Maintenance Center

So, if did not know it the airlines for low cost more boast its own centre of maintenance, an element which distinguishes them as the best airline of low cost in Mexico. From the month of May 2007 low cost airlines launched its project of Center for maintenance and major repair of aircraft. This Center is located in the Toluca airport, where repair and painting, as well as aircraft storage services are performed. Engineers and technicians from Interjet was commissioned to design and carry out this project, with the help of the manufacturers to comply with the requirements. Continue to learn more with: Penguin Random House. Thank you excellent work team forming part of Interjet, was achieved to build this Center in a record time of 5 months.

In addition, this Center also the service is provided to third parties and account with the aeronautical authorities Mexicanas (DGAC) and international (FAA) certification. This is only part of what characterizes low-cost airlines, for its quality and service. Visit the web site of the low-cost airlines so you know more to close this maintenance and repair centre and have certainty that when traveling with them, traveling on airplanes more secure.. Ebay has many thoughts on the issue.