MY Penalty

If are not you who you looked for and you found, what you came to make in my life? You are illusion or will be the payment of my pardon? If illusion, very srdido I felt and I see that I will not have supervened in what vi. I desired happiness, descompromissada, only I found hopelessness, failures in meeting, by the description of my life, really you were foreseen, therefore it could not enjoy of so great satisfaction, without a bigger disillusion. Marked I was with the hopelessness, although to try to destroy it, was with it river below and although new, I felt fatigue. I will not recoup the lost time, I intend nor it, however the symbol of my defeat will be in mine fronte, to have obtained it, but I could not keep it. If it will not have more feelings, this will be the last one that I will lead, living a fancy of that one day I will find everything what I felt and I lost.

It is sad, but I lived, that is what it matters. It does not interest the dimension that had given or will go to give, remains only my feeling, that although to meet destoante and distant of its, already had been an only one in a carnival, where it enters claims and esquivas, I met with you and vi that a miracle had happened. Only that I had not learned that miracles could exist, but I was not perpetual. I feel that our lives are following different routes and seem not to have return, as Caetano would say, that Penalty and would emphasize Peninha ‘ ‘ Sozinho’ ‘. It was as everything started ‘ ‘ Sozinho’ ‘ , of Peninha. But I will try to console itself, thinking ‘ ‘ It was a pretty dream that if was, penalty that was of carnival, who knows if not return in some fevereiro’ ‘. Your heart already was mine, but you do not forget yourself that my soul still is yours, same that you do not want. If you do not want my soul, keeps to the leached ashes of my body, symbolism of that you walked desire in this new, exactly that I am not to your side, therefore what it matters is the feeling, exactly that not repaid.