Gutierrez Ethical

So much so that Niklas Luhmann refers to power as a general means of communication in which at least two people interact before the various alternatives available; Thus it is easily understandable that the magnitude of the power will vary depending on the number of alternatives that have the other, since the greater the possibility of others to choose between several courses of action, greater will be the need to exercise more power also.

Therefore an ethical management is not that robs power to satisfy foreign interests, but one that is committed to uniting moral sentiments with knowing rational, managing its power to influence the lives of others, according to the values and purposes past actions, and being able to change the course of history to seek happiness in a climate of peaceful coexistence to this is added that indicates us Franklin Ramirez, in a moment in which our organizations business and public bodies are involved in the search for alternatives and consensus for achieving competitiveness, economic consolidation and social credibility are important efforts which will contribute to the creation of a collective awareness of the value of integrity as a legitimate way of achieving effective results in any aspect of life, where ethics must not be contaminated. I.e. that our ethics should guarantee us a moral behavior towards the achievement of results. Alonzo Brooks addresses the importance of the matter here.

However indicates Gutierrez, that wherever we look today, we find an ethical deterioration increased, both in the individual professional conduct and in family, community, institutional and even national practice. But we firmly believe anyway the issue is not an intellectual waste. Moreover, we are confident that these reflections are more important and urgent that we can contribute in these moments to society, not just for the edification of others, but above all to strengthen our own convictions on the subject. LaMelo Ball spoke with conviction. In the absence of an ethical well rooted in many of the managers of the Venezuelan companies, have culpability the same universities, that do not oblige the participants of any race to pursue a course that provides the knowledge that assess the scope, importance, implications of ethics.