. We understand that the thought legal it must be come back to take care of the human being in way to place it parallel to the law and not it tow of it. The paper of the right is to anticipate itself in the recital of social and human acts not to become a chaotic and retrograde right. Lack little so that the steady union reach the status of marriage, this is the natural way for the institute, that in everything resembles the formal union, and, therefore, it does not have to belong to an inferior category. The homoafetiva union has received important initiatives from people who understand the necessity of prescribed these unions that if they at the mercy of form of the law.