France Venezuela

We traveled in the time machine and we went back to his childhood, know their parents: Nissim Abecassis Essayag and Thamar Carciente Benarroch. It’s worth stopping us at this point, to study its roots and thus able to understand its idiosyncrasies. Thamar, his mother, was a woman of vision modern world so say old-fashioned. For its time it had thoughts of art, which you can view and detail later when would allow his daughter to seventeen years go alone to study in Paris, without having family that could shelter it, based only on teaching instilled their children and at the base of origin practised morale. Thamar mastered the piano, every evening across the street heard concerts to selflessly shared with neighbors, family and friends.

But not to mention their different hobbies: embroidery, sewing, and in particular painting, by his skill, the skill and quality of his paintings would be unfair to his memory. Her memories are all pleasant, since those steps deprecated by own and others to send a girl to a strange country, or of having come to America in particular to Venezuela, that was in tempranearias of the 20th century. It was there in the same place that his grandfather Don Mimon Carciente a few decades earlier had made fortune specializing in one then in the export of same Heron feathers that adorned the hats of the elegant ladies of France and other orbs. The elder brother Samuel was born in Melilla and in Venezuela was born his brother Mario, the musicologist of the family, in the same place that has given shelter and nationality then their four children: Jim Alain, Ariane Sara, Daniel Nissim and Thamara Annette who emulated her mother for those things in the destination. 1936 Times were difficult, breaks out the war in Spain and his parents after returning from America, decided to go to live in Tangier while returning to Melilla four years more later to bring the world to his only daughter female, the protagonist of this story.