On Saturday 26 August, afternoon Guadalajara is in honoured with the parade of the international Mariachi Festival to such an event was present, Governor Emilio Gonzalez Marquez showing his straight bearing and Justo, ironically already had left two contingents from the Park dwell them; the other, from peacekeeping and calzada independence. They were the Secretariat of public security (SSP) anti-riot agents. Take care of your order and block the passage to the demonstrators who are against the Guadalajara Macrobus especially to the construction of the second line. As it was to be expected, part of the culture that exists as soon as public safety is concerned, the term Conatus of anger at lock, leading between the assistants women, children and the elderly, leaving a balance of several wounded and detainees, first and foremost this our Governor enjoyed folk wonders that were displayed during the parade. What happened only last Saturday proves so emaciated and hypocritical in our State Government policy.

As it is possible that our Governor He could be sitting and so smiling knowing that commanded the SSP agents against the protester (which indeed manifest itself is its constitutional right) instead of being able to arrange through the already not even political, but rational and peaceful, responds to the call from Jalisco with riot. In reality, I hope and reassured me to know the actual circumstances within days by which it was decided to carry out such an Act, likewise at least an apology to the attacked, has to remember (Mr. Governor) that without them (society) to which you are to serve, had not witnessed the parade of the international fair of Mariachi in first row, this is not to say sure against demonstrations, nor the Government, nor that you can witness a parade, but if I am against injustice and abuse of power, which damage to third parties, only by personal or partisan interests.