Even when the type of holiday, men and women tick right: 68.5 percent are interested in beach and bathing, 48.1 percent seek nature, 44 per cent are first and foremost in culture interested in. What is the perfect holiday experience? “That 48.6 percent of women and 37.9 percent of men say: be just happy”. “Only the big love follows in second place can find”. This wish for 26.6 per cent of men and 21.8 percent of the women, so around a quarter of all traveler singles. “But the travellers enjoy their freedom: freedom is for 8.4 per cent experience” the perfect vacation experience. Travel alone is more expensive for singles get to know more people generally see the singles traveling alone not only with disadvantages connected. Two-thirds consider it an advantage to know what they want without having to consult with someone else during the holiday. Almost every second also believes that singles travel meet more often other people as couples.

Women are here to be more optimistic than men: 51 per cent of the female singles believe in better contact opportunities, but only 46.5 percent of the men surveyed. The great disadvantage that solo travelers have: This is for singles more expensive. Rather than to share the room with a partner they need access alone significantly deeper in the Pocket. At least every second single (53.7 percent) thinks so. Birgit Strobel, Vice President of marketing and strategy, FriendScout24: Happiness, love, sex the seeking the German singles in the coming holiday season. The study also clearly shows: the vast majority of singles yearns to travel, to share experiences with a partner.

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