Glycemic Foods

Hence the importance of a diet appropriate to their needs and individual characteristics. Rich in carbohydrates with an index moderately Glycemic Foods:-Wheat Pasta – rice – wheat bread – banana – wheat flour in general and whether it is comprehensive yet best – oats – amaranth – dad – sweet I must clarify that there are some moments in the day if you eat carbohydrates with high glycemic index and that require a fast response of your body to secrete insulinfor example, after training for the recharge of the hydrates of carbon, and the early hours of the day which is when his departure Bioenergetic processes start. Fibrous carbohydrates and negative kilocalories no carbohydrate diet and another occasional frigoria is not a good diet to lose fat, Yes, we now know that one intake adequate fiber which helps us absorb less fat and improve intestinal motility. Dietary fiber reduces the glycemic index of carbohydrates and also gives you a feeling of fullness, the additional benefits of vitanutrientes and antioxidants is another good reason to include your spinach, carrots, celery, sprouts (raw of course), and some refrigeration units such as lettuce and jicama in your diet. Diet example here is an example of a diet designed for losing fat and is for a person that weighs 80 kg, has a level of body fat of 20% and training with weights and cardio 4 sessions per week. Remember that it is only an example and what may work for this person cannot be for you. Breakfast 2 cups melon two sandwiches for lunch 2 Turkey Breast cups of lettuce 1 can tuna in water 1 cup of mashed potatoes meal 2 cups of rice 2 cups of spinach 200 grams of beef (leaner cuts) Picnic 2 cups jicama 1 cup light a serum in gelatin in liquified powder dinner chicken breast 1 cup carrots 2 tomatoes 1 cup of lettuce a serum liquid as you can see, is not a diet that restricts calories and nutrients, but contains quality foods that help prevent the loss of muscle mass and promote the Elimination of body fat. It contains a generous amount of fiber and there are foods such as jicama and lettuce that belong to the cooling, the negative kilocalories, these are the foods that give you a slightly negative energy balance since your body uses more energy for the same process. I hope that you’ve found something in this article that serves as them an example and although it is not a recipe that can work for everyone, gives an overview about how to maintain a diet that aims to carry that layer of fat covering the muscles and show the result of a central section in all their glory.Bless you! ** If you have interest in diets that you can help, from the hand of professionals, and so pordes lose weight fast and actually click on the link and subscribe, and send you good newsletters on health and lose that fat so unwanted. > I want to lose fat now!