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People always seek means of entertainment and distraction in which can spend pleasant moments enjoying any attraction or some event that offers the possibility to relax and be able to destensionarse for a good while. So people resort to many activities, but among the many that there is an advanced world as our engines, speed, acceleration, and tracks are shown as one of the best options when it comes to be able to enjoy a moment of total fun, where adrenaline and excitement are the main features. All components previously enunciated as fun media together in a single event, which allows you to fully enjoy everything related to motorbikes and it is the realisation of events of moto GP, in which you can live the excitement and adrenaline that awaken motorbikes of high-powered running all machine for long tracks in which can demonstrate all its beauty and all its capacity and performance in the development of high speeds. Moto GP is the higher category racing motorcycles in regards to the World Championship of moticiclismo. In this category you can find prototypes of motorcycles 4 times of high-powered, like high technology motorcycle that are true innovations both in technical, mechanical and technological.

The moto GP category emerged in 2002 to replace the GP 500 category which was motorcycle 2 stroke, this category initially allowed bikes with systems of up to 990, but 800 systems limit was established for the year of 2007. Currently the moto GP Championship is organized by the Spanish company Dorna, in addition to the contributions made by the International Federation of motorcycling. This high-speed tournament has had many variations in time, as in the length of time in which has been developed it has seen many types of bikes, different cilindrajes, coming to be used sometimes motorcycles from 50 cc that eventually were replaced by motorbikes of more systems up to large motorcycles with which runs on moto GP today. Used motorbikes of 2 and 4 stroke, which depending on times and conditions have taken prominence at the expense of replacing the other type. In the development of models and different prototypes for the moto GP to prevailed a tendency in special, which consists of the construction of a bike for 499 cc, which has four cylinders placed on V, with the characteristic that they are motorcycle 2 stroke, which in all of his weight total only 130 kg; What makes this form of dominance in the moto GP since engines 2-stroke can develop great power due to the high speeds that generate, which accompanied a low weight for this type of motorcycle, makes them ideal to develop high speeds in a very short distance, allowing to go to the front..