National Foundation

If Beautiful Mount exactly will be constructed, many things goes to be different. The fish go to disappear and the indians do not support to eat rice, beans, cooling bread and all day. Dying the River Xingu, the indians die together. The meeting of 284 aboriginal leaderships of more than 15 etnias had some unfoldings. One of them was elaboration of a letter for the authorities that had been invited and they had not appeared to the meeting that occurred in October of> demons as the Lobo Minister said, who exist demonic forces hindering the construction of these enterprises.

This is a nonsense! The aboriginal peoples are exerting the legitimate right of being informed and to think on enterprises that can affect and very – the habitat where they live. The letter was directed by a commission of five people, in the attempt to deliver in hands to President Lula and to the President of the National Foundation of the Indian, so that the peoples were heard and the enterprise was not constructed. Then, the indians ask: Why Squid is finishing with our land ? the first inhabitants of this land we are. Why it did not come first to consult people to ask for, or to inform that it is finishing with our land? Who has has covered has fear The indians had been Brasilia to be heard as people, not as animal, however, one more time, solemnly green and yellow had been ignored of and if to depend on the defenders of the enterprise, them will be each time greener and yellow, that only yellow of worms and greens of hunger, therefore nobody of the government appeared to give to explanations or to smoke cachimbo of the peace . The aboriginal peoples have good reasons> not to this workmanship in the Basin of the River Xingu. They demonstrate perceptions that, many times, the scientists do not reach on the nature. Finally, to that they think that everything this does not pass of bobagem, finishes with an analogical question: what you would make if somebody was until its house, where you live with its family, and she said to it: listening here its abestado, vacates your house immediately, therefore I go to flood it with some millions of liters of water.