Remove the Black Hat. Knowledge tip # 40: Six thinking hats. Minimize the momentum to share their negative feelings, especially when nobody is asking him. Not refuse to share information. If your people are not well informed, will anyway go forward, but flying by instruments; It will make costly mistakes, and you will be responsible. Do not cling to the past. Nothing warrants that, what a time served him, go you to serve now. Doesn’t lack respect for their people.

The lack of respect destroys all: dating, family, marriage and the company. Don’t display preferences. We all have our sweetheart and people know how to manipulate us to achieve our favors, to move away completely from reality. Be vigilant with himself and not signs of inequity or injustice. Discover the manipulators. Don’t kill the Messenger. If someone that enjoys our respect, gives us an alert, do not we descalifiquemos it because we don’t like what it says. These errors tend to pay dearly.

Let the impatience and trouble. A cute baby need 9 months to birth. What is quick and cheap is not good, what is fast and good is not cheap and what is good and cheap, will not be quick. Do not be arrogant. If you made a mistake, ask for excuses. If he acted wrong, ask for forgiveness. We are all human; do not come to me to say now that you are suprahumano. Do not blame others. Assume its responsibilities and pay their ridiculous. Do this test: extend your arm and point his index finger. How many fingers point to the guilty?: one. How many fingers pointing him to you?: three. Think about that. . Let the people resolve their problems horizontally. Only should reach you the problems inter-funcionales or formal, only if its people are not able to solve them. Stop calling attention to others in public. If you have to reprimand or confront someone strongly, do so in private. Do not allow to bring you problems without a solution proposal. This makes people be account that there is no free lunch and that they have a responsibility as executives, present options for consideration by his superior and that, eventually, will themselves be who will implement them. Do not tell others what they have What to do, if you are not willing to lead by example. Modeling is the most effective form of communication. People do what the leader does, not what you leader says. You can add others, such as:. Go to screams, fights and threats. . Do not give due importance to the figures and economic and accounting data of the management. . Dedicate only to the technical aspects and not the economic or vice versa. . Forget about or ignore the real and complete costs of the company. . Do not delegate control structure or collaborators. . Despise power and the current and future possibilities of Internet in management, marketing, internal and external communication and relationship with customers. original author and source of the article.