La Rioja

He proved a small SIP and sat in a chair next to the boy. The grandfather answered him: I spoke of your irresponsibility and indiscipline and a man who knows his limitations is a respectful man with the universe. Q: thank you. A: not excited and try the wine. The boy tested the wine and seemed to be dreaming. Had been more than 6 years outside their country, Spain, and taste a wine from their land produced a pleasure that could not describe with words. And the fact of being drinking along with a legend of Criminology and a figure of global espionage it seemed much more than a surreal moment.

A: did you know that Spain exports extraordinary wines of the Duero and La Rioja to Italy to finish with a label of old Tuscany? what do you think of that?. Q: did I think a crime. A: No, is more a metaphor and a great teaching for life. Q: what mean to you?. A: you do not sign with any label or paper, because whatever you do or you go to where you always go impregnaras life with your essence, your scent, your taste. Q: Yes, I like to believe that I am useful for this life grandfather was stared at it carefully while you hit a good SIP delicious, fruity Spanish wine. A: eat cheese.

Why chose the Criminology?. Q: well, I guess someone has to do it. Do the dirty work, I already understood. A: No, don’t understand you. Don’t be fooled with these stupid ideas and above all, me not deceive me. What It made him take a deep breath and reflect and Digest each of the feelings that caused you that work and passion. I thought and didn’t know how to explain to that legend alive from the crime scene why balls he liked, rather, you loved that profession. Q: I don’t have a clear or satisfactory answer to that question but I feel an incomprehensible and magnetic attraction to the darker side of human beings. A: that is a response. And he has dared to point out only to humans, not to the same good q: existence, I can not imagine the Sun destroying based on ultrasonic rays chasing humans and advertiser you where most hurts. And nor do I see any animal torturing anyone is something that surprises me in the human species. A: is a great observation. And why believes he feels what he feels? Q: I guess it’s because A: because q: because I want to find out at what point in the way the human being loses contact with his illegitimate natural goodness. A: well natural. Do you want to say that? Why chooses one be a mere victim of existence?. Q: do you believe that?. Do believes that the human being chooses to be a mere victim of existence?. A: we do not ever repeat what I say. Simply answer their own questions. ECHO is absurd. Rather, I would say that the echo tells us something about what we want if there is an echo, there is an answer to the same echo. If you decide to kill for reasons that are do you think it will get rid of that ECHO?. Q: now I understand * continue to original author and source of the article.