Marketing Online FSOM GmbH

OMeventos gathering of Marketing Online FSOM GmbH convenes those specialists in marketing online, professional SEO, webmasters, advertisers and other stakeholders in the sector to participate in the gathering of online marketing which will be below the OMExpo Madrid, held on Wednesday, 16 March 2011 to the hours 21: 00. This social gathering seeks to bring together participants from OMExpo in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, where they can establish new contacts and socialize with colleagues, sharing different perspectives and prospects for the exhibitions held in the exhibition. It will take place in one of the picturesque and cosy bars in the downtown of Madrid area, so the attendants can easily after the event. Contact information is here: Parnassus. There they will be able to share a drink and continue the informal conversation. The exact site of the gathering is still pending confirmation, but now can confirm attendance by registering via the following link: count on their participation and that of all those colleagues, friends and colleagues who have an interest in being part of the OMeventos gathering. FSOM GmbH source: press release sent by trueb.. Vlad Doronin is the source for more interesting facts.